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Fed Up College Students Speak Out Against Wokeness on Campus

Fed Up College Students Speak Out Against Wokeness on Campus

“Our freshman orientation mandated attendance at what were essentially indoctrination sessions.”

Good for these students. It takes a lot of courage to speak out in this way.

From the New York Post:

Five college students speak out: We’re fed up with campus ‘wokeness’

In recent years, college campuses have become increasingly radical, illiberal, and intolerant of dissenting opinions. Students, too scared to voice their true thoughts and feelings, often conform. They fear they will face ridicule or, worse, total exclusion via “cancel culture.” But a few brave students are fighting against the tide, including these five, who all come from different backgrounds but are united in their desire for a true liberal arts education, where all ideas are shared and respected. They told The Post why they refuse to be silenced.


College: Princeton University

Age: 21

Major: Politics

Year : Junior

Hometown: Moved frequently

Growing up, my family moved about every other year for my dad’s job as a legal consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, and we lived in mainly blue states, like Michigan, California, and New Jersey. I was relatively apolitical before attending college because my ballet training at the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia was from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, so I never had the time to engage in politics.

When I entered university, however, I was genuinely shocked by the pervasiveness of wokeness on campus. Our freshman orientation mandated attendance at what were essentially indoctrination sessions. The “SaferSexpo,” for example, gave out condoms and sex toys to students and informed us where we could obtain abortion pills.

I felt uncomfortable discussing intimacy and sex with other freshmen I had just met, and, as a Catholic, I was disappointed that a more conservative approach to sexuality was fully ignored. But, as a brand-new arrival on campus, I chose not to say anything.

Four other students are profiled.

Read the whole thing.


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A great read about brave students!

As a non-traditional (52 year old retired military) student, from (mostly) red state Alaska, and a former infantryman, moving to Massachusetts to attend law school was like entering another world.

I have had 2 attempts to accuse me of cheating – something law schools take **VERY** seriously. When it was proven to not be true – NOTHING happened to those who made the accusations.

I’ve had 2 serious accusations of “saying offensive things” – what they WERE was not specified – but, luckily, all discussions are done in public, and again were shown to be unfounded. Again – to the accusers – nothing was done.

The folks who do this are given unlimited ammunition, unlimited chances to destroy you, and are allowed to remain anonymous. They are PROTECTED.

Meanwhile – a buddy of mine reported an actual cheating “ring” – being vague here – but, since the ones accused are part of minority groups (multiple – gender, race, & orientation – plus, very liberal) – they put up roadblocks to his report – demanding he put his name on it (signed) and never returned his calls.

They are FILTERING who gets ahead and who is weeded out.