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Brown University An “Anti-Zionist Fantasy World”

Brown University An “Anti-Zionist Fantasy World”

“Brown University has become the Providence Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

Progressives in higher education constantly talk about being anti-hate, but that standard never seems to apply to Israel.

National Review reports:

Brown University’s Anti-Zionist Fantasy World

Brown University is working hard to become the most anti-Israel school in America. In its competition with Columbia University and New York University, Brown not only boasts the nation’s first ever endowed chair in Palestinian studies (named after PLO poet Mahmoud Darwish), but the recipient of that dubious honor, professor of history Beshara Doumani, is currently serving as the president of Birzeit University, located down the road from PLO headquarters in Ramallah. Brown University has become the Providence Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

To that end, Brown’s Center for Middle East Studies competes with Columbia’s Center for Palestine Studies and NYU’s Kevorkian Center to celebrate Palestinianism and decry the evils of Israel. Brown’s latest effort came on November 12 in the form of a Zoom talk by Somdeep Sen, associate professor in international development studies at Roskilde University, Denmark. Sen was promoting his book, titled “Decolonizing Palestine,” which is academic-speak for “Denouncing Israel.”

Like many anti-Zionists, Somdeep Sen lives in a dream world, partially of his own creation and partially thrust upon him by the fantasy world created by a sect of pro-BDS, antiSemitic liberal-arts academics who insist that Israel is an “apartheid state” and there is a country called “Palestine.”

He announced repeatedly that his book is an attempt to “normalize Hamas” by rendering it “de-exceptionalized.” In academic jargon, this means that Sen’s work is dedicated to softening the image of Hamas, contextualizing the terrorist organization so that it seems to be just another movement of downtrodden underdogs fighting against oppressors. This delusion led him, multiple times during his talk, to compare Hamas to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.


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empiricallyobvious | November 30, 2021 at 5:48 pm

So sad that these effite, er “elite” institutions are hellbent on the destruction of the 1 democracy in the Middle East…sheer madness.
What is more shocking is this:
A quick internet search shows the significant numbers of Jewish students at these institutions:

“In 2021, Jewish students are well-represented at all eight Ivy League schools. In fact, by percentage, Columbia leads the way at 24%, followed by Brown (19%), Cornell (17%), UPenn (17%), and Yale (13%).”

Where is the “Never again” spirit which allowed Isreal to survive in the hostile Middle East? When a culture is reluctant to work for their own security and survival in a hostile world they will get neither…

Steven Brizel | December 1, 2021 at 9:04 am

This terrorist should be fired If you are a Brown alumnus and concerned don’t give to Brown