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Boston’s New Mayor Heckled Relentlessly While Announcing New COVID Restrictions

Boston’s New Mayor Heckled Relentlessly While Announcing New COVID Restrictions

“Why is it vaccine or fire? Jabs or jobs. It’s not right. We are from the city. We live in the city. We work for the city. These are our communities. We want to serve them.”

Michelle Wu has been Boston’s mayor for a little over a month, and she is already getting heckled. On Monday, she announced new COVID restrictions for Boston, including mandatory vaccinations for city workers and to enter certain businesses.

When she spoke at city hall, she was nearly drowned out by protesters yelling in the background, many of whom were first responders who felt betrayed by the city.

NBC News in Boston reports:

Boston Implementing Proof of Vaccination Requirement for Restaurants, Other Indoor Venues

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced new proof of vaccination requirements for restaurants and other indoor venues including gyms and theaters on Monday.

She also said all city employees must be vaccinated along that same timeline, eliminating a weekly testing option that had existed previously.

“This is just one step in an aggressive approach the city has already been working hard to implement,” Wu said. “It is absolutely a necessary one. We’re ready to take this step forward to protect our residents.”

The proof of vaccination requirement for indoor venues will go into effect starting Jan. 15 for everyone ages 12 and up. All patrons and employees will be required to show proof that they have received at least one dose of vaccine. Beginning Feb. 15, everyone will have to show proof of two doses. Starting on March 1, children over age 5 will be required to be vaccinated as well.

Buried at the bottom of the article, we get this:

From outside Monday’s press conference at Boston City Hall, protesters could be heard chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and even singing lyrics from “The Star-Spangled Banner,” including the line, “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” At times the chanting made it difficult for those at the podium to hear themselves speak. Boos could be heard at one point during the announcement…

“These are our rights. Our rights are not negotiable,” said Shanna Cottone, with Boston First Responders United. “Why is it vaccine or fire? Jabs or jobs. It’s not right. We are from the city. We live in the city. We work for the city. These are our communities. We want to serve them.”

Wu was joined by Dr. Bisola Ojikutu of the Boston Public Health Commission, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, and a representative of the Huntington Theatre Company for some reason.

The noise in the background goes on through the entire thing. This video is cued to start at the 6:04 mark:

In this video, you can see the protesters are in the lobby. They sing the national anthem:

Here’s more:

Why Mayor Wu has decided to go down the same road as New York City is anyone’s guess. It seems like a baffling choice for someone who just took office at a time when the public has lost patience for such measures.

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It’s readily apparent to anyone paying attention that the vaccines are not effective against the latest variants. So why get jabbed for last year’s WuFlu?
Clearly well beyond time for another tea party in Boston Harbor. Throw vaccine vials overboard.

Acting mayor Kim Janey once compared vaccine passports to freedom papers. Though she regrets that comparison, I find it highly appropriate. Liberals like Wu continue to enact policies that construct more tiers and restrict more access to parts of our society to appease only the most demented and paranoid of us. It’s so sad to see a city known for being the cradle of the American Revolution subject to this.

I am from Boston and I can assure you that most of those heckling and singing the Star Spangled Banner in the background are Democrats. This speaks loudly to what I’ve been talking about for quite a while around here: we need to get out of our private mazes and echo chambers and get into the fight where WE form a majority. That majority will NOT be constituted of Republicans.

Victory is within our grasp if we can simply drop our Dem vs Rep, lib vs con paradigm. This fight is about freedom-loving Americans vs Marxists and their useful fools, good vs evil.

We are going to lose if we don’t wise up. If all we care about is Republicans defeating the Democrats next year, we will inevitably find ourselves again having played by the McConnell squishes. The Venn Diagram that got Trump elected in 2016, the one that united the unaffiliated independents of disgruntled Democrats and disgruntled Republicans, is our ticket to victory. If we are too blind and stubbornly ignorant to see that, God help us.

It’s unbelievable that courts are allowing government to mandate a vaccine that is DEMONSTRABLY ineffective at preventing both infection and transmission even in those who have two boosters.

    mailman in reply to TargaGTS. | December 21, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    Well it’s for the public good you see. And that trumps the Constitution according to Democrats and their lackies in the Judiciary.

    Ben Kent in reply to TargaGTS. | December 21, 2021 at 2:15 pm

    Well, it does seems to reduce the Covid mortality rate significantly.

    Having said that – we don’t really know what the true mortality rate is for Covid. The health officials screwed around so much with the number – for example, classifying those who died WITH Covid as having died FROM Covid. The actual mortality rate could be 1.3 as much as advertised. If so, Covid would have about the same mortality rate as a bad flu season – for thodse under age 70 who are not obese.

    CDC, NIH and State health departments (especially in Blue States) AND big Pharma — should ALL be ashamed of how they conducted themselves during Covid.

      MajorWood in reply to Ben Kent. | December 21, 2021 at 11:33 pm

      They have been juking the numbers from day 1, and now tht people are on to them, the numbers are no longer publically available. To support the covid numbers, then every other cause would need about a 40% reduction from the previous year. Or we could just agree that 90% of those covid classified deaths are those who died with and not from covid. Only in Oregon could a 106 yo woman who had been positive for 75 days be classifed as having died from covid.

      BuckFiden in reply to Ben Kent. | December 22, 2021 at 1:16 pm

      You do realize the government is killing people, right???? The jab gives a person AIDS. DO NOT COMPLY.

        Ben Kent in reply to BuckFiden. | December 22, 2021 at 4:58 pm

        I have not seen ANY data that would even suggest that – and I follow this pretty closely. I recommend you do some serious research and post studies from authoritative sources to back up your point. You should BE CAREFUL to avoid people that want to manipulate and incite with zero data to support their position.

    PODKen in reply to TargaGTS. | December 21, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    “unbelievable that courts are allowing government to mandate”

    Unlikely they would … they’re not gonna make a ruling unless someone creates a case … and even when they do it takes ages to get a verdict … and then the verdict is challenged and we waste the next 5 years dicking around in the courts.

      TargaGTS in reply to PODKen. | December 21, 2021 at 6:53 pm

      Courts all over the country have upheld the mandates and the Supreme Court has refused to hear a single challenge, which allows the mandate to stand; these are state & local mandates, of course. The federal mandate’s fate has yet to be determined.

        freespeechfanatic in reply to TargaGTS. | December 22, 2021 at 8:45 am

        This Supreme Court will not roll back any Progressive government power supported in full by the ruling class and their media minions. Barrett and Kavanaugh will ensure that for our lifetimes. We must break the mindset that the Court will be a salvation for anything.

      #FJB <-- Disco Stu_ in reply to PODKen. | December 22, 2021 at 5:48 am

      As I understand the twisted logic here in New York State, our constitution seems to grant a Governor “emergency” executive and administrative powers any time he or she believes it’s “necessary”. And apparently for an unlimited duration.

      Then it’s possibly up to a Legislature to veto an executive’s action and take action to grab back their own otherwise-establish powers. Which sounds nice, I guess, but I’m not sure we even have a representative legislature existing in this state at present.

      I believe constitutional amendments would be required to place genuine limits on an executive’s “emergency” powers. I’d be okay with 30 days, perhaps, then maybe a second extension of 30 more. At which point any such actions taken become null and void, and then would be up to a deliberative and representative legislature to take appropriate action.

      It’s possible Michigan law imposes some constraints on their governor’s emergency powers, but their Gov.-witch decided they shouldn’t really apply to her in these scariest circumstances so she pretended to ignore them. But then didn’t a state court slap her down?

      (I apologize for the image possibly created by that unfortunate phrase.)

also unbelievable that many in “government” are exempt from the jab entirely–how damned hypocritical is that? how much more in-your-face “rules for thee but not for me !” do these bastards have to get?


    What is the point of having power if you can’t lord it over the weak and helpless, and stamp your jackboot in their collective faces?

    “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

    If you are not writhing in pain and misery, then Mayor Wu will feel like she does not have the power she craves.

“Why Mayor Wu has decided to go down the same road as New York City is anyone’s guess. It seems like a baffling choice for someone who just took office at a time when the public has lost patience for such measures.”

Who’s stopping her? Who’s stopping NYC? Who’s stopping California? Who is stopping any tyrant?
No one.

I’ll believe the lost patience when I see it. Meanwhile, here in Texas, the fear freakout begins again – increased mask wearing, cancelled gatherings, etc.

Why Mayor Wu has decided to go down the same road as New York City is anyone’s guess. It seems like a baffling choice for someone who just took office at a time when the public has lost patience for such measures.

Maybe not so baffling. Consider this quote from 1984:

“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?“

Winston thought. “By making him suffer”, he said.

“Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

It all makes sense if you realize that Communists like Mayor Wu are interested only in power. Go to any “progressive” website or check out any show or printed publication from the Joseph Goebbels media, and you will hear non-stop self-love about the Communists’ supposed moral and intellectual superiority over “racists” (read: proles). Wu and the rest of her Communist Party know perfectly well that the measures she proposes have failed in the past and have never worked. Instead, she seeks to destroy the source of her frustrations – the everyday people who had the nerve to go on breathing after Science decreed that they would surely die from the Wuflu (or “climate change”, or “racism”, etc.). Reality does not conform to what Wu has decreed; therefore, reality must be punished.

Keep in mind that as a Communist Asian woman, Wu checks a lot of boxes. She is the sort of person the rich white Karens and Kens worship. In deeply Communist Boston Wu is politically untouchable. The heckling will be dismissed by the Joseph Goebbels media as “anti-Asian racism”.

The question becomes how many of these employees walk v get the jab and who those employees are. IOW are these employees too valuable to loose or can the City easily replace or do without them?

Within the Religion of Covid-19, infallibility is bestowed upon even the least of the Anointed Woke.

They moved the goalposts from 3 to 2 on the PCR test. that’s why there are more positive tests and that’s how they came up with this new fear porn in the first place.

Maybe Baastaan needs to staat voting faw da GAWP.

What an unqualified bozo.

She is Pete Butthead, without the paternity leave.

caseoftheblues | December 22, 2021 at 7:50 am

This whole Covid thing has been a sweet deal for the facists….they have the fear porn turned up to 11+….they are NEVER going to let this go

freespeechfanatic | December 22, 2021 at 8:38 am

They literally cannot stop themselves. They are totalitarians who can barely hold still against the restraints of American civics.

Lybrarious Booker | December 22, 2021 at 10:17 am

These blue cities/states need to be kicked out of America.

Socialists seem to always resort to some authoritarian over reach. It is in their blood. Vote them out before they get to the end game.