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Dr. Fauci on Track to Collect Largest Government Retirement Package in U.S. History

Dr. Fauci on Track to Collect Largest Government Retirement Package in U.S. History

“Fauci is currently the highest-paid employee in the federal government, bringing in $434,321 in 2020 which is more than the president”

Few people influencing U.S. government policy right now are more divisive than Dr. Anthony Fauci. If you’re a host on MSNBC, you might own a Fauci action figure or prayer candle. If you’re a freedom-loving American who is exhausted by COVID policies, you would be happy never to see Fauci again.

One thing is sure. No matter how you feel about Fauci, he will retire a very wealthy man.

Fauci is set to collect a record amount when he retires.

Andrew Mark Miller reports at FOX News:

Fauci on track to collect largest federal retirement in U.S. history: report

Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that he does not plan on retiring soon but if were to step down as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the 81-year-old would reportedly be eligible for the largest federal retirement package in American history.

According to Forbes auditors at, Fauci’s 55 years of service in the federal government qualifies him for an annual retirement package of more than $350,000 which would increase through annual cost-of-living adjustments.

Fauci is currently the highest-paid employee in the federal government, bringing in $434,321 in 2020 which is more than the president, the highest-ranking commanders in the military, and the roughly 4.3 million employees in the federal government.

Tori Richards of the Washington Examiner outlines Fauci’s compensation history:

His eye-popping retirement will be the largest in U.S. history. Open the Books calculated his retirement earnings at 80% of his highest three-year average plus cost of living increases.

In contrast, 1 in 4 people in the United States have no retirement savings, and those who do are not saving enough. The median retirement balance for people ages 55 to 64 is $120,000, which would yield just $1,000 a month during retirement years, Yahoo News reported.

But Fauci’s finances have been on a steep upward climb for years. Between 2004 and 2007, the Bush administration awarded him a 68% increase to his $200,000 yearly salary to “compensate him for the level of responsibility,” according to an Open the Books investigation.

Between 2018 and 2020, he earned $1.252 million. For the second year in a row, he has out-earned the president, four-star generals, and any other category within the federal sector. Fauci has 55 years of service and could have retired long ago.

People have thoughts about this:

I think I’m on board with Stephen L. Miller on this:


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First, though, he would have to retire.
Maybe we should all write letters reminding him that he can’t take it with him.

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to henrybowman. | December 31, 2021 at 9:57 am

    Maybe we should all write letters reminding him that he can’t take it with him.

    And then end up in prison cells right next to the Jan 6th protesters for threatening a federal government official after Saint Fauci turns those letters over to the democrat’s private police force the DOJ/FBI for “investigation” and possible prosecution.

He is in his 80s now.. .How long will he be collecting?. Besides, all the money in the world will not make him a decent person..

With all his success, would the retirement package be 50 caliber or larger ordinance. D.C. has got to find some ways to cut the budget.

I think 50 to life would be an acceptable retirement package. I’m ok with solitary, but I think the abuse he’d get from the other inmates until he dies in pain would be more appropriate.

I sincerely hope he never sees his second check.

He better hope they don’t put me in charge of anything during or after the next civil war

On another note does anyone know a good source for many guillotines? 🙂

To borrow a line from Ann Coulter regarding those who murder abortion doctors….I personally would never do anything to hurt this man, but I feel it’s presumptuous to impose my views on others.

How this man is not in jail, let alone still working in his current capacity is truly something.

In a just world, this ghoul would be on track to be prosecuted, then executed for his crimes against humanity.

    aramissebastian in reply to LB1901. | December 30, 2021 at 6:35 pm


    “[C]rimes against humanity”?

    That’s insanity!

    Say that at the dinner table, and they’ll be muttering about how Paw-Paw is past it.

    Disagree with the man if you must, recognizing that you lack his credentials and experience, FWIW.

    I’m just not seeing a place for this kind of vehement, hateful rhetoric in any sane world.

    Maybe that’s the point — maybe you should post long excerpts from the “Turner Diaries”!

      Your mommy will be upset that you’re using her computer.

      I’ve never seen contempt like this in the comments at LI which is not your typical internet commentary. Not even for Cuomo who in fact is responsible for thousands of deaths. It is not underserved. Fauci is one of the main drivers of the madness for the past 2 years- even more so than Biden who is an inept retard on a good day. Any words are too kind for this inept career parasite. He’s right out of an Ayn Rand novel… or the Ayn Rand novels were based on all the characters in history who were just like Fauci.

      Trumps biggest failure was not firing Fauci and everyone like him.

As large as his retirement package is, he sold his soul for too little. Perhaps he will hear the never ending cries of the puppies, children, and mourning parents after his evil journey on the earth ends. Matthew 5:6 ought to terrify Fauci but it obviously does not.

For the thousands, possibly hundreds of that he has caused to die needlessly his reward will not be on this earth.

The most that he should get is three hots and a cot – assuming he’s not put to death as a mass murderer.

Why is Dr Fauci biting his tongue? Has somebody up there already commented?

Tail of the devil returning to its lair?

The real cure for Covid is hidden in tongue juices and severely crossed eyes?

I can do that.

The United States government has degenerated into a large organized crime syndicate. The FBI had degenerated into its goon squad. The military is being corrupted into it as well.

This traitor Fauci is just one operative.

JFK’s murder was the first coup in American hisory. The ‘election’ of Biden was the second.

Please retire. Please!

This guy didn’t lick every political hindquarter he encountered for nothing…..even if it DID cost some lives along the way.

Pasadena Peabody | December 31, 2021 at 11:19 am

If he was paid according to what he is worth he would be the lowest paid employee in government.

Maybe we should use this as an opportunity to create a mandatory retirement age for Federal employees. Set the mandatory age at whatever full Social security retirement age is for that cohort. This might be useful as a backdoor term limit in that a member of the HoR or Senate isn’t required to participate in the federal retirement system; they must opt into it. Since they themselves would be choosing to participate it’s not directly depriving their constituents or the individual of future service directly but rather only as a secondary consequence of their choice. Judicial branch pensions are run separately from standard fed pensions used by executive and legislative branch so they would be unaffected. At least as I understand them.

I would bet that his retirement payout will pale when compared with his stock portfolio beginning with his questionable drug recommendations concerning AIDS back in the ’80’s.

The fact is that there are many exceptions to the GS scale of civil service pay. For decades, the Federal Government (particularly the VA) has been authorized to pay medicals doctors more, in order to offer competitive salaries. Otherwise, very few doctors would work for the federal government. There are other federal agencies, such as the Synthetic Fuels Corporation, that had statutory exemptions from the GS scale. There are also pay advantages to the intelligence community.

This makes sense. In most colleges, the President is not the highest paid employee. It is usually the football coach or some cardiac surgeon working in the Medical School. Why should the President of the US be the highest paid employee in the Federal Government?

Of course, many university employees, many federal employees and Dr. Fauci are not motivated by salary to work for the federal govvrnment. I don’t begrudge any of them what thay do earn.

While $350K might be obscene, the silver lining is that he’s 81 and won’t be collecting it for all that long.