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Maryland Public School Forces Teens to Take ‘White Privilege Test’

Maryland Public School Forces Teens to Take ‘White Privilege Test’

“I can go shopping alone and be sure that I won’t be followed or harassed”

But don’t worry, everyone. Schools definitely aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory.

The Daily Caller reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Maryland Public School Forces 14-Year-Olds To Take ‘White Privilege Test’

An English teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools — the largest school district in Maryland — told students to take a “white privilege test” before reading a book that addresses themes of racism and police brutality.

Ninth-grade English students at Sherwood High School were given pre-reading questions for the book “All American Boys” on Monday, Nov. 8, according to a file reviewed by the Daily Caller. The questions linked directly to a Vox article titled “what it means to be anti-racist” and a test called the “white privilege test.” The Vox article promoted the work of “anti-racist” scholar and author Ibram X. Kendi.

The “white privilege test” was adapted by “research on white privilege” from anti-racist activist Peggy McIntosh, according to the test. Students were told to answer “yes or no” to 25 statements.

Statements of white privilege include, “I can go shopping alone and be sure that I won’t be followed or harassed,” “In the history I have studied, my ancestors are given a lot of attention and credit,” and “I never feel out of place, outnumbered, unheard, feared, or hated in my clubs and activities. Instead, I feel tied in and welcomed,” among others.

Students were told if they answer yes to at least 13 questions they should consider what role that white privilege plays in their life.

An educator in Montgomery County Public Schools told the Daily Caller that she does not believe that the white privilege test is part of the district’s curriculum.

The test was part of a pre-reading quiz given to students, which asked questions about the importance of being anti-racist, what white privilege means, and how privilege, systemic racism, and bias have impacted students’ lives.


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TaxPayingPatriot | November 15, 2021 at 9:22 am

Question 1: Are you white?

Answer and result:

If “yes”, you have white privilege and the original sin of being a hateful racist.

If “yes”, there are no scenarios where you do not have white privilege.

If I identify as black do I still have white privilege?
Asking for a friend.

Depends. Am I shopping at Chik-fil-A, or Popeyes? Decisions, decisions.

A well designed survey or questionaire can not only garner information, but can also be used to shift the respondents perspective on a matter. Basically, one starts with questions that focus on where they believe the respondent currently thinks, and then they slowly shift them towards their goal in what are coached as “reasonable” shifts.

This has been long know, and the classic BBC political sitcom “Yes, Minister” covered it beautifully.

I can just imagine the confusion of adolescents, who are dealing with raging hormones, trying to find their own identiy while fitting in with the pack, and uncertain if they’ll have a date for prom, filling out “privilege questionnaires.” Unless you’re a pretty, blond cheerleader or the high school QB, I’m not seeing how any high schooler would view themselves as privileged.

As a couple comments note, white students have reason to answer “no” to these questions too.

Do it! Don’t give the expected answers that you already know (how did that happen?) you’re “supposed” to give, out of a spirit of going along and facilitating the lesson. To use their word, “interrupt” their indoctrination.

If I am small, male or female, I will always need situational awareness for being followed. The small ones are considered easy marks. Add in old and your easy mark value as a target rockets to the top.

More white privilege questions:
Do you find yourself saying things like:
“Why thank you officer for the warning, I will get that tail light fixed soon”
“Sorry guys, I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so I can’t stay out all night”
“Thanks Dad, appreciate you being there for me”
“Yea, your book is over there by my work boots”

So if I’m White but answer no to a lot of the questions, does that mean I don’t have ‘White privilege’, that I’m a liar with White privilege, or something else?