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Psaki Says It’s Okay Schools Require Children Eat Outside In Frigid Temps, Parents Should Just Pack Extra Hats For Them To Keep Warm

Psaki Says It’s Okay Schools Require Children Eat Outside In Frigid Temps, Parents Should Just Pack Extra Hats For Them To Keep Warm

Claims they want to get to point “you’re not adding two hats so that they’re warm outside for a snack.”

Good news!  The Biden admin is totes fine with schoolchildren being forced to eat snacks and lunch outside in frigid temps.  In fact, according to Jen Psaki, they are so cool with it that they suggest parents just pack an extra hat or two to keep them warm.

Psaki is typically spewing word soup here, but it sounds to me like she’s suggesting packing two hats in a backpack for these barbarous winter dining torture sessions. Would this be in addition to the one that the child presumably wears to school? What about underprivileged children whose parents can’t afford even one hat for them? Guess that’s just too bad, so sad, to the child abuser Democrats.

Fox New reports:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested Friday that it is OK for kids to eat their lunches outside in cold temperatures in an effort to maintain safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asked whether the White House wanted school children to “get back to a more normal school experience,” Psaki insisted schools are having children practice social distancing measures, mask up, and eat their snacks and lunch in frigid outdoor temperatures in an effort to “keep their kids safe and keep students safe.”

. . . . Psaki said the Biden administration hopes to get to a “point of normalcy for everybody.”

“Obviously, we want to get to a point where we’re turning to a version of normalcy for everybody, right,” Psaki told reporters. “Where you’re not sending your kids backpack with 7 extra masks, right, or you’re not adding two hats so that they’re warm outside for a snack. There’s no question that’s the case.”

Don’t try this at home, though, as I’m pretty sure that forcing your child to eat outside during the dead of winter would be frowned upon and may even land you in court . . . or jail.


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Government school is all about child abuse. They can get away with all kinds of things that would send parents to jail.

She doesn’t know about dressing warmly – more important to exercise in the cold and then you’ll be warm in your warm dress. Otherwise cold sneaks in.

So run several laps of the field before sitting down to eat on the inverted buckets.

“Psaki said the Biden administration hopes to get to a “point of normalcy for everybody.”

Unfortunately, the coordinates of that point identify a location on the Bizarro World.

So Psaki recommends the little children bring a warm hat so they can eat their lunch outside in the middle of the winter. Maybe she should bring a warm hat and hold her stupid assed press conference outside in the cold.

Heartless WHORE.

    theduchessofkitty in reply to Clinger. | December 11, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    I was going to write about how her sense of humanity has gone on permanent vacation just to please her bosses.

    Fortunately, you summarized in two words what it should have taken me thirty.

    Milwaukee in reply to Clinger. | December 13, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    Heartless, humorless, and witless, she is all three.

    Why hasn’t she been reported to child and protective services?

    What has any whore ever done to you that you would insult them like that? I think the whores of the world deserve an apology from you.


This is bizarre advice at best and child abuse at worst

She is a stupid as we think she is.

    alaskabob in reply to Skip. | December 11, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    Cold and cunning. Bagdad Bob was partially truthful. Psircling the Drain Psaki is a master of propaganda.

    Conservative Beaner in reply to Skip. | December 11, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    Petty Stupid Ass Kissing Idiot = PSAKI

      Reminds me of the Japanese sailor stranded on a deserted island. After awhile he became so desperate to drink some sake he made a batch out of urine. He called it Psaki. Needless to say, it was just as horrible as Jen.

The hypocrisy is a display of their power and your inability to respond. They are not ashamed of the hypocrisy, they revel in it.

Ironically, in the clip she’s wearing a top is that is a variation on the cold shoulder design.

The logic here is breathtaking in its stupidity: Your kids can sit out in the cold to eat lunch, but if they get sick as a result it’s not going to be Covid!

    She’s so repellent and evil that I just skipped bothering with a featured for this post. How heartless and disgusting and evil do you have to be to go against actual science in service to unions and Dems cashing in on masks, boosters, and whatever else they can spin for profit over actually treating WuFlu as the now endemic virus that will plague us every cold/flu season, just like every other coronavirus?

    Anyway, love the “cold shoulder” reading; there are few people more psychopathologic, more cold, and more devoid of basic human compassion and empathy than Jen let them eat snow Psaki.

      If I may add a brief thought. Psaki is a poor and out of touch representation of the Brandon Administration. The average American who is not very politically sophisticated is more sophisticated about real world problems then good ole Jen. The more she speaks the more people will come to loath this administration.

      rustyshamrock in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | December 12, 2021 at 10:04 am

      I was going to comment that after she said they can wear an extra hat, she continued with “…and then they can eat cake!” — but I like your “eat snow” quote better!

I am sorry for her poor child, born to such a twisted, heartless mother.

She embodies self deluded narcissism and immorality from years of willfully swimming in the putrid power cesspool, an obvious minion of The Father of Lies that emits ugliness from her rotting soul.

To call her an idiot is to impugn idiots.

I’m going to express an ugly but sincere thought. From Wikipedia.

“On May 8, 2010,[30] Psaki married Greg Mecher, then chief of staff to Congressman Steve Driehaus. Later, Mecher served as chief of staff to Congressman Joe Kennedy.[31] The couple met at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006. They have two children.32]

There have been two times in my life when I just passed. Maybe more. Like that time in Washington D.C. with the woman standing there in a teddy, who totally was not the girl I knew in high school in Kali, and I was like, no. I just had an experience tonight when some chick just started crying out of the blue?

I recall a chicka from Norfolk. She had slept her way through the entire air wing. And she’d tell everyone within hearing distance that every Naval aviator was a lousy (blank).

She still showed up at the officer’s club. And we were like, you’re the one constant in the equation. Maybe the problem isn’t the 10,000 Sailors you’ve burned through.

I knew a girl who had collected coasters from every squadron on the east coast. we had to warn guys off of her. It was part of the check in procedure.

“OK. Here’s your locker. Here’s your parking spot. Stay the **** away from gonorrhea Mary. Here’s a good place to get a steak.”

Seriously. Squids. She’d get drunk and wonder in the bars why the court wouldn’t allow her custody of her kids.

With any luck I’m going to see a girl that I haven’t seen since the 1980s this Christmas. I it even fair to call her a girl? Ladies, work this out amongst yourselves. On the one hand, I appreciate her maturity. On the other, she hasn’t aged a day.

But back in the day I had the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. make her kiss pavement when she stole my 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 convertible from the naval air station. She talked one of the wives married to one of my squadron mates into driving her on base and she took my ‘stang.

Ironincally, or maybe not, I still drive a Mustatng. I got a 2007 GT out of Houston with only 70k miles. Now the car has a complete Pypes exhaust system …|Pypes&T5_Var4=413731&utm_source=bing-pla&utm_medium=shopping&T5_Var2=shopping&utm_campaign=AMM+Mustang+Brands+%26+Vehicle+Low&intl=0&dialogtech=ppc&gclid=e96202cec2f410e8699f637b6c88adab&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=e96202cec2f410e8699f637b6c88adab&utm_term=4577747946375553

…and 62mm throttle body. All completely street legal. If I’ve installed anything more, that’s between me and God.

And she looked me up!! And she told me how much she remembered me with affection!!

And I’m like, Jesus Christ, what do I need to do to make a girl hate me?

Apparently I’m bullet proof.

Please don’t tell her I said that. I’m living through the greatest second act in American history since F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Still, I have to wonder about anyone who would get Jen Psalki pregnant.

Stan’s makes headers for my scout.

I’ve done the math. Three ways from Sunday. No way can I justify a 4bbl carb.

I just couldn’t make it work.

Complaints about government run schools will always be made. We are the problem for allowing the system to exist, electing Board members who set the policies, and sending our children into these indoctrination camps. We supply the money and the raw material (children) into a system with an agenda that is against the USA and then complain, I predict tomorrow will be like today…for some reason.

A customer is the person who pays the bill. The government takes money from us. The government then pays the bill so the government is the customer and the children are the raw material. With vouchers, for example, the parents would be closer to being the customer. The current system is working as designed just like all systems work as designed — not always as intended but always as designed. Do you think it is an accident that parents can be ignored? The elite have contempt for the common people (deplorables who use government schools) — can you see it? Future slaves need obedience not knowledge. Psyops.

How would a “reeducation camp” treat its “students” any differently than these students are treated?

Why so negative. It will toughen up the children. Make them strong.

Make sure those hats are MAGA and/or FJB hats.

They’re doing this at our elementary school. Half the kids are eating outside, on yoga mats on the concrete. Temp this time of year is in the 40s… slightly colder in the covered play area where they eat.

I put the kabosh on my kid eating outside in mid September, but parents of half the kids have zero problem with it.

The superintendent of the district sent everyone in the district a thanksgiving email telling us the true meaning of the holiday is how we stole land from the natives while committing genocide.

Strangely enrollment is significantly down in the entire state as parents are pulling their kids out. So much so that the legislature is scrambling to rethink the funding plan.

    AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to Andy. | December 12, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    If your kids still go to that school district – YOU are the problem.

    If you pulled them out of the school, then I salute you.

    My wife and I pulled our three kids out of the racist Prince Georges County Maryland School System, we both obtained our teaching certificates, and WE educated them at home. The schools were a zoo of screaming teachers, administrators, and students. Once we relocated to Texas two years later, then we enrolled them in private schools.

    Physician, lawyer, engineer now.

      No- people who pull their kids out are the problem. Every conservative that surrenders rather than raising absolute hell is the problem.

      I view leaving a surrender. For now, this is where we live. If we pull her there is no one to push back on the madness and believe me- this school district (home town of Rachel Corrie) is full of madness. So any teachers and other parents who share our beliefs are left to stand more alone and in a bigger minority after we go. I’m a firebrand and can make a person cry with criticism and I’ll pick a fight over the smallest issue- so they are no fan of me… so believe me- they are not happy about us staying.

      No. We’ll not surrender easily. That said I’ve made it clear that if my daughter decides she doesn’t like it, we’ll do home school. We are basically doing all the teaching now anyway- though her actual home room teachers have been ok, the other kids are so far behind, it’s pretty much a waste of time for her, except she gets to play with her friends.

      Family ties keep us in this state or we’d be gone by now. Not happy about it because my family has a 100 years of roots in this state.

        AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to Andy. | December 13, 2021 at 3:39 am

        That is bullshit to say I surrendered. My children come first. I refused to allow indoctrination to the point where I may have lost them. I refused allowing them to receive subpar education during their formative years. A subpar education that would have allowed them to be stupid AND indoctrinated.

        Our decision to remove them from public education helped them build the foundation to survive the onslaught of liberalism and Marxism they experienced when they got to undergraduate and graduate schools.

        At least I didn’t have to worry about who my kids would become after leaving them in the hands of college professors and administrators for four years.

        My wife and I instilled our values when it mattered.

        So please continue to let your daughter slowly be indoctrinated. But don’t bitch about who she is when you can no longer recognize her after the decades long stewing in the evil that public education has become.

        You do you, and I will do me.

        henrybowman in reply to Andy. | December 13, 2021 at 4:26 am

        I decided that my duty to the family I was making outweighed my duty to the family that made me. My own family depended on my choices, my family roots didn’t.
        If I had not taken the same pilgrimage that the Conestoga wagons took (and for many of the same reasons), I would have gone to a third-rate college, landed a fifth-rate job, and raised my children into slavery. And then, ironically, I would have seen all my remaining family roots migrate elsewhere anyway.
        Nostalgia delivers very poor MPG. Whose life are you living? You get only one.

        Milwaukee in reply to Andy. | December 13, 2021 at 3:05 pm

        :No- people who pull their kids out are the problem. Every conservative that surrenders rather than raising absolute hell is the problem.:

        No. Sorry Charlie, but that call is too tough to give blanket treatment on. Every situation is different.

        A friend of mine was going to homeschool his daughter. She wanted to be at school with her friends and complained about the lunches he fixed. Whatever, man.

      “The schools were a zoo of screaming teachers, administrators, and students.”

      Was that the school school, or the home school? Just asking for a friend.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | December 12, 2021 at 4:12 pm

I bet her two little douchenuggets aren’t required to sit out in the cold to eat.

And you fuckers who tell me to keep her kids out of it, maybe the big douchenozzle needs to stop fucking around with other people’s kids.

I think ol’ Jen Persnickety should be eating lunch out in the cold on an upside-down bucket from here on in? See how she likes it….?