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VIDEO: Indiana Educator Explains How Critical Race Theory is Taught Under the Radar

VIDEO: Indiana Educator Explains How Critical Race Theory is Taught Under the Radar

“Parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn’t taught in our schools, we’re lying.”

In the video below, an education administrator in Indiana explains how schools say one thing and then do another, with regards to Critical Race Theory.

He points out that your child’s classes may not cite CRT but the principles of CRT are woven throughout the course materials and language.

He even quotes and cites famous CRT authors and their works. Watch:

Hat tip to Brit Hume.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Well, at least it’s nice to have a single video URL to refer the leftist harridans to when they start their incessant rant.

Someone is saving the video somewhere safe for after Twitter shuts this guy down right?

I don’t know enough about how to save off of Twitter to do it myself.

TaxPayingPatriot | November 8, 2021 at 6:51 am

Glad my last is almost through school … he can take some advice from his mother and stepdad, or live life confused about reality. His choice, at his peril. That the US was founded by White persons seeking freedom from religious and economic persecution is fact. That we have a history with some dark paragraphs is fact. That our principal export is freedom, along with giving away our wealth, knowledge, blood to promote freedom is also fact. That other places, like Africa, have slavery to this day, produce almost nothing in terms of GDP, food, etc. is also fact. The world is hip on migration, perhaps some of the critics of the US should migrate elsewhere and be early settlers in the new utopia. Just sayin’

🐖 🐷 🐽
You have to hand it to the racist marxists ( who are also all antisemites ) they did a good job in undermining large parts of the education system of the riches nation on planet earth.
Yuri Bezmenov was right on the money.

What is fascinating is the omnipresent grifting which is normal from Erich Honecker, to The Obamas, to Al Sharpton, Talcum X and the BLM broad with the four houses.
To me this is like ground hog day.


They will never come out and tell you – “we are indoctrinating your kids and causing division in society that we can exploit to advance our agenda”

This has been slowly building for the last 30 to 40 years. It has accelerated in the last 10 years. It is a slippery slope to hell.

    Please have a look at this 1981 TV talk between two UK Labour MPs.

    It is about how the militant left uses Soviet tacticts to project power. An Incredible document.

    “Within the Labour Party and with a strong base in Liverpool- there exists a Trostskyist group called Militant
    They claim footholds in two to three hundred constituencies, 5,000 committed supporters and 60+ full time employees.
    Local MP, Frank Field opposes their spread . Now the NEC are to consider their activities against the background of Labour’s crushing defeat at Crosby.”