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Conservative Students Call for Tuition Refund After Georgetown Announces Virtual Classes for January

Conservative Students Call for Tuition Refund After Georgetown Announces Virtual Classes for January

“Georgetown’s move back to virtual classes defies both science and common sense.”

Georgetown University is kicking off 2022 with online classes.

The Daily Mail reported:

Georgetown University cancels in-person learning: $60,000-a-year school will start spring semester virtually – but students will still be allowed to move into dorms

Lectures at Georgetown University will move online until at least the end of January due to a rise in coronavirus cases, leaders have said in a letter to students.

The $60,000-a-year Washington DC school said it hoped in-person classes for spring semester would resume across the university campus January 31 following the two-week delay.

Undergraduate residential students however will still be able to move into on-campus dorms from January 11.

Georgetown President John J. DeGioia issued a letter detailing the temporary switch to students as the university joined several others across the country in going online.

‘In recent weeks, we have seen the emergence and rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the Washington, DC region, across the country, and globally,’ it read.

‘Given that the surge in cases associated with the Omicron variant in the United States is projected to coincide with our return for the spring semester, we are adjusting our approach for the first few weeks of the semester.’

The Washington DC metro area hit a record 27,374 cases over the Christmas period, although this includes a data reporting delay.

The Conservative and Libertarian Student Association is calling for a refund:


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Theres no need to call for a refund. You can simply withdraw for the semester and get 100 pct back. Classes haven’t started yet.

Three questions:

1. When are our rulers going to let us go back to living our lives normally, without masks, closings, and “social distancing?” (What is the actual number of cases, deaths, or whatever that will allow us to do that?)

2. What is going to happen when we suddenly go back to living our lives normally, considering the virus is endemic and we will all be exposed?

3. What will we have accomplished by living in fear, masking, and isolating for 2+ years, considering we all get exposed sooner or later?

Ron DeSantis probably has the right idea, letting his people build up immunity gradually.

Unlike colleges located in rural or small town settings, Georgetown is located in the middle of the Nation’s capital. A large percentage of its students live off-campus. Off-campus student housing is integrated with non-student housing. So, Georgetown can never be a walled fortress protected from whatever pandemic is sweeping the rest of the city.

Georgetown has a large teaching hospital on campus. I wonder how extensive will be the medical services that will be provided to students? How about monoclonal anti-bodies?