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Lehigh University Student Paper Publishes Piece on Thanksgiving Titled “This is Not Our Land”

Lehigh University Student Paper Publishes Piece on Thanksgiving Titled “This is Not Our Land”

“English settlers threatened, killed and abused the Native Americans to build a ‘New World’ that was already their own”

Thanksgiving brings out the crazy in the campus left like no other holiday, except maybe Halloween.

Campus Reform reports:

‘This is not our land’: Students pen editorial on ‘dark origins’ of Thanksgiving

A student publication at Lehigh University called The Brown and White published an article in early November titled “This is not our land,” calling to attention the so-called “dark history” of Thanksgiving.

“This is not our land” is an editorial from Lehigh University’s student publication, The Brown and White, that reminds readers that Americans “reside on stolen land after colonizers – many of whom could potentially be our ancestors- took advantage of the indigneous people and claimed this land as our own.”

“English settlers threatened, killed and abused the Native Americans to build a ‘New World’ that was already their own”, the article writes.

Campus Reform spoke with Marietta Sisca, president of the Leigh University College Republicans, about balancing the importance of learning history and commemorating the holiday.

“[The editorial] comes from a place of good intention, but the execution of what they’re trying to say comes off a little strange to me,” Sisca said.

“And while I think that, yes, it is always important that we learn our history, lest we be doomed to repeat it,” Sisca continued, “there is also a tolerance in the article where they’re trying to shift blame onto people in the modern day for what happened centuries ago.”

She added that “blaming people today for the atrocities that were committed hundreds and hundreds of years ago” was “counter-productive.”

The editorial claims that Lehigh, which is a private institution located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, may reside on territory that used to belong to the Lenni-Lenape people.


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If you honestly believe that you have no right to the land GET OFF IT. If you’re not going to do that, then shut up.

I’m appalled at our virtue-signaling faculty and students who put virtue-signaling notes at the bottom of their communications, like “XXX College stands on the ancestral lands of the …(various Indian tribes).” So I wrote a more appropriate thank you to the actual original residents:

XXXXX College occupies a place that was originally the home of dozens of large mammals such as the mammoth, the mastodon, three species of camels, the glyptodon, the giant beaver, the short-faced bear, the dire wolf, the American cheetah, the ground sloth, the giant sloth, and the American horse. These animals were slaughtered to extinction by raiding groups of Asian immigrants who occupied North America. We honor the memory of the many species that would be here if they had not gone extinct to provide food and clothing for our predecessors.

I understand that Vlad is looking for brilliant, original thinkers like you:
not Vlad Putin, Vlad Țepeș

“This is not our land.”
So find your land.
Then move there.

“The editorial] comes from a place of good intention:”

I am sick and tired of Republicans saying Progressives have good intentions. They should be judged by the natural results of their policies.

    broomhandle in reply to Bill West. | November 27, 2021 at 9:58 am

    That is what I was thinking. This is NOT coming from good intentions. It is coming from America-hating and a politically motivated distortion if history.

This is irredentism on steroids.

It’s not as if these natives hadn’t taken the land they were living on from other. Who took it from others, who … and so on.

The assertion that a people you found living someplace were the first people to live there is improbable to the point of absurdity.

Since 1945 or so most of the nations of the world (excepting a few rogues, such as Russia) have mostly agreed to respect the internationally recognized boundaries of most states. But that surely was not the case in the past, neither in the Americas nor anywhere else.

So, the colonizing English are being criticized according to a currently convenient international consensus that would not exist in the world for over 300 years?? Offhand, this seems about as valid as criticizing Plato because did not acknowledge Christian virtues (perhaps because Christianity lay centuries in the future).

After they’re done emoting and flagellating, do these people ever take the time to just …think?

Read Democracy in America by De Tocqueville Native Americans lived in North America but never owned property in the way that the law associates with rights and privileges ownership of private property and certainly did not create political institutions such as states cities or documents that defined such entities