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Dartmouth College Cancels Event With Andy Ngo Following Threats From Antifa

Dartmouth College Cancels Event With Andy Ngo Following Threats From Antifa

“An event on violent extremism was threatened by violent extremists.”

Andy Ngo is a journalist who focuses on covering Antifa, and they clearly don’t want him talking about them.

The NH Journal reports:

Dartmouth Cancels Ngo Event in Face of Antifa Threats

Dartmouth College administrators canceled an on-campus appearance by conservative journalist Andy Ngo’s Thursday night after a deluge of online threats from Antifa members.

Ngo, who has built a national reputation covering violent, far-Left protests often given little attention by the mainstream media, was set to appear at an event hosted by the Dartmouth College Republicans and the conservative activists of Turning Point USA.

New Hampshire Journal was turned away at the door of Moore Hall by Dartmouth security on Thursday evening. The college security officer said the event was changed to be an online appearance, but he would not say why the change was made.

“That’s a decision above my pay grade,” the security officer said.

“The administration canceled the event and gave the student organizers the choice of holding a last-minute zoom meeting or nothing at all,” Ngo told NHJournal Thursday night. “An event on violent extremism was threatened by violent extremists. It’s a cliche. Why did the College wait until two hours before the event to drop the ultimatum on organizers and speakers? Dartmouth College’s decision actually gives a blueprint for extremists to shut down future events.”

Several municipal police officers from Hanover and nearby Lebanon police departments were visible on the campus near Moore Hall Thursday evening. Hanover police declined to comment on the cancellation when contacted.


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Too bad academic administrations have no courage or strength of character.

This is just horrible. If the police were already there, it is difficult to understand why security was inadequate.

The Dartmouth administration are COWARDS.

Char Char Binks | January 29, 2022 at 2:23 pm

Anti1A should be easy to defeat. Bringing bricks and bats to a gunfight is a guaranteed loss, yet it always wins. Vanquishing it is simply a matter of will.

Antifa only engages in violence in places where the risk of getting shot for their trouble is relatively small. That is, left wing enclaves run by cowardly politicians that have no appetite for defending folks, but do have an appetite for persecuting those who defend themselves.