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Teammates of UPenn Trans Swimmer Considered Boycotting Final Meet but Feared Backlash

Teammates of UPenn Trans Swimmer Considered Boycotting Final Meet but Feared Backlash

“Knowing they do not have backing from the school or NCAA, they’re reluctant to jeopardize their opportunity to make the elite Ivy League squad”

This is the latest development in the story of Lia Thomas, which we have been following closely.

The New York Post reports:

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ teammates considered boycotting final meet in protest

A group of UPenn swimmers were so upset by transgender athlete Lia Thomas’ advantages that they mulled boycotting their final home meet — but decided not to for fear they’d be banned from the Ivy League championship, according to a report.

Thomas, 22, who has smashed several records at the University of Pennsylvania this season, has sparked outrage for being eligible under NCAA rules to swim in women’s collegiate events after taking one year of testosterone suppressants.

A source close to the team of 41 women who considered the boycott told the Daily Mail that “they’ve been ignored by both Penn and the NCAA.”

The source told the outlet that “there is a feeling among some of the girls that they should make some sort of statement, seize the opportunity while they have a spotlight on them to make their feelings about the issue known.”

But after considering boycotting their Jan. 8 meet against Dartmouth, the swimmers decided against it out of concern that skipping the event would jeopardize their participation in the Ivy League championship in February, according to the report.

“Knowing they do not have backing from the school or NCAA, they’re reluctant to jeopardize their opportunity to make the elite Ivy League squad,” the source told outlet.

Other sources told the Daily Mail that the controversy will likely take center stage at the Jan. 8 event, which is traditionally a time for seniors to enjoy the limelight.

“It’s a very emotional day and it’s supposed to be a wonderful recognition for all the seniors have accomplished over the years,” a source told the outlet.


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There’s virtue signaling, and then there’s actual courage.
Virtue signaling comes with no price at all.

Elite male swimmers have big hands and feet and long arms and legs. No matter how many hormones he takes or how many appendages he cuts off, a male swimmer will always have those advantages.

If you look at the swimming and track records for males and females, it is clear that males competing as women will set records that no real woman can ever hope to break. Sooner or later, women athletes will have to take a stand. Otherwise, all the “women’s” sports teams will look like this parody:

    tbonesays in reply to OldProf2. | December 31, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    You notice that a ‘transgender’ man is not forced to play against men. Because gender identity has absolutely nothing to do with athletic ability, sex does.

I think the women swimmers should mount the blocks in every event Lia Thomas is competing, take their mark at the starters call, and when the buzzer goes off, stand up, get off the starting blocks, and walk back to their seats in silence.

Penn went full Commie a while ago, I would say around 2016.

The system is broken and this is the result. A prominent radio talk show host called the male/transgender dude a cheat, but being a cheat means breaking the rules. Had the corrupt judges allowed challenges to the past election, and Trump won, I think his people would have headed this off. Decisions were made by the DOJ or the Department of Education or somewhere, to allow transgendered males to compete with genetic females. However, that would have only lasted until Trump was out and the next Democrat was in.

Title IX demands equal scholarships for females as males. For equal opportunity for sports in K-12 for females and males. Sports for females can be a real good thing. Physical fitness and discipline and team work and all that stuff. However college athletics runs on money made by men’s basketball and football, both of which are over-the-top. The female athletes agreed to train and compete for their scholarships. Not competing would lead to forfeiting their scholarships. They seem to be discreet in their criticisms , and they don’t want to be victims of the cancel culture mob. The only way to win that game is to not play. Go to a good religious school, marry a good man, follow those 10 commandments, and you’ll be okay. Being in an elite school means you want all the bennies of being in an elite school, like the social networking when looking for a job. Criticize the trannie and you won’t be social networking with any one.

The surprise isn’t that this happened, but that it hasn’t happened more. Wasn’t there a man, over 6 feet tall, identifying as a girl playing basketball for a community college in California a few years back? Didn’t the news just mention that something like over 30% of White students were falsely claiming to be some sort of minority?

I’m in a “burn the house down” mood. Male athletes are making progress for compensation in their sports. Make athletes school employees and compensate them properly. Reduce college sports from school sanctioned teams to club sports. Want to play? Join a club and play on your own dime. Not enough people to form a club? Then there isn’t one. Back in the 1970s, the land-grant university I attended had every basketball court on campus busy from 5 pm to midnight during the intramural basketball season.

    henrybowman in reply to Milwaukee. | December 31, 2021 at 8:50 am

    I remember someone in the MIT Phys Ed department claiming that MIT had one of the highest percentages of student participation in athletics in the USA, despite the fact that most of the activity was purely intramural. This was during the years when MIT “had no football team,” at least none that played other schools.
    Maybe that’s why I’ve always considered that sports are something to be played, not watched. The only sports I have ever watched are those I play(ed) myself, to enjoy the expert execution and learn from my betters for the next time I play.
    I would ask you to consider, which is better for the students and for American society— the NCAA model, or the high personal participation model?

And now, to grind the chlorine in the wounds, new evidence that the “innate advantage” extends beyond physical contests:

Transgender ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant, who is a biological male, congratulated for ‘becoming the woman with the highest overall earnings in the show’s history’

Before accusations of misogyny begin flying, realize that this doesn’t require the average man to be smarter than the average woman… it requires only that the standard deviation of male intelligence be wider than the female range. And that’s been well-documented — men produce more geniuses and more mental defectives than women.

A Punk Named Yunk | December 31, 2021 at 11:39 am

Transphobic? Why do you say that I am transphobic? Can you not see that I have full control of my phobias? (Sorry, EAP, but that line is SO made for parody!)

Hey, I’m afraid of giant scorpions, centipedes, rabid coyotes and obviously crazy people. I try to keep my distance from these unpredictable, predatory creatures. Delusional males who con’t seem to look inside their pants are crazy people to be avoided if they get aggressive.

And they seem to be getting more aggressive every year, stealing medals and scholarships they could not have earned as sane people.

Time for girls and women all over the country to boycott these events; to refuse to participate in school sports, especially if obvious boys want to shower with them, Don’t shower; go back to class sweaty. (It worked for the Dirty Dozen.)

I have taught forensics, and you can clearly discern the differences between male and female skeletons, regardless of their race.

A year of testosterone suppressors will never change that.

Don’t be censored ladies; speak out and fight back. Silence is acceptance.