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San Diego State U. Spent $250K on a ‘Healing Garden’ That No One Uses

San Diego State U. Spent $250K on a ‘Healing Garden’ That No One Uses

“It cost a quarter million dollars, and every day, it’s empty”

So the school put this in to make everyone feel better but it was a complete waste of money.

The College Fix reports:

SDSU spent $250K to build a racial healing garden. Nobody uses it.

Over a year into the completion of San Diego State University’s racial healing garden, few students, scholars and staff appear to be spending time within its circumference.

The $250,000 Native and Indigenous Healing Garden at the public university was built amid tensions regarding the Aztec warrior mascot, accused of racism, cultural appropriation and toxic masculinity.

The healing garden is meant to honor Native Americans and the Aztec culture “at a time when we need to ‘heal’ over the issue of indigenous identities,” according to a 2018 Aztec Identity Task Force report.

The garden was completed in March 2020. A grand opening fete never occurred due to the onset of COVID.

Campus sources say that, since then, it sits unused.

“I pass it nearly every day I go to my office. It cost a quarter million dollars, and every day, it’s empty,” one SDSU professor told The College Fix on the condition of anonymity.

“There’s not a single person sitting on the one bench they installed. So it’s a quarter million dollars for … what precisely? A garden that nobody visits.”

The College Fix also reached out to the SDSU College Republicans regarding the garden.

“We can say will full confidence that most, if not all, of us at SDSU CR have not noticed the garden being used or enjoyed by anyone,” the GOP group said in an emailed statement.

“It is sad to see such an incredible amount of money spent on something that seems to be forgotten by most of the students of SDSU. This is especially sad because such a project like a garden should foster a positive community environment on campus. We hope to see the university take more steps to encourage engagement with the garden and it’s surrounding area.”


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Turn it into a sexual healing garden. Take the white noise off the speaker system, replace it with a little Barry White noise. Problem solved.

Could have been worse. Could have re-engineered the campus vending machines to take nothing but Susan B. Anthony dollars.

Morning Sunshine | December 18, 2021 at 8:28 pm

ya know, I do not want to honor the aztec culture.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 20, 2021 at 6:21 am

Once the blacks find out about this racial healing garden, they will stake it out as “their” turf.

Race grifters strike again! Think they hired underpaid illegals?

Hey at least it’s not a football stadium that had no team a la Cal State Fullerton.

$250k for some dirt, plants, and a bench.

Holy COW. Y’all…go look it up. Look at the pics. Just search Native and Indigenous Healing Garden and click images…

oh. my. lord.