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Illinois association of School Boards Voted to End Membership to NSBA

Illinois association of School Boards Voted to End Membership to NSBA

The decision stemmed from the IASB’s worries that the NSBA cannot adequately supply funds more so than asking Biden to investigate parents as domestic terrorists.

The Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) voted on Thursday to end its membership with the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

However, if you read the statement closely, you’ll see that the decision was not in direct response to the NSBA asking Biden to investigate concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

IASB already suspended its membership in NSBA until the 2022 calendar year “to allow time for a final effort to effect the needed changes by the national organization.”

But the September 29 letter to the DOJ was the final straw. IASB terminated its relationship with the NSBA immediately:

Despite these efforts it became clear over the past 45 days that IASB’s continued membership in NSBA is no longer tenable. Twelve state associations have terminated membership and more are likely to follow. NSBA’s financial situation leaves open the question of whether the organization will survive this exodus of members. In addition, the NSBA’s September 39 letter to President Biden and the resulting fallout has placed it in a difficult position in terms of future federal advocacy in support of the state associations that compromise its membership.

Either way, I am glad Illinois took a stand. Where are you, Oklahoma?


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Didn’t see liberals backing down.

I’m impressed. I’m in Illinois and the IASB is at least as political as everything else around here. I’m wondering just how forceful the suburban and rural representatives have been on this one. Does anyone have insight into how the IASB makes their sausage these days?