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A ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Store Has Just Opened in Massachusetts

A ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Store Has Just Opened in Massachusetts

“The phrase became an internet sensation in early October”

A store named after the humorous anti-Biden slogan ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has opened in the Massachusetts town of North Attleboro, selling hats, t-shirts and other products branded with the phrase.

The presence of such a business in a blue state like MA is a direct reflection of Biden’s crashing poll numbers.

It’s also hilarious.

Ken Martin reports at FOX Business:

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ store opens in Massachusetts town

A “Let’s Go Brandon” Store is now open in the Massachusetts town of North Attleboro, not far from the Rhode Island line.

The retail location sells “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise such as hats, shirts, and signs, according to WJAR-TV of Providence, Rhode Island.

A photo posted by the station shows the store’s outdoor sign, which includes sets of auto-racing-style checkered flags.

Other retailers have also launched efforts to cash in on the phrase. In Minnesota, for example, the bakery at Palubicki’s Family Market in Fosston offers “Let’s Go Brandon” cookies, KVLY-TV of Fargo, North Dakota, recently reported.

The phrase became an internet sensation in early October after an NBC Sports reporter working at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were really shouting, “F— Joe Biden!”

The owner recently appeared on Newsmax and apparently, this is not the only location:

News of the store has caused a stir on Twitter:

Here’s a video featuring some happy customers:

Who says Joe Biden can’t create jobs?

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Never thought I’d be typing that phrase into the Google Maps search bar. What a thrill!

I drove by a “Let’s Go Brandon” yard sign in rural Texas (west of San Marcos) a few days ago. I still see Trump signs but the Biden-Harris signs vanished right after the “election.”

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is the kind of on-the-nose political slogan which were very common in the 19th century. But, the likes of which largely hasn’t been seen since the Vietnam War.

Sure, we’ve had candidate-created slogans that were used to push their campaigns, like ‘Hope & Change’ and whatnot. But, it’s been a very, very long time since a term of derision against an incumbent politician has taken on a life of its own the way ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has. Generations from now, high school government teachers will be talking about ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in the same way history teachers the last few decades have taught, ‘Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many kids you kill today?’

Still looking for the “I’m With Kyle” t-shirt with the arrow replaced by a 5.56 cartridge. Wearing one of those in Portland would be a good opportunity to teach what “self-defense” means to those who still haven’t been able to sort out the trial results.

There’s another one in Somerset, MA located in a little strip mall in the area where all of the big stores are full of Christmas shoppers!

I love this country!

I don’t think this store has to worry about being robbed of its merchandise by gangs of looters.

How is this possible in the Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts???

Can’t Be!