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South Dakota’s Public Universities May Ditch Diversity Offices for ‘Opportunity Centers’

South Dakota’s Public Universities May Ditch Diversity Offices for ‘Opportunity Centers’

“Opportunity Centers should realign and focus campus resources to effectively assess and address the individual needs of all students”

If this is a real change and not just a name change, then more power to South Dakota.

The College Fix reports:

South Dakota universities may swap diversity offices for ‘opportunity centers’ amid CRT crackdown

Public universities across South Dakota are working to implement a new action plan put forth by the Board of Regents that seeks to broaden campuses’ objectives so that they are not solely focused on racial and diversity issues.

The “Opportunity for All” plan was launched in early August, roughly a week after Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive order banning federal grants tied to critical race theory.

The Board of Regents restrict critical race theory by stating in the plan that they “reject, and will not promote, the idea that any individual person is responsible for actions taken by other people. We also reject, and will not promote, any suggestion that one group of people is inherently superior or inferior to another group, or is inherently oppressive or immoral.”

Today, university leaders are working to adhere to the regents’ “Opportunity for All” framework, which included four objectives to increase intellectual diversity and equal opportunity.

Regents approved three “Opportunity for All” policies in early October, reports the Argus Leader, noting that included “revisions to the academic freedom and responsibility policy, guest speaker policy and a policy on the recognition and funding of student organizations.”

Regents also heard from “each of the six public universities’ leaders on their plans to implement opportunity centers on campus,” the Leader reports.

While the “Opportunity for All” plan does not specifically state how each university must create opportunity centers on their respective campuses, it does tell administrators to “realign” current resources to establish the centers.

“Opportunity Centers should realign and focus campus resources to effectively assess and address the individual needs of all students,” according to the board’s plan, adding that they should “serve as an inclusive community where all are welcome, accepted and provided access to the services needed to assist, accommodate, retain and graduate, with equal regard given to the unique challenges and needs of every students.”


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What are the odds that this will have any meaning once implemented?

I think that the people who are devoted to fake diversity will be perfectly happy to continue business as usual under the new name.

    daniel_ream in reply to irv. | November 9, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Well, the Regent’s Plan has America, F*ck Yeah[1] written all over it:

    South Dakota’s state universities are public, taxpayer-funded institutions. It is inherent in
    the missions of our universities to proudly support the United States of America. Our
    students will learn about America’s history, our system of individual liberty in a
    democratic republic, and our system of free enterprise. Part of that instruction is to
    acknowledge and discuss America’s flaws and mistakes, so that we can learn from them
    and improve. We celebrate, though, America’s role in recent world history, as the nation
    most responsible for expanding liberty, prosperity, and equality across the globe

    I have no doubt individual wokehole universities will find ways to pervert the “Opportunity Centers” into more of the same but at least the plan is clear. I do wonder why the need for more bureaucracy to undo the old bureaucracy when a simple “DIE positions, offices and policies are hereby outlawed and will result in immediate loss of accreditation” would have sufficed.

    [1] As a Canadian pretty much desperate for Round II of “54-40 or Fight” at this point, I approve of the civilizational confidence on display

Tell all the S.D diversity officers that there is a job waiting for them at the Marine corp. which pays $144,000 per year. Even a Doctor doesn’t start at that level!