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Southern Illinois University Has Declared Itself an ‘Anti-Racist’ Organization

Southern Illinois University Has Declared Itself an ‘Anti-Racist’ Organization

“The SIU System will be an anti-racist university system an anti-racist university system, an anti-racist organization”

The academic left is not getting the message. They’re actually doubling down on all of this.

Campus Reform reports:

Southern Illinois University declares itself an ‘anti-racist organization’

Southern Illinois University declared itself an “anti-racist organization.”

During a “Conversation of Understanding” hosted on Oct. 20, university officials discussed the tenets of anti-racism and how they apply to their institution. Sheila Caldwell, the school’s Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President for Antiracism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, argued that “it’s not enough to just not be a racist, but to be an anti-racist” — a notion popularized by Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi.

SIU System public affairs director John Charles told Campus Reform that Caldwell earns $243,000 per year.

At the end of the conversation, SIU System President Dan Mahony affirmed that the entire institution has adopted an “anti-racist” identity.

“The SIU System will be an anti-racist university system an anti-racist university system, an anti-racist organization,” Mahony assured attendees. “That is our commitment, and I think that’s important to say what that means. It doesn’t mean we’re there. It doesn’t mean we’ve addressed all of the racist policies, curriculum issues… It means we’re committed to being on that anti-racism journey.”

SIU School of Medicine dubbed itself an “anti-racist institution” as early as 2019; SIU School of Law followed suit earlier this year.


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52 Year old “non-traditional” 3L law student here. I almost went to SIU. It was one of my top 5 choices based on price and admissions, but its’ low (relatively) bar passage rate turned me off.

Having looked into it – it was, even 2 1/2 years ago a FAR left school. I am middle of the road (bit more conservative, for values of what that means today) – and I knew I would be eaten alive at that school.

I’m a white, male, veteran, quietly Christian, pro-2A, pro-life, and fiscally conservative. I also believe my gay married friends should be able to own AK-47’s to protect their pot fields – so, more libertarian on those things.

I would have been eaten alive at SIU law. My present school is in cobalt blue Mass – and it’s a great school. Does it “tilt” left? Yea, but not to the point of what SIU just did.

SIU just declared that its’ primary mission is not law or medicine or education, but that those tasks will be equally competing with, or even over-ruling the teaching of the law, medicine, or an education of how to critically think.

They have proclaimed their fealty to the current political / religious fad over all other stated goals.

The law? Of course, but after we’ve filtered it repeatedly to fit our ideology – it says what we want it to say, and past wrongs allow present wrongs and the violations of all safeguards and protections based on gender and race.

This is a regressive ideology.

Sorry – I know I meandered – just really hate this crap.

My alma mater. I guess that will save me the trouble of insulting them with any donations.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 9, 2021 at 7:05 pm

And, all this time I thought they were a college.

Every accredited college or graduate program has a serious obligation to provide accurate training. My concern is that there are accredited programs in MEd or Doctor of Education that mis-state the law governing discrimination (Title VII and Title IX) and even the law governing the due process rights of students. These mis-trained people with degrees from second-rate programs then have careers in the Dean of Students Office of Ivy League Schools or write “Dear Colleague” letters at the Civil Rights Office of the Dept. of Education. Before you know it, they have undermined the logic and values applicable to student conduct regulation in even the best schools.

Caldwell earns $243,000 per year. – she a POC….recently held a like position at wheaton college il – Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer

scratchin my head… what was SIU before they were anit-racist ?