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FDA Slammed for Tasteless Tweet Featuring Pizza Dipped in Chocolate

FDA Slammed for Tasteless Tweet Featuring Pizza Dipped in Chocolate

With obesity and vitamin deficiency playing an important role in COVID outcomes, the tweet is in bad taste.

We can list the US Food and Drug Administration’s bureaucrats among the “experts” who have made poor choices regarding policies related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

However, a recent tweet demonstrates beyond all doubt that few (if any) responsible adults remain at that agency.

Its social media arm decided it was a great idea to promote #NationalChocolateCoveredAnythingDay.

The scathing responses to the tasteless tweet must have been shocking to the juvenile-minded agency promoters. However, they were heartening for me, as they demonstrate that many Americans are very aware of COVID risk factors….despite the hapless FDA efforts.

Other responses were just as delicious.

I would like to help the FDA out by making some suggestions. How about highlighting the role of obesity in COVID-19 outcomes!

Overweight and obese people have suffered the worst effects of COVID-19 at disproportionately high rates. Now there is emerging science to help explain why.

In October, a group of researchers, mostly from Stanford University, published a non-peer-reviewed study finding that COVID-19 may infect fat cells directly, a novel discovery that suggests overweight and obese people may be at increased risk for severe disease and long COVID.

“[Our study’s] data suggest that infection of fat tissue and its associated inflammatory response may be one of the reasons why obese individuals do so poorly when infected with SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Catherine Blish, a professor at Stanford University Medical Center and a lead author on the study, told Reuters.

The FDA could also feature tweets focusing on Vitamin D and its role in warding off infections.

The link between vitamin D and coronavirus first appeared in a paper by Northwestern University researchers in April 2020 (the results still have to undergo peer review). They looked at publicly available hospitalization, recovery, and mortality rates along with reported pre-pandemic vitamin D levels from 10 countries, including the US. The authors noticed that elderly patients with low concentrations of vitamin D in their blood had higher COVID-19-related mortality in six of the countries in the sample. In the end, the authors suggested that the deficiency could be a potential risk factor for severe COVID-19 infection.

A slew of other COVID-centered data on vitamin D followed later in 2020. David Meltzer, the chief of hospital medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine, also conducted a retrospective analysis of vitamin D levels in 489 hospitalized patients a year prior to COVID. His results, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in September of 2020, revealed that patients with low vitamin D levels were 77 percent more likely to test positive for COVID-19.

Perhaps the officials at the FDA could make it a new years resolution to actually promote sensible and effective public health policies in 2022.


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” … the tweet is in bad taste.”

But it doesn’t necessarily follow that chocolate-dipped pizza tastes bad.


We are becoming a country of imbeciles. Our own government is to blame. Bad education, misplaced priorities, race to the bottom policies, celebrating mediocrity and criminality.

Other than the USA – what country actively works to degrade its citizens ?

The Friendly Grizzly | December 20, 2021 at 1:49 pm

It’s National Let’s Take Umbrage at EVERYTHING year!

Worse then pineapple on pizza

Another example of the consequence free lifestyle demands of the d/prog. Obesity carries significantly higher health risks but to state this truth runs counter to the body positivity narrative. Run up crippling student loan debt pursuing an MA or PhD in a field ending in ‘studies’? Not your fault, get the fed tax payer to make the repayment for you.

This is the mentality we are dealing with. These folks want to be protected from the adverse consequences of their choices. If that requires our choices, speech and expression to be limited in order to support their feelings, their choices and their beliefs then, in their mind, so much the better.

Fat is beautiful. Healthy at any weight. More often than not “her Choice”. #NoJudgment #NoLabels

That said, only the unvaccinated, natural immunity included, conditional exposure and viability denied, need to worry about infection, progression, and abortion (Her Choice).

Serve the pizza! … with unadulterated cacao on the side.

Honestly, how is this news?

What a bunch of Karens. “ZOMG! You can’t tweet about chocolate on pizza because Americans are fat and they’ll die of Wuhan Flu!”


(The only bad taste is 1) putting chocolate on pizza, and 2) the whole idea of Anything At All Day. Please stop enabling these marketing idiots.)

I have a condition that makes me sensitive to caffeine, so the doctor told me, no coffee, no coke, no chocolate, no tea, not even on my birthday!

I have discovered that caffeine DESTROYS my sleep and raises my blood pressure between 30 to 50 points, even in small amounts.


Well, it is pepperoni.

Add pepperoni to anything and all sins are forgiven.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | December 20, 2021 at 4:37 pm

This has nothing to do with the Wuhan virus. It’s simply a question of why the FDA would be celebrating chocolate, let alone trying to celebrate some stupid made-up day like #NationalChocolateCoveredAnythingDay, which is just moronic.

    Because chocolate is seriously good for you. In moderation, of course, like anything else. But it’s full of wonderful goodness; that it tastes good only makes it better. (Of course the amount of sugar you have to add to make it taste good is a serious problem, and the main reason not to overdo it. If you can enjoy lower-sugar forms of chocolate, all the better.)

Lighten the hell up, folks.

Antifundamentalist | December 20, 2021 at 6:31 pm

Chocolate covered pizza is pretty disgusting, but all the handwringing about it seems a bit overdone to me. It really reads like something put out by Salon magazine rather than Legal Insurrection.

    True dat. My own umbrage is limited in context:
    “We don’t pay you to do that shit! Get back to work!”

    As I noted above, and clearly it bears repeating….

    If the FDA had been running a steady stream of PSA’s promoting vitamin use, exercise, and weight loss to combat COVID, this might not be as angering.

    However, because that agency has acted as nothing more than vaccine-pushing juveniles for the course of the pandemic, my assessment stands.

    IMO, it isn’t about chocolate in isolation, that would be silly. Unfortunately the context is two years of panic porn, misleading statements and totalitarian impulses on display. The d/prog, blue check, msm, elite all of whom seeming conspire to keep moving the goalposts on Covid, scaremongering the public, creating mandates and imposing severe consequences and unnecessary hardship for those who dissent all in the name of public health.

    It seems reasonable to me to criticize a govt agency exhorting the joy of chocolate against the backdrop of these actions when one considers that approximately 80% of those with severe Covid outcomes are obese. Beyond that though, given the unprecedented govt actions during the Rona shouldn’t everyone at FDA be focused on working to study, test and approve additional treatments? If they have time to tweet about chocolate they ain’t working hard enough to earn the salary the taxpayers fund.

The chocolate should have been feces, and the pizza should have been Pelosi’s and Biden’s heads.

I’m not a big pizza eater, but a nice thin crust without a bunch of meats on it taste good at times. Preferably anchovy and onion. Don’t have to share that way

But pizza is about the worst thing for you that you can eat

The covid fear and lockdowns only drove more people to pizza, since that was one business that stayed open throughout. That, and liquor stores

My daughter sold liquor and beer from a table set up outside the liquor store she co-manages

And pizza was one of the indulgences that that could feed the family via delivery and store pick-up

At least the kiddies could eat since mom was stuck with them all day and she was getting sloshed on her wine and Mike’s lemonade

juliathemechanic | December 21, 2021 at 2:44 am

The CDC and FDA are organizations that have experienced full regulatory capture by the pharmaceutical industry. They are no longer legitimate and should not be trusted for anything health related. The thing they will back is the thing they will make the most money off of, period. This has been the life work of Tony Fauchi – ensuring that pharmaceutical companies and health regulatory agencies partner and that they obtain a percentage of profits. Don’t expect much from any health agency whose members make $150,000 each every time a new “vaccine” is approved. And P.S. – if the new definition of vaccine is a substance that stimulates the body’s immune response against diseases, wouldn’t a cup of coffee, a glass of water, a banana or a bowl of chicken soup be a vaccine? God I hate Communists.