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Biden Tells Parents to Keep Kids Too Young to be Vaccinated Away From Unvaccinated People

Biden Tells Parents to Keep Kids Too Young to be Vaccinated Away From Unvaccinated People

Biden: “You can control how big an impact Omicron is gonna have on your health if you get Omicron.”

Biden was on a roll today during his COVID-19 press briefing. RNC Research handed out a bunch of clips that would make one laugh if this man was not our president.

Go ahead, Biden. Keep blaming the unvaccinated even though the vaccinated can spread COVID! But do NOT tell parents how to raise their children.

Biden told the American people they can control the impact of Omicron on their healthy if they get Omicron.

Do you want a test? Then use Google to figure out how to solve the testing shortage.

Biden literally does not have an answer about all those COVID tests he promised us. I want my tax money back, bro.

We can be hopeful in 2020 even though, you know, it’s 2022. Oh, and even though we’re going to see more COVID cases despite the promise that Biden was going to shut down the virus.

WHAT?! (But yes, social distancing is a great tool to prevent ANY sickness)

Here is the whole briefing. Have fun!


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Start by keeping your kids away from Biden.
And all his pomps.
And all his works.

We are so screwed. . .

I don’t know why people think the Communists will give up the Wuflu scare tactics. Too much power is at stake.

This presents a problem for the Joseph Goebbels media. A few have floated the idea of “let’s learn to live with it” in an effort to change the subject, but you can’t reason with the religious fanatics who have found meaning in their lives through “scientific” eschatology.

    And before that allegations of diversity (e.g. racism, genderism… sexism), all manners of phobias, the assertion of a rape… rape-rape culture, the risk of a baby “burden”, etc.

    I see what you are saying, but this is costing the left politically and culturally. That’s why the media is trying to nudge the fanatics out of their WuFlu terror (created by the media in the first place).

    Far more concerning is what they have learned from the WuFlu plandemic: 1. Blue states will comply, 2. Red states will not, and therefore, 3.states rights must at all costs be curbed, or better, eliminated. Thus the goal to federalize elections and everything else they can (rememebr, they want the police forces of every city, county, and state federalized. To start.).

    They are gathering information and working to use it against us. We are sitting around bleating about the Goebbels media. Let’s be smarter.

      Time will tell, but the signals from the Communists and the Joseph Goebbels media seem awfully mixed and contradictory. It is possible that the massive overreaction to the Wuflu might have changed society in ways that the Communists didn’t anticipate and didn’t want.

And especially away from the vaccinated, where transmission from symptom-suppressed individuals is known to occur.

I’m beginning to think this was created to keep social security solvent… soilant green style.

hooo… aren’t we all suckers!

    Reader45 in reply to Andy. | January 4, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    Add Medicare to that, which will be insolvent before SS. Notice how none of the politicians are talking about the impending SS and Medicare trust fund insolvency! Progressives promise Medicare for all to the gullible population, when in fact Medicare for 65+ is fiscally troubled.

Gee, all the people I know who have gotten Omicron are vaccinated.

President FoulUp should ShutUp

Better advice. Keep your kids away from Biden, the pedophile-in-chief.

I just came back from a visit to Texas. The MSNBC carries the same toxic mess of misinformation there, as with the rest of the country.

Nevertheless, their local friends, family and co-workers are testing positive and getting sick (the two are not necessarily the same, in my view) regardless of whether they are vaccinated against COVID, or not.

They are receptive to the notion that we all are going to get this disease, and that early, over-the-counter outpatient drug treatment might be a good thing.

Meanwhile, in California, it appears that people are starting to openly acknowledge that the masks would be a hell of a lot easier to take, if the government would promote D vitamin supplementation and the use of zinc, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. The attempts to keep useful medicine from the public are backfiring.

I remember back when Parents had “Measle Parties”! Yes, they actually took their healthy kids over to play with a “sick” child so they could get “sick” and then have immunity! That was known as “herd immunity”! This MORONIC version has proven to be mild and short lived so what’s the big deal? As far as deaths from “Covid”, I’m really surprised that the definition wasn’t changed to benefit Biden’s “credibility”, but how can you maintain hysterics if you tell the truth? That is the ultimate “democrat dilemma” !! It sucks for them!