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Gov. DeSantis Slams Biden Admin Over Illegal “Dumped” In Florida And Alleged To Commit Murder

Gov. DeSantis Slams Biden Admin Over Illegal “Dumped” In Florida And Alleged To Commit Murder

“These flights are ‘secret and stealth’ and the state of Florida has no warning that they (illegal immigrants) are being resettled here, because private non-profit, sometimes religious agencies, are being utilized—and are paid in grants funded by the federal government—to take the immigrants and resettle them throughout the state of Florida”

This story is pretty disturbing. A 23-year-old illegal alien crossed the border posing as a “child,” claiming to be a teenager. So he was shipped off to Florida and taken in by a well-meaning citizen. Ultimately, this illegal slaughtered the man who took him in.

The alleged offender was not in any way vetted by the Biden admin.

This is a heart-breaking story on any level. A good man attempting to help his fellow humans was allegedly mindlessly and heartlessly murdered by the very person he sought to help achieve the American Dream.

In the meantime, Joe Biden is dumping the disgrace of his failed presidency into Florida via hundreds of “stealth midnight flights.”

The Epoch Times reports:

Florida’s newly appointed public safety czar says he is frustrated with the Biden administration’s border policies and the fact that hundreds of illegals are being “dumped” onto Florida soil.

Larry Keefe says the illegal aliens are a burden to taxpayers and, if they commit crimes, to state and local law enforcement.

Keefe was appointed in September as Florida’s public safety czar. He told The Epoch Times that the federal government is flouting the law and is “making immigration policies because they couldn’t enact them legislatively.”

He said there is not an “official count”, but more than 70 private charter flights have been reported coming into the Jacksonville airport with at least 36 passengers aboard each flight.

“This is not haphazard that these people are coming here this way,” Keefe said. “This is a precision, military-like operation where they are coming in a covert and clandestine way.”

Keefe said that the flights land “in the middle of the night” and the people are met by “handlers” who escort the unaccompanied minors on to chartered buses and are “dispersed throughout the I-10 and I-95 corridor and go as far down as Miami.”

“This number [70] is what we currently know, not counting what we don’t. It’s very frustrating,” he said. “Because only the feds can take action against immigration.”

Keefe said he is trying very hard not to call this an “investigation”, because immigration is a federal act not a state one, but the federal government leaves the states no choice but to “defend and protect themselves.”

He said that he is “receiving reports” and cannot open an investigation until “you have proof of a crime.”

It is Keefe’s belief that Jacksonville was not randomly chosen, but targeted because of its central location and its close proximity to the two interstate systems.

“These flights are “secret and stealth” and the state of Florida has no warning that they (illegal immigrants) are being resettled here, because private non-profit, sometimes religious agencies, are being utilized—and are paid in grants funded by the federal government—to take the immigrants and resettle them throughout the state of Florida,” he said.

The governor’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, estimated that border patrol agents have encountered approximately 1.7 million illegal aliens this year.

“Border patrol is overwhelmed,” Pushaw told The Epoch Times. “There is no effective vetting as to who these people are coming into our country.”

Everything the Biden administration is doing is wrong. Biden wants Americans who don’t toe his tyrannical, unconstitutional line to be fired from their jobs and ineligible for unemployment benefits, but he’s letting millions of illegals into America without so much as a WuFlu test, let alone application of a vaccine mandate.

After the murder of a Florida citizen at the hands of one of Biden’s criminal catch and releases, Governor DeSantis is having none of it.

Most immigrants are coming to America for a chance at the American Dream, but they have a clear understanding of how Democrats are hell-bent on killing that. It’s no wonder Hispanic and Latino Americans are breaking right, breaking for freedom, breaking for the American Dream the left is desperate to kill.

Biden’s open borders policy is a national security threat to our entire nation, and it’s not even “worth it” for Dems who are losing the Hispanic vote by the droves due to their insane policies that nullify the very reason these people flee to America.

Who ever tried to beat down the Berlin Wall in order to get inside and scoop up the poverty, want, and deprivation? Oh, right, pretty much no one.

If people are willing to float on make-shift boats (even on doors) to get to the U.S., you can bet that the very last thing they will support once here is the tyrannical commie crazy that destroyed their home countries and from which they fled.

They came here for freedom, for liberty, for the American Dream. So yeah, they are going to vote with the only American party that promises to stand firm, that will protect their freedoms, that will support accomplishment and hard work over the Democrats’ racist “equity” claptrap that is designed to destroy not just America but the American Dream.

And of course they will stand against a Biden administration that is so inept it cannot provide background or vet illegals before shipping them off to unsuspecting American communities.

When these unvetted illegals commit crimes, the Biden admin pretends it’s okay. It’s not. And DeSantis is leading the charge in condemning the Biden lack of concern for American citizens, the privileging of illegals over Americans, the shrug, gee, let’s break a few eggs here, what’s a few dozen Americans raped and slaughtered for the Greater Good? They were just white people anyway.


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nordic_prince | November 6, 2021 at 8:19 pm

For those slow on the uptake, Xiden is hell bent on destroying America. He doesn’t give a flying fig about the plight of honest, hard-working Americans – he’d just as soon shit on them as do anything to benefit them.

He is a traitor – and he deserves the penalty due a traitor.

This is why here in the free state of Florida the state just became Republican and why DeSantis will win re-election.

It seems to me the federal government is taking liberties to which they’re not entitled. It will take a hard hand and steel spine but states need to knock the federal government’s powers back to only those constitutionally granted. As long as Brandon’s admin gets away with it, they’ll keep dong it.

Mayorkas, accessory to murder.
Do it.

The hits just keep on coming. Every organization that was part of the chain that transported that murderer needs to be exposed and then destroyed.

Refuel the planes in Jacksonville and fly I’m right to Dover.

Let Brandon’s constituents deal with the problem.

Who are the nonprofits and religious agencies that are participating in this invasion? They are being given grants, so they are getting my tax money. Don’t I have the right to know who they are?

Why are they not being identified? I can understand why the MSM won’t identify them, but it certainly seems Florida state government should have access to the information and an interest is publicizing it.

    Observer in reply to gatorbait. | November 7, 2021 at 10:04 am

    The name and address of every one of these organizations which is helping the federal government “resettle” illegal aliens and fake “refugees” in the U.S., plus the amount of tax money they have been paid to do so, should be public information. But like all the rest of this outrageous scam, the information is being hidden from Americans.

    buck61 in reply to gatorbait. | November 7, 2021 at 10:08 am

    Human trafficking is a huge problem all over the country and Florida is a hotspot for it, how hard would it be for a person or group to pose as one of the agencies and gain access to a nearly unlimited number of people, especially young people.

    Well, they can publicize it….. if they want to get blamed for the inevitable false flag.

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to gatorbait. | November 7, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    These are considered the “major” refugee resettlement voluntary agencies:

    Church World Service/Immigration & Refugee Program
    Episcopal Migration Ministries
    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
    Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services
    U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Relief Services
    World Relief

    International Rescue Committee
    U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

    Ethnic Based;
    Ethiopian Community Development Council
    Kurdish Human Rights Watch

    This is based upon minimal research. There may be others not listed or there might be some listed that no longer provide refugee services. Your mileage may vary.

Isn’t this illegal?

Couldn’t the next Republican DOJ appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this?

Just opening troop movements by the Marxists to infiltrate Red states, overwelm their social programs, create more crime in them.

Ms. Fuzzy, perhaps you’d like to look into the NGO “Pueblo sin Fronteras”, a hard-left group that is in the lead of bringing the illegals into the U.S. Could be a good series of stories for LI or any of your other outlets.

The feds can probably get away with a prosecutorial discretion argument to a large extent but, IMO, they must be forced to stay within the four corners of the statutes. Where they use a statute or precedent to enable those 17 and under to in essence have little to no barrier to entry they need to prove these folks are eligible for that. Dental X-Ray are a pretty simple and low cost way to screen in the absence of more information. The feds make zero effort to ensure they apply their discretion narrowly to the population actually eligible to receive it. Sooner or later the wages of sin will catch up. Perhaps adopting the lawfare tactics of sue and settle in the next r admin is the answer to this and other abuses of the admin state.

Once the illegals are here Brandon can pardon them all and enlist them in the woke military. How bout those apples.

That illegal alien will get $450,000 from the Biden administration.