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Headteacher at Expensive London School Resigns Over Critical Race Theory

Headteacher at Expensive London School Resigns Over Critical Race Theory

“Parents with children in the American School in London sound a lot like parents at home.”

America is not the only country battling this ideology in schools.

Hot Air reports:

Parent power crosses the pond: Headteacher at London’s most expensive day school resigns over CRT

Parents with children in the American School in London sound a lot like parents at home. Slowly but surely, their complaints about the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) have been answered. The headteacher resigned from her position.

Robin Appleby resigned as headteacher after serving in the appointed position for less than five years. The American School in London is the most expensive day school in London, with tuition at £32,650-a-year. The students are the children of diplomats and other professionals, including Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees but the Head of School is responsible for the day-to-day administration, programming, and policies. Robin Appleby is listed as Head of School on the school’s website. She’s an American with twenty years of experience in both American and international schools. Her resume is on the welcome page of the website.

Robin Appleby has spent more than 20 years working in independent American and international schools in the US, Europe and the Middle East. She is a passionate promoter of global citizenship and intercultural understanding. Robin believes that strong school-community partnerships enhance experiential learning for students and advance understanding of diversity in all its forms.

Before joining ASL, she served as director of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and superintendent of Dubai American Academy. Her international career began at The American School of The Hague, where she was high school principal. Earlier leadership roles include upper school director at Hathaway Brown School in Ohio, and senior dean and teacher of English at the Nichols School in New York.

Robin holds a BA in English literature from Dartmouth College, an MA from SUNY at Buffalo, and a MS in organization development and analysis from Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management. She sits on the Board of Trustees of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and served as a trustee of the Council of International Schools (CIS) from 2012 to 2016.


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Tell students that their race is their defining attribute, although it’s only a social construct.
Then divide them up into racial groups, and tell them that one group are oppressors and the other group are oppressed.
Tell the “oppressors” that they must feel guilty for their ancestors.
Tell the “oppressed” that they can never do what they want because the “system” is against them.

That is a sure-fire recipe for sowing hate and discord among a bunch of badly screwed-up students.

It’s time for the parents to end this racism, or else pull their kids out before they get any more indoctrinated.