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Emerson College Issues ‘Stay-in-Room’ Directive for Students Living on Campus

Emerson College Issues ‘Stay-in-Room’ Directive for Students Living on Campus

“students living on-campus are asked to only leave their room in limited situations”

This is due to the Omicron variant and is in effect through January 18th.

FOX News reports:

Massachusetts college tells students to ‘stay in room’ due to coronavirus omicron variant

Emerson College in Boston has issued a “stay in room directive” for students living in residential halls on-campus from Jan. 3-17 due to the new omicron variant of the coronavirus.

According to the Emerson College website, under the “stay in room directive” issued by the university, students living on-campus are asked to only leave their room in limited situations.

“The campus will operate in a ‘stay in room directive’ through January 18. This means students are asked to only leave their residence halls or place of residence for testing, meals, medical appointments, necessary employment, or to get mail. Students should avoid any large gatherings and not leave campus or their residence except for those situations listed above,” the announcement states.

All on-campus dining facilities will be offering take-out from Jan. 6-17, and will allow in-person dining on Jan. 18.

To be able to attend classes in person on Jan. 18, students will be required to receive two negative tests beforehand, in addition to receiving a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

In an email to the campus community on Tuesday, Emerson College Interim President William Gilligan announced that all undergraduate and graduate classes will be held remotely through “at least” Jan. 17.


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Two negative tests and a booster? If the vaccines are so effective that you need two negative tests what’s the point of the booster?

However, students will be let out for 15 minutes each day to use “the yard.” Bells will ring and dorm doors will be opened to announce this period.

e pluribus unum | December 26, 2021 at 11:08 am

I’ll bet all their high school friends who opted to avoid sheep school (AKA college), who are out and about, living their lives, going to their jobs, are laughing their heads off at this silliness.

You have to be highly degreed to come up with this nonsense.

empiricallyobvious | December 26, 2021 at 1:27 pm

All the better to provide more time for the future “best and brightest” to work on their yoga poses, tikitock videos and man-bun twisting…