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‘Please Don’t Say Anything’: CA Mom Says School Bribed Son With Pizza to Get COVID Vaccine

‘Please Don’t Say Anything’: CA Mom Says School Bribed Son With Pizza to Get COVID Vaccine

Minors cannot consent to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In San Fran County a minor can consent only if the medical person makes actual effort to reach the parent or guardian to give them a chance to object.

Maribel Duarte accused the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in Los Angeles, CA, of bribing her 13-year-old son with pizza so they could give him the COVID-19 vaccine:

“The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble.'”

The LAUSD says student matters are confidential and wouldn’t comment specifically, but did say its “safe schools to safe steps incentive program” is meant to ensure several steps are in place for vaccinated students to receive prizes. Duarte says she’s not against the vaccine. She’s vaccinated herself, but it’s different with her son.

“He has problems with asthma and allergy problems,” she said.

Attorney Jennifer Kennedy said minors in California cannot consent to get a vaccine:

“The LAUSD [Los Angeles United School Distrit] does not have the power to add a vaccine to the California school schedule,” she said. “You couldn’t do it if you were a podunk school district and you can’t do it if you’re LAUSD, the second largest district in the nation. You don’t have that legal authority.”

In California, school vaccines are handled through the state Department of Public Health and created into law through the state legislature.

Cal. Fam. Code § 6926 states:

(a) A minor who is 12 years of age or older and who may have come into contact with an infectious, contagious, or communicable disease may consent to medical care related to the diagnosis or treatment of the disease, if the disease or condition is one that is required by law or regulation adopted pursuant to law to be reported to the local health officer, or is a related sexually transmitted disease, as may be determined by the State Public Health Officer.

(b) A minor who is 12 years of age or older may consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.

(c) The minor’s parents or guardian are not liable for payment for medical care provided pursuant to this section.

In other words, children 12 years old and older can receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Hepatitis B vaccines without parental consent.

The children must have parental consent for all other vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

San Francisco County allows a minor 12 and older to get the COVID vaccine “as long as the healthcare provider administering the dose reasonably attempts to notify their guardian and allow them the opportunity to object.”


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Wait, the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy bribed the students with pizza?

I’m surprised a school named for a former member of the famous Choom Gang doesn’t try to bribe them with a joint.

They are murdering our children

SeiteiSouther | December 8, 2021 at 1:35 pm

If this was my son, retention of counsel and suits would be inbound.

Well why would they inform the domestic terrorists formerly known as parents, anyway?


Parental rights have been absolute for decades – centuries. Until the child reaches age of majority – the parent has both responsibilities AND rights.

Only in recent years has government started to encroach on these rights. Note – they do not encroach on our responsibilities (and rightly so).


You want to see a revolution – keep f*cking with our kids. Teach them garbage like CRT or try to turn them against their parents. Nazi / Communist type of behavior.

Maybe socialist put the interest of the state above their family / kids. But 99% of everyone else do not. BLM wants to do away with the nuclear family – first every family will go nuclear.

    gibbie in reply to Ben Kent. | December 8, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    If parents had been thinking clearly, or had been paying attention, or had been properly educated, or had been properly informed by their churches, they would have known better than to place their children in the government schools.

    As it is, the government schools failed the parents as much as they are currently failing their children, and many churches have been too cowardly to tell parents the truth for fear of offending them.

    And some conservatives still think that education by government monopoly bureaucracy is OK as long as conservatives are in control of it.

    gibbie in reply to Ben Kent. | December 8, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    “Only in recent years has government started to encroach on these rights.”

    Only if you consider 100 years “recent”. The government schools have been used as an indoctrination tool by established elites since their beginning.

It’s a simple, universal truth that EVERY parent should sit their child down at a young age and tell them the following truth:

When ANYBODY, repeat ANYBODY, tells a child anything that starts or ends with ‘don’t tell your parents’, you should leave IMMEDIATELY and tell your parents exactly what happened and what they said.

People need to go to jail. Medical/Nursing licenses need to be revoked, permanently. Informed consent in the foundation upon which western medicine is built. Minors cannot give that consent.

I’m sure the Biden DOJ will be all over this.

Why is no one prosecuted for this behavior in CA? Up to and including Newsom? Soros bought the recall for him, so he’s doubling down on the vaccine BS. This is “1983-The Prequel”, where everybody begs the state to save them, while signing their freedoms away. Scary times.

These schools implement the policies set by the Boards. Focusing on the individual schools is like putting water on the flames above what is actually burning. Nothing will change. The schools work for the Boards, not the parents.

In Washington- the schools are facing an enormous budget short fall (though the legislature bailed them out this year) because of all the homeschooling. At first they blamed COVID, but apparently they were forced to admit it’s because of misc other factors (not learning anything and CRT all day everyday for some).

I speculate the ONLY reason they are not mandating the vax for kids here is because it would cause the public school system to financially implode.

“Authorized for use” isn’t the same as “medically indicated.” Why are politicians behaving as if the two are the same? They are not. If a vaccine is “authorized for use” in children, that means it’s OK to give the vaccine to children for whom vaccination is medically indicated (due to health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID). It does not mean that all children should be vaccinated, or that that is a good idea.

A recent German study of those under the age of 15 found that the infection fatality rate was so embarrassingly tiny that instead of indicating the IFR as a percentage of those infected (as it is usually expressed), it was indicated by an absolute number per 10,000. That number was 0.09 children/10,000 infected, or 0.0009%, a rate so astonishingly small that any statistician would say it was effectively zero.

COVID is a mild disease in children, with an IFR that is effectively zero. So how can they tell the vaccines are “effective” in children? What benefit, exactly, does vaccination bestow upon children that unvaccinated children don’t already have?

This fits common law battery. The child cannot consent, even under that law cited above because it isn’t treatment for covid exposure, therefore the injection was nonconsensual.

    Ben Kent in reply to tbonesays. | December 9, 2021 at 6:37 pm

    Yes – open and shut case.

    What can the mother sue for ?
    >> Question of damages. Just pain and suffering ? Emotional distress ?

    Or can the judge award punatives without showing much actual damage ?