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CDC to Investigate Flu Outbreak at University of Michigan

CDC to Investigate Flu Outbreak at University of Michigan

“to study how the sickness is spreading and how effective the influenza vaccine is”

Would this investigation have happened in pre-COVID America? Haven’t we had outbreaks of flu at colleges like, forever?

The Hill reports:

CDC investigators going to University of Michigan amid flu outbreak

Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are going to the University of Michigan to look into the flu outbreak on campus and examine how the illness is spreading.

Since the first positive flu case was detected on the Ann Arbor campus on Oct. 6, a total of 528 cases of the flu have been diagnosed at the University Health Service (UHS), according to a statement from the university.

Of those cases, 77 percent were among people who did not get a flu shot.

UHS said the past two weeks have seen an increase in flu cases: 313 cases were reported the week of Nov. 8, with a 37 percent test positivity rate, and 198 cases were reported the week before, with a 27 percent test positivity rate.

Given the spike in cases, the university announced on Monday that starting this week, the Washtenaw County Health Department, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the university and a team from the CDC will start looking into the influx of cases to study how the sickness is spreading and how effective the influenza vaccine is.

The CDC team will conduct its study through data analysis, questionnaires and sample collections from patients at UHS.

“Through prompt detection and collaboration with county and state health officials, as well as School of Public Health and Michigan Medicine researchers, we quickly identified these cases as influenza A(H3N2) virus infections,” Lindsey Mortenson, UHS medical director and acting executive director, said in a statement.


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The Center for Disease Control has massively failed in it’s one mission and in fact has made it worse by spreading misinformation.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 16, 2021 at 4:40 pm

What are they investigating? The presence of flu? Or are they pressing for them to change the designation from flu or Covid?

Here we have a mandatory COVID jab school. There are also reports of a spike in COVID-19 cases after Halloween and the Michigan State football game. Now we have a reported “spike” in influenza cases on campus but no more mentions of COVID-19. We also know that the tests used to supposedly detect COVID-19 couldn’t differentiate between COVID-19 and influenza, resulting in untold numbers of false-positive COVID “cases” and have been withdrawn for that reason. There are also studies suggesting that the mRNA COVID vaccines actually reduce the effectiveness of the immune system against other diseases. I wonder what the year-over-year numbers look like for influenza on campus?

A year ago, these influenza cases would have been reported as COVID-19 cases on the nightly fear-porn propaganda broadcasts. Today, they want everybody to believe that the COVID-19 and flu jabs are super-effective and the only way to go, so they’re being reported as influenza. (See, the COVID shot really works, now go get your flu shot, too.)

The COVID-19 vaccine has compromised immune systems, resulting in a bunch of folks getting sick who otherwise wouldn’t have.

Change my mind.

You’ve all missed the point. The CDC is investigating an outbreak of the common flu because the total disappearance of common flu cases in the 2020 mortality and morbidity numbers had indicated to them that they had successfully eradicated it.

I won’t believe anything they “report.”