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Joy Reid Calls Florida “DeSantistan” Amid Media Meltdown Over Gov. Ron DeSantis Reestablishing State Guard

Joy Reid Calls Florida “DeSantistan” Amid Media Meltdown Over Gov. Ron DeSantis Reestablishing State Guard

“DeSantis wants to form a personal militia like the ‘political’ leaders in Iraq have. It would be a militia that only answers to him. This is the beginning of a ‘Red Army’ as the GOP prepares for war. Literally,” fretted SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah.

You know, if there was a formal battle to determine which political side had the tendency to pop off most often with the most insane knee-jerk (and wildly wrong) reactions to a news report, leftists would have hands down won the competition Friday on Twitter.

It all started not long after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference on Thursday where among other things he proposed reestablishing the Florida State Guard. During the presser, he stated that he would be requesting $3.5 million in the state budget to go towards the proposal and noted that the primary responsibilities of the 200 civilian members (volunteers) of the State Guard would be helping out the National Guard during emergency situations that required the state’s response like weather-related events.

The FSG was originally established in 1941 and was disbanded after World War II was over. DeSantis’s announcement was part of a larger one where he outlined his requests for millions in additional funding to beef up the National Guard.

Watch DeSantis discuss his rationale for wanting to reestablish the Florida State Guard below:

You’d think this wouldn’t be that big a deal considering some 22 other states also have State Guards on hand, including some blue states. But after CNN’s predictable framing of the report, the Usual Suspects on the left went absolutely bonkers, with some suggesting this was DeSantis’s way of forming a militia that the federal government would have no control over:

Got that? A “new civilian military force” even though one has previously existed in Florida and in fact still exists in other states, as noted above and below:

And the “that he would control” bit in the CNN headline was a nice touch, deliberately meant to unnecessarily frighten people and create a panic.

But even though “facts don’t care about your feelings,” as the famous Ben Shapiro quote goes, the were plenty of angry “feelings” expressed on the Twitter machine by the leftist outrage mobs, including from potential 2022 Democratic opponents Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried as well as other prominent Democrats with large followings but tiny minds:

SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah:

This person lists himself as a “philosophy professor at Yale” just so you know the types of “intellectuals” on the left who are teaching your children:

This person proclaims to be a “lawyer”:

MSNBC “chief terrorism analyst” Malcolm Nance:

“Obama guy” and NY Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman:

Believe it or not, the dumdummery got so bad that left-wing comedian Sarah Silverman, who is not known for rushing to the defense of Republicans, even jumped on MSNBC’s resident left-wing conspiracy theorist Joy Reid for peddling false information:

Sadly, it didn’t help. Here was Reid Friday night along with Fried and another guest doing what she does best:

He’s not trying to create a “DeSantistan” by any means, but what DeSantis has done over the last year since Biden was sworn in is to try and make his state as independent as possible from the federal government and their notorious penchant for overreach. And judging by how the Biden administration has handled things over the last 11 months, many conservatives and independent-minded people would say DeSantis’s approach has been a necessary one.

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I wonder which staffer had to come up with that cute meme for the half-witted bitch?

It’s an overused phrase but sophomoric definitely describes the overcharged language about this. State defense forces, which is what DeSantis is talking about, are already authorized. Many States maintain them and have done so for generations. In essence they are a 2nd string NG used to backfill at home when NG is deployed overseas in Federal service.

What would really blow these people’s minds would be for a Gov to call for a muster of the ‘unorganized militia’. Have them report to the Sheriff of each County for the muster in order to count noses and determine who refused to show up. Most people don’t know the unorganized militia is real, much less that they are in it.

    I didn’t even know my state had one

    Glad we do, as we’re kinda prone to tornadoes.

    The Palm Sunday tornadoes in ’65 and the Super Outbreak in ’74 (which took my grandmother) were horrific and required a lot of trained personnel

“Gov. Ron DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control…”

You mean kind of like the civvie security force that Former Dear Leader talked about at the start of his first term?

Not even close.

In her racist bigoted heart, she knows Rons correct. The numbers bear it out.

First sign of a bully?
Threats when threatened.

Second sign of a bully?
Cries when struck.

They want a purge event, but think that “they” will have a 99.5% chance of survival like the games and movies. Plans laid at 77 degrees fall apart at two hours of 23 degrees.

So when the National Guard members get ousted for no vaxx, they will have a place to go!

These people are monumentally STUPID. Maybe they should check with deep blue Californistan and Governor Hair Gel about State Militias…

California has the California State Military Reserve (CSMR), as well as Naval Militia.

They are all part of the State Military Department under the State Adjutant General, which also includes the National Guard and the California Cadet Corps. The National Guard is the only part that is supposed to get Federal funds, the others are State funded only. If the NG is federalized and deployed, the CSMR fills the void. CSMR cannot be deployed out of the country, but could be used in neighboring states in extraordinary circumstances.

    CDR D in reply to CDR D. | December 4, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    A little further research reveals that a recent name change took place and the CSMR is now the CSG, California State Guard. Also the Naval Militia has been folded into the CSG as the Maritime Support Division. It used to be just several legal officers, but has resumed a more traditional naval type function. On 18 March 2017, the California State Guard established the Maritime Support Command (MARSCOM) under the command of CAPT M. Hanson, with SCPO E. Anderson as the MARSCOM Senior Enlisted Advisor, in a ceremony aboard the decommissioned WWII-era carrier USS Hornet.

    That blowhard Malcolm Nance should know these things too, he is after all a retired Navy Senior chief Petty Officer.

      Arminius in reply to CDR D. | December 5, 2021 at 9:55 pm

      Malcolm Nance is a serial liar. He claims to have been an instructor at SERE school about the time I went through, and I believe he was an instructor at the same command where I was a student. I don’t remember him as he may have been going through instructor training. But as you put it he’s a blowhard. I was able to search on the not-much-of-controversy as when he called waterboarding “torture” he described something that simply never happens. At Blackfive there’s a nice summary from back in 2007 in which a Navy SEAL cross trained as a combat medic responded to Nances utter BS.

      First, Nance’s lies about waterboarding:

      “…Nance wrote:

      ‘In the media, waterboarding is called “simulated drowning,” but that’s a misnomer. It does not simulate drowning, as the lungs are actually filling with water. There is no way to simulate that. The victim is drowning.

      Unless you have been strapped down to the board, have endured the agonizing feeling of the water overpowering your gag reflex, and then feel your throat open and allow pint after pint of water to involuntarily fill your lungs, you will not know the meaning of the word.'”

      The SEAL medic responded:

      “There is a word for people who have “pint after pint of water” filling their lungs: dead. ‘In fact,’ according to Mike, “they would be very, very dead. By definition, anyone who has drowned is in fact dead. A large percentage of true drownings do not involve ANY water entering the lungs because the epiglottis closes off the air passages as water enters the throat. People who die immediately from being immersed in water actually die of suffocation, not water entering their lungs. Not only that, many people who survive a near-drowning who do have even small amounts of water that slip by the epiglottis and enter their lungs can die later of fluid shifts and pneumonia. I can assure you that we do not use any technique that involves true suffocation or aspiration of water into the lungs.”

      Mike goes on to point out that any interrogation technique that involves suffocation or aspirating water means the subject isn’t going to be answering questions anytime soon. Or, ever. As a matter of fact, over a decade before Malcolm Nance prostituted himself in exchange for fame with his lies I already knew what he was selling was physically impossible. I discussed part of my experience at SERE with a Navy dive physiologist and he confirmed that. About 25 – 30 percent of people will die of a heart attack before ever getting any water in their lungs. As you can imagine, it’s something of a waste to spend millions training “high risk of capture” personnel like SEALs or aircrew if you’re only going to kill 25 – 30% of them by giving them heart attacks let alone getting water in your lungs. And as far as your immune system is concerned, any amount of water in your lungs is an infection. Your lungs will fill with fluid. As the dive physiologist told me, if you get a quarter teaspoon of water in your lungs you need to get to an emergency room ASAP and get yourself into the intensive care unit or you will die.

      And here’s Nance claiming you can feel “pint after pint” of water entering your lungs. No, you can’t. You’re not going to feel it because you’ll be unconscious long before that happens and then you’ll be dead.

      But some people are willing to tell fools and idiots anything that will make them a few bucks. Or, even better, lots of bucks. They’re called con artists.

“Joy” Reid (I laugh at the irony in her name) is getting fat! Before she was just ugly and stupid…..

    UserPeabody in reply to WISteve. | December 4, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Joyful Reid! A huge mouth attached to a little body that spews forth anything but joy. The mouth of hell itself could not be more loathsome.

    henrybowman in reply to WISteve. | December 4, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    She’d like to be governor of Georgia today, but she realizes who she’d need to knock out of the sumo ring.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to WISteve. | December 4, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    Give Joyless Reid, a few years and she will be able to compete with Abrams for dumbest and ugliest bigmouth.

Joy Reid is prima facie evidence that our species is getting dumber, devolving.

Your Graphuc didn’t include the Georgia State Defense Force.

We in Florida appreciate living in freedom and tune off the usual gang of suspects in the media (the enemy of the people). This story died yesterday btw.

PEOPLE!! Stop laughing at Joy Reid – she is ONLY trying to warn America about the coming Facism.

she’s about to expose the dirty details for the unit-make up of the Florida State Guard. They will be Airborne qualified, must be former Special Forces, (or SEAL), and trained by Delta Force. Volunteers, but Sniper Experience required.

Listen to Joy Reid – she KNOWS what she’s talking about!!

msnbc should change the title of her “segment”

maybe “you just thought i was stupid”– ” non sequitur beat w/joy reid “–“i’m a dumbass and you’re not w/joy reid”–you know, something catchy

This is so stupid! Why would anyone need a rapid reaction force in a hurricane zone! Oh, wait….

    henrybowman in reply to Ann in L.A.. | December 4, 2021 at 3:56 pm

    It’s instructive to note that when Katrina hit, New Orleans actively imported police officers from many other jurisdictions (some as remote as the California Highway Patrol) to perform emergency policing in the area. Was this because Louisiana had no State Defense Force? Was it because they knew that these “soldiers from remote Chinese provinces” would have no compunction about enforcing their new, unconstitutional California-style gun confiscation edicts on the Louisiana residents?
    I bet the residents would rather have had their fellow Louisianans performing this task, wouldn’t you?

      UserPeabody in reply to henrybowman. | December 4, 2021 at 5:05 pm

      It’s instructive to note that after Katrina hit, New Orleans actively exported half of their citizens to other places to let them graple with their problems.

Here in Indiana, we’ve had the Indiana Guard Reserve for ages. Shucks, a Democrat governor, Matthew Welsh, was the guy who instituted the IGR as it’s currently constituted (in 1961).

    henrybowman in reply to MarkJ. | December 4, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    Right, Just do a web search for the term: state defense force, and watch all the state names scroll by. Of course, today, you’re going to have to scroll past all the brand-new hyperventilation about Florida first.

Seems like 200 probably wouldn’t be enough if another big hurricane hit

I figured they already had state troops to assist, with airboats, swamp buggies and critter deterrents

The Friendly Grizzly | December 4, 2021 at 12:59 pm

Before quota hiring, she’d be lucky to fine work as a laundress or cleaning woman.

smalltownoklahoman | December 4, 2021 at 1:05 pm

What Ron’s calling for doesn’t even sound all that militaristic, sounds more like an emergency response force for large scale disasters, natural or man made. And if Florida law already authorizes it from the WW2 era then I highly doubt it’s something Ron would be calling for to use to fight the Feds. Honestly Ron’s thinking may be more along the lines of having some extra help on hand in case Biden’s continued bumbling get’s real bad and the state of Florida needs the extra help to maintain order.

Quit paying attention to her, she is nothing but an attention wh*** who thrives on all this media attention.
Her ratings are about 50% of what Fox draws at 7pm, that show is usually rated 75th or lower in ratings for cable tv programs.

I will take DeSantistan over Wokeifornia all day every day!

“with some suggesting this was DeSantis’s way of forming a militia that the federal government would have no control over:”

They say that like it’s a BAD thing.

Hm, where would I rather live? DeSantistan? Or Joestralia?

[Jack Benny voice]: “I’m thinking, I’m thinking!]

He wants an armed force that will act IN OPPOSITION to the U.S. military

If true, that’s a problem because? What would the US military be doing that would cause opposition?

But now for a serious comment… note the flip-flopping of the federal narrative, as evidenced in this archived posting from 1994:

According to an article in the November, 1992 “Military,” (“State Defense Force,” Sgt. Bill Wilson, TN Defense Force) “the federal government has mandated that all states will have an organized state defense force in place by 1993.” This defense force is closer to a militia than anything else: “Should a natural disaster or civil disturbance occur during such a massive deployment [of the National Guard like Desert Storm]… the governor may elect to mobilize state defense force units to assist [law enforcement and emergency management] agencies.”


Back when the WuFlu and defund the Po Po started I speculated that these movements might be a cover for wealthy people to establish private armies like Russian Oligarchs.

Well well well.

It would not surprise me if Amazon were to establish a private force under the guise of protecting their trucks, and then, since they are around anyway, maybe be contracted out to others.

Steven Brizel | December 4, 2021 at 8:13 pm

Reid is probably the least qualified journalist in the legacy media today

don’t remember the progies making a stink when zero said he wanted to do something similar at the federal level better equipped than the military

Every day I thank God that even if I have to live in President Vegetable’s America I can still live in Ron DeSantis’ Florida. But let’s not be too smug about it. The uncomfortable reality is that he won by only 33,000 votes out of over 7 million cast over a black radical later found dead drunk on the down low in a sleazy Miami hotel room in the presence of meth use. Too close for comfort.

We have all watched groups like the Confederate Navy rescue people from multiple flood zones, savings lives and supporting their local communities. In a state like Florida with it’s susceptibility to hurricanes and flooding this sounds like an imperative. What a brainless, mischaracterization by Joy Reid and MSNBC, who would never lift a finger to help their fellow man. The smug smiles of the two in the photo with her tell you all you need to know about their character.

“CNN’s predictable framing”

You do them a kindness. Let’s be blunt and say it’s more like CNN’s predictable propaganda, misinformation, and outright lying.