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First US Case Of Omicron COVID Variant Is Detected in California

First US Case Of Omicron COVID Variant Is Detected in California

Omicron possibly already in Oregon.

The last time the Legal Insurrection team held an event in California, COVID-19 was just starting to be recognized as spreading through this country.

Now that the team is back out in the Golden State, news breaks that the first US case of the mild Omicron variant has been detected from a California who traveled from South Africa.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the California Department of Public Health, confirmed Wednesday that the case was detected in a traveler who returned from South Africa on Nov. 22.

The variant was detected using genomic sequencing by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.

According to the CDC, the person was fully vaccinated and has had mild symptoms so far. All the patient’s close contacts have tested negative so far.

“This is not a surprise. For those of you that have been following this, we knew that Omicron was going to be here, we thought it was already here, we just hadn’t detected it yet,” San Francisco Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax said in a news briefing Wednesday. “So this is cause for concern, but its also certainly not a cause for us to panic.”

The political drama surrounding Omicron has been hyped so much, even the governor had to comment on the mild illness from a now increasingly common virus.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, in a separate briefing Wednesday, said the patient is between 18 and 49 and had not received a booster shot because they were not six months out from their original vaccination course.

“This individual has not been hospitalized,” Newsom said. “The individuals that this individual has come into contact with have not tested positive yet to our knowledge, and we are hopeful of full recovery and expect nothing less based on what we’ve learned.”

There is now a report of a possible case in Oregon.

While this is the first official case, it is possible the variant is already in Oregon. Dr. Paul Cieslak, the medical director for communicable diseases and immunizations with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), says the agency is concerned about the variant’s presence in the U.S. and they “are watching closely what happens with this.”

“I think one thing that we do know is, it seems to be more transmissible because in South Africa, where it was discovered, it appears to have outcompeted Delta, so that’s concerning,” Dr. Cieslak said.

I sure hope Professor Jacobson and the rest of the team leave here as healthy as they arrived! I would like to have everyone back…we need the help.


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You will know you have the Omicrom Variant when you don’t get very sick.


Don’t worry, the end is near. The national vaccination database is about to be passed and 80 House Republican zombies (out of 211) voted for it.

Many of us are going to be vaxxed at the point of a gun. Over and over again for the rest of our lives. The common cold is THAT dangerous.

The Uniparty is dominating. There is no Republican Party,

This is good news. It shows that the fear campaign is no longer working. They are desperate to change the subject away from inflation, the disaster at the border, etc. Be of good cheer. Be patient. Encourage people of like minds. And keep your powder dry. The final confrontation is coming.

This is why Ivermectin is banned by the Faucists:

Yes, it works. Is this Pfizer’s “new” pill? Reverse engineering an effective and inexpensive OTC drug into a super-expensive “new” and exclusive drug?

Morning Sunshine | December 2, 2021 at 9:23 am

OMG OMG OMG – we’re all gonna die.



so. over. this.

You know, if this came over the border from an illegal immigrant, I’m going to laugh so hard. (The press, of course, will not be laughing. They’ll have their shovels out to bury the story as deep as they can.)

IMO the admin is desperately trying to seem relevant, thus all the same old tired fear mongering tactics. Their domestic agenda is in tatters; BBB unlikely to pass, rampant inflation, an energy crisis largely of their own design, their rule by edict has repeatedly been shut down in CT. Their foreign policy is failed; Afghanistan withdrawal, China aggression unanswered, alienated both Canada and Mexico. Major losses in off year elections, d/prog Committee chairs retiring, tanking poll numbers.

All they have is Rona to deliver more panic porn to the weirdos who want someone to tell them what to do and of course somehow punish the bitter clinging populists who disagree. Their MSM allies will deliver their propaganda messages but it won’t convince anyone. IMO, the 20% who haven’t gotten the jab are unlikely to do so and a large % who did just to be allowed to live their normal lives are seeing a future annual or semiannual booster as a bridge too far.

    No, this is a GLOBAL plan and the rest of the free world is already imposing all-encompassing lock downs per that plan. We still have what is left of our constitution creating roadblocks that are preventing the same thing from happening here…. for now. Just read the headline news for the past week. And today, the EU signals that they will soon be rolling out a mandatory vax which you can bet will be followed by isolating and locking down the unvaxxed.

    Don’t worry. The GOP leadership in Congress is booting out pesky conservatives from their committee assignments for being impolite to the Squad.

    We are NOT winning.

      CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | December 2, 2021 at 12:06 pm


      I disagree. Why? The resurgence of populism v the globalist. Brexit, MAGA, mass demonstrations in Europe. Heck France is likely to be the next domino in this chain; a very populist dare I say ‘Trumpian’ candidate is at the moment out polling Le Pen and looks to be very formidable in their elections. Not to mention several public letters from former FR military officers admonishing the abandonment of French culture.

      We don’t need, IMO, pesky, lightweight media hogs that say much but accomplish little. I doubt you need to be reminded of Graham in the Senate. We need serious people in the mold of Sen Cotton. It’s up to us as voters to identify, volunteer and support the most tea party/MAGA candidates that can reasonably win a general election in our CD and State.

      Where we sit today is peak d/prog. The polls indicate that folks understand how weirdly out touch these d/prove are and how disastrous the consequences of their policies are. The d/prog abandoned their usual incremental strategy and went full speed ahead with their transformative policies and did so where everyone could view it. The folks are not happy with the current state of affairs and as VA shows they are going to voice their displeasure in the midterm.

        I don’t disagree with anything you said except that you are missing the how this is a global campaign by the globalists, and the US is not keeping up with the rest of the free world. Yes, these Nazis are desperate to find a new fear narrative but it is in the context of the US is falling far behind as the iron curtain of fascism falls quickly everywhere else. See my link above about how the GOP House members approved of the national vaccination database.

        With or without a new narrative, they are moving ahead and no one is stopping us. This is now very personal. The Republicans are a major cog in the effort to stifle freedom in the US and we are losing because we continue to fall for the Dem vs Rep narrative. Yes, the Dems are facing a huge red wave next year and that is good. But that only replaces one Uniparty team with the other so the only thing that changes is the kabuki script. Meanwhile, we continue to lose the war.

        Our “conservatives” have lost on every single issue they claim to be fighting for and we are soon about to lose the “right to life” issue for eternity. There are no more any hills left for us to fight and die for. We pissed them all away.

          CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | December 2, 2021 at 7:09 pm


          I am cognizant of the globalist ambitions, they haven’t bothered to hide them so it’s not as if they are secret. I see the EU, the principle globalist project, as collapsing. Slower than we might wish but still collapsing. Brexit is a reality. The Poles and the Hungarians among others are not too happy with many aspects of the EU and their globalist puppeteers. IMO, more change is coming for the EU.

          Here at home you are correct. We need to carefully consider just who we send to DC. The days of Hannity hucksters full of talk but little action must end. That’s up to the voters.

          Victory is as much about belief and attitude as about relative power. We had r control of HoR, Senate with a MAGA President in 2017, it doesn’t matter if they fail to act because they don’t believe in small govt populism or if they are frightened by the thought of offending the MSM, the editorial boards and their d/prog neighbors in DC.

          It we don’t believe we can win then we won’t.

          We can win, Chief. I am just so sad to see so many on the right walking the leftist line. The left WANTS and NEEDS us to be discouraged and to distrust elections. The more of us who stay home, as they know, the easier it is for their corrupt blue districts to steal elections.

          Chief, if you ever see any HINT that I am gobbling up the pro-commie destruction of America by suggesting we cannot win at the ballot box, point it out in no uncrtain terms. I’m not a leftist puppet gobbling up lies, and if I ever lose my way, bring me back.

          In the meantime, the only way to defeat Democrat voter fraud is to vote by wider margins. It’s not hard. Dems control very few areas/districts, so we can easily out-vote them . . . unless we are buying leftist propaganda that the elections are forever rigged and we can never win.

          Anyone who tells you that your vote doesn’t matter or is for some uniparty is playing for the commie left. It’s so clear; do not be a useful idiot and do not buy into that absolute lie. Can’t you see that depressing Trump votes helps ONLY ONE SIDE, the commie dems bent on destroying America? Stop helping them destroy America and get on board with purging the GOP and Making America Great Again–that is Trump’s plan. And it’s a good one.

Colonel Travis | December 2, 2021 at 12:34 pm

Omicron, huh. Isn’t that one of the Transformers?
I need a cure for Michael Bay movies.

Just to make sure I understand this:

Healthcare workers, pilots, US Military, Police, factory workers etc. are losing their jobs and livelihoods because of a vaccine mandate that doesn’t stop the spread of a virus that has mild symptoms in the vast majority of cases.

Extrapolate the results gleaned from the first 500 pages released by the FDA of the 329,000 pages on Pfizer vax adverse reactions:

19,249 deaths from the shots. In a normal flu season, were a vaccine to cause 25-50 deaths, it would be pulled. But this is only a sliver of the total which may not be available until 2077. And it is only one of several adverse reactions being reported so far. Multiply 19,350 by 55 and that is over one million deaths already. These are staggering numbers.

Now we know why the FDA wants 55 years to release this data.

Let us bar all transit to our out of the San Frisco shit hole

Three prongs have committed acts of war and the U.S. should treat them as such: 1. ccp China’s enhancement and release of bioweapons while stealing our technology to use against us; 2. globalist barbarian marxist-supported illegal immigrant invasions, attempted world medical and financial controls; 3. insidious internal communists attacking our institutions and economy within our own U.S. Congress and agencies that must be weeded out. The U.S. is at war and must act accordingly.