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Video: Arizona State U. Students Protest Kyle Rittenhouse Who is No Longer Enrolled There

Video: Arizona State U. Students Protest Kyle Rittenhouse Who is No Longer Enrolled There

“Kyle… killed black and brown people”

As you watch this, note that the talking points these students are using came directly from the lying media and Democrats.

There was a counter-protest.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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The Friendly Grizzly | December 2, 2021 at 10:27 am

A bunch of parrots.

Anonymous Bosh | December 2, 2021 at 11:24 am

Are they *really* that stupid? Oh, wait… what was I thinking?

If Rittenhouse was ever a student (even online) there, then I suspect the University was violating the student privacy laws by publicly announcing his status (no longer enrolled). I wonder if he could sue them for that.

The real irony here — which all of these Marxist bigots are entirely missing — came when the Administration noted their observance of relatively new policies about “discrimination against convicted felons.”

These kids routinely rub shoulders with actual felons (both violent and nonviolent) who are physically on their campus. They are blissfully unaware of this, as befits their overall social ignorance. If you make them aware of it, they will immediately tell you that it’s no big deal, because to say anything else would obviously contradict the leftist narrative.

But Kyle Rittenhouse… well, that’s different! He threatens our community! All the way from Illinois.

By the time these kids finally make it to wisdom, employers will be screening the past of every new hire even more thoroughly than they do now.

When you graduate, kids, and you’re wondering why you can’t find a decent corporate job, watch this video. The interviewer did.

Protests in the 60s were more fun: better music, better cars, better causes.

These socialist morons should be an embarrassment to their school. It appears they don’t even come close to knowing the facts of the case.