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California Gov. Newsom Says He Missed Climate Summit for Halloween with Kids

California Gov. Newsom Says He Missed Climate Summit for Halloween with Kids

His kids staged an ‘intervention.’

For over 11 days, after receiving a COVID-19 booster shot, California Governor Gavin Newsom dropped off of the public radar.

There has been much speculation as to why he recently missed the international climate summit.

I noted yesterday that his office indicated he had “family obligations.” It turns out that the obligations were related to….Halloween.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he abruptly pulled out of the international climate change summit to go trick-or-treating with his family. He went as a pirate.

The governor faced criticism in recent days after he abruptly canceled his trip to the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, over “family obligations.” Local news outlet KABC reported that Newsom’s trip had been in the works for more than a year.

On Saturday, the governor sparked further criticism after reportedly attending an oil heiress’ wedding officiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., after more than a week of no public appearances.

During his first appearance since the backlash on Tuesday, Newsom said at the California Economic Summit that he canceled his trip to go trick-or-treating with his kids and assuage his dad guilt.

Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, had planned to attend Glasgow, which would have forced them to miss the holiday fun. The children “staged an intervention.”

That upset the four Newsom children — ages 5, 8, 10 and 12 — so they staged what Newsom called an “intervention” at dinner.

“Mom and Dad missing Halloween, for them that was worse than missing Christmas,” Newsom told his former economic adviser Lenny Mendonca at a “fireside chat” during the California Forward economic conference in Monterey.

Newsom said he explained to his kids why he and Siebel Newsom needed to go. But the next morning he woke with a knot in his stomach and decided he had to cancel.

I entirely support Newsom’s decision. Nothing would have separated my child and me during Halloween. Furthermore, deciding not to waste time on the climate nonsense is probably one of Newsom’s better decisions, especially in light of the California port problems.

Interestingly, the lack of effectively dealing with the port issues has led Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to do what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently did: Persuade shippers to come to his state’s ports.

Gov. Greg Abbott, tweeting out an ad targeting California, is encouraging shippers to choose Texas ports instead.

“Texas ports are open & ready to help fix America’s supply chain backlog. We can get goods out faster & at a lower cost than California due to our centralized location. Choose Texas,” Abbott wrote.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the Lone Star State in 2018 ranked second in the nation for total waterborne tonnage handled and five of its ports are ranked in the top 20 U.S. ports by total tonnage.

He is the Chief Executive of this state and a public servant. However, his complete disregard for transparency and his team’s disdainful response to inquiries about his schedule justifiably angered many Californians. Reasonable answers to citizens’ concerns would have been far more appropriate.

Also, prioritizing California’s needs over the global elite would be a good, new look for Newsom. Snappy remarks are not going to stop Abbott or DeSantis from trying to woo more businesses. Here is Newsom at the end of today’s economic conference:


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He ‘missed’ the climate summit when he realized how bad the optics would be of attending a conference condemning Big Oil and then immediately afterwards attending the wedding of a Big Oil Heiress.

    Ben Kent in reply to JHogan. | November 10, 2021 at 10:02 am

    Now if a Republican had done that – imagine the screaming headlines out of the Marxist Media.

    Idonttweet in reply to JHogan. | November 10, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    It took them 11 days to come up with this flimsy excuse for an excuse? If “Halloween with the kiddies” was really the reason for pulling the plug on the trip, there would have been an announcement within hours, probably with the kids as props, to demonstrate what a great Dad he is. And then to clam up for a week and a half after Halloween without so much as an attempted explanation from the staff?


    I think it’s just as likely that he did suffer an adverse reaction to the clot shot booster and nobody wanted to make an excuse they’d have to eat in the event he permanently checked out.

Not buying. It’s a sweet story, well-crafted to counter the reality that his reckless COVID policies are going to result in other parents losing their children to myocarditis, long-term injury, and death.

If he were sincere about protecting the population of his State, he would have grasped at early outpatient treatment for the Wuhan Flu as soon as it was developed. Instead, a majority of the deaths from the virus in California may well have been caused by medical malpractice.

Californa has aggressively denied early outpatient treatment, and the result shows in the San Diego County ethnicity numbers.

California “doctors” tell diagnosed, sick patients to go home and wait to see if they become sick enough to go to the hospital. Three weeks later, the sick one go to the hospital, where they are given substandard medical care, excluding the drugs known to work. And then, the patients live or die, depending on whether their own immune systems can withstand malpractice.

Without the intervention of his momma, my son might have been one of them.

However, all the drug stores and pharmacies have zinc and ionophores on hand, whether by a special kiosk at the door or by the register. There is an over-the-counter early outpatient antiviral treatment that seems to work. It is not a single drug, but a cocktail.

San Diego County had its COVID cases reasonably evenly distributed among all of the ethnic groups, until the infection rate this side of the border died down, then factories across the border got infested with the virus.

The numbers went crazy in the two zip codes next to the border (and no zip code) as people crossed the border to get treated, and as families who regularly cross the border were exposed.

The majority of COVID cases flipped to hispanic. The Medical Officer for San Diego County has blamed this on “racism,” but some of us Americans tried without success to get the local “doctors” to consider early outpatient treatment for these people.

Or…he had a nasty reaction to the booster.

“Local news outlet KABC reported that Newsom’s trip had been in the works for more than a year.”

If only there was a thing that had certain dates written down, and you could look up when holidays would occur. Maybe call it a plannendar. So that you would know when Halloween was. And maybe schedule your junket between Halloween and a wedding.

An extremely lame excuse.

I’ll bet a lot of people missed Halloween with the kids since they are locked down.

Calling bullshit on his story.
Don’t know which of the possible alternative explanations are true, but this one…Nah.


Isn’t everyday is Halloween in Commiefornia ?

Wait I thought California tried to tell us that Halloween was racist?

Since when has governor Dippity Do ever missed a chance to demagogue the ” Global Warming ” farce in front of of world leaders and worldwide press coverage?

The Warden says he woke up with a knot in his stomach. But that would require self-awareness and empathy.

Nope, not buying it!

His real problem was low energy.