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Progressive Students at Rutgers Fail to Deplatform Conservative Student Groups

Progressive Students at Rutgers Fail to Deplatform Conservative Student Groups

“The effort took place over the last several weeks”

The left can’t just leave people alone if they disagree with them. Despite the bumper stickers, they can’t “coexist.”

The College Fix reports:

Student progressives’ attempt at Rutgers to deplatform YAL and TPUSA fails

A recent attempt by a group of self-described progressive students at Rutgers University to get Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty deplatformed has failed.

The effort took place over the last several weeks, the catalyst being an Oct. 7 rally against the university’s mask mandate co-hosted by the Rutgers chapters of Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty.

Although the protesters were met by counter-protesters, and at times things had gotten heated, by all accounts it was a peaceful, relatively civil affair.

“It was a little bit rowdy and raucous, but no one was hurt,” Thomas Salem, president of Rutgers’ TPUSA chapter, said in a recent telephone interview with The College Fix. “There was no violence of any kind. … No one’s safety was ever compromised.”

Accounts from Rutgers’ student paper, the Daily Targum, don’t contradict this description.
Yet, shortly after the protest, a petition began circulating on Instagram calling for the Rutgers TPUSA and YAL chapters to be defunded.

A few days later the student organization RU Progressive posted a statement on Instagram exhorting the Rutgers University Student Assembly to “advocate for the Rutgers Administration to take action towards investigating the events of the recent protest and to take appropriate action towards holding those involved to account.”


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Wow. It’s as if every coward in society was waiting for a break in the progressive steamroller (i.e., Virginia) before deciding that they could finally risk doing the right thing.

Antifundamentalist | November 4, 2021 at 4:47 pm

“hold them accountable” for having an opinion? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do in college – form opinions and talk about them? Oh, wait, I forgot. Colleges are no longer bastions of free thought, they are now education camps for the American Nationalist Socialist Party (only they don’t call themselves nationalists because they like to pretend that they aren’t playing create-a-race-to-hate).

Steven Brizel | November 5, 2021 at 6:16 am

At least on campus the fascism if the woke left was stopped in its tracks