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Biden Admin Reportedly Looking For WH Spot For Terry McAuliffe After He Lost State Biden Won By 10 Points

Biden Admin Reportedly Looking For WH Spot For Terry McAuliffe After He Lost State Biden Won By 10 Points

You can’t make this stuff up.

No, it’s not the Bee. The Biden administration is reportedly actually looking for a cushy landing for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe just over a week after McAuliffe single-handedly lost by two points a state Biden won only a year ago by ten points. How seriously, deeply, horrifically bad do you have to be to manage that as Democrat in a state that’s been trending blue for at least a decade?

Not so bad that Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden won’t grab you up in a bear hug, sniff your hair, and welcome your desiccated, has-been corpse to the Great Green New Deal Reset commiepalooza.

The New York Post reports:

The Biden administration is searching for a job to give Terry McAuliffe following his defeat in the race to be Virginia governor last week, according to a new report.

Punchbowl News reported Thursday that White House officials are looking to place the former Democratic National Committee chair somewhere in the hierarchy. The report cited “multiple high-level sources familiar with the White House’s thinking.”

It is unclear what position McAuliffe would hold, but the report noted that he is not actively seeking work in the administration.

I have to go with Ed Morrissey over at HotAir,who writes:

So Biden’s going out of his way to hire the one Democrat to lose an election Republican for statewide office in over a decade, eh? That’s an odd decision in itself, but it’s the manner in which he lost it that should have the White House imposing a ten-foot-pole policy for The Macker, as Punchbowl calls him. McAuliffe infuriated parents across the state — and even in Democratic bastions like Fairfax and Loudoun counties — with his insistence that parents should stay out of curricula decisions for their children. If nothing else, the fact that McAuliffe invited Randi Weingarten to give the final pitch in the campaign should disqualify McAuliffe for any serious political position.

Instead, Biden wants to go out of his way to embrace that sneering incompetence. The White House couldn’t pick a better way to explore just how low Biden’s approval ratings could get.

With Biden’s approvals sinking into the 30s already in some polls, it will indeed be interesting to see just how low they can go. As I’ve noted to our LI newsletter subscribers, Biden, unlike Obama (or Trump), has no base. There is not one person (well, excluding his family. Maybe.) in this entire nation who is a proud, Biden flag-waving supporter. Therefore, he has no rock bottom. His numbers can go all the way down to the teens. Maybe lower.

So why on earth would a flailing, deeply unpopular administration double-down on failure with McAuliffe?  We shouldn’t be surprised given the lack of accountability following the Afghanistan debacle. Even top tier generals didn’t have the honor to resign after they bungled the entire withdrawal and through their weakness and malfeasance got 13 service members killed.

But this McAuliffe move isn’t defiantly protecting your picks past their sell by date (a thing, to be fair, President Trump also got wrong all too often), this is picking a loser, a rotting corpse of an apple, and tossing it on your already rotting barrel of an administration.

It makes no sense.

And then I begin to wonder why they aren’t worried, why they think these absolutely suicidal moves are totes fine, why they are confident that they can spit in the eye of concerned parents across these fruited plains without a qualm. Politicians don’t do that, politicians adjust and re-calibrate to the will of the people (Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” comes to mind) because they want to win, to hold office, to keep power.

Contrast that “old school” thinking with today’s Democrats who are losing political office from dog catcher up, yet smugly hold themselves in privileged positions of power.

Democrats, thanks initially in large part to Obama and a trend that has continued apace since he left office, have lost control of the majority of states, they are unlikely to keep control of the House (and/or the Senate?) in 2022, yet they behave—and recruit political albatrosses like McAuliffe—as if they have real power.  Do they know something we don’t?


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That was their consolation prize for not fighting the election results.

It doesn’t surprise me either….McAuliffe is actually pretty cunning and does a good job of selling the neutrality and bipartisanship line.

He had an ad on tv here playing every day where he starts with him in video quoting “When you’re elected governor, you’re not elected governor of Democrats or Republican, you are elected governor of everyone…”

It was total BS of course and the only reason McAuliffe can even try to sell himself as “bipartisan” is because the legislature of the state was able to completely hem him in during his term. He would have gun-grabbed, socialized, and aborted more than Northam if he had had the votes.

If the Clintonista wants a job he’s got a job.


The “Biden Effect” – pull in al the morons, idiots, failures and incompetents.

Have him take Buttigieg’s job. Pete is too busy powdering baby asses to do the job. And if it wasn’t that he would have some other excuse to stay home.

    Chuckin Houston in reply to UserP. | November 13, 2021 at 10:15 am

    I’m certain Pete is good at powdering baby asses. After all he’s been powdering his own for decades.

American Human | November 12, 2021 at 1:50 pm

“Looking”? If they really wanted him, they could just hire him and put him in some no-show job sort of like the Veep has. They could install him as the new head of the Climate Historical Fallback Licensing Investment Department. He could hire both Bill and Hillary Clinton and funnel taxpayer money to them just like old times. What’s to stop them?

I understand the White House has need of a dog catcher.

    henrybowman in reply to Oracle. | November 12, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    No, no, no.
    Please, Brer Fox, PLEASE… give this guy an extremely visible position in the Department of Education.
    The more objectionable mass we can get the black hole that is the Biden Administration to add to itself, the more definitively it will pinch itself off from the rest of the universe in 2012/2014 and never reappear again.

    [Jack Vance wrote a ten-page short story in 1950 called The Men Return. It is perhaps the best explanation of the Biden Administration Experience that I can recommend. Sadly, it isn’t available for instant gratification at Project Gutenberg, though it is only $2 on Kindle from Amazon.]

Isn’t it obvious? UnderSecretary of Dept Ed… Will head the chair for addressing the growing trend with Home Schooling and get it to reverse.

Infrastructure Czar. He’ll know just the right people to funnel all the money to.

I’m not too alarmed by this; it’s traditional in both parties that you take care of your people. McAuliffe will land a moderately cush, little-work position on some commission or council somewhere, and that will keep him in the game. The alternative is that he goes to Wall Street or some NGO. One way or another, he’ll be taken care of. That’s how politics works, and in the old patronage days this was explicitly understood.

The left takes care of their own. The thing that is most important to them in all the world is that the money train keep rolling.

When the day comes that McAwful again has power, he will also extend the government treasury to support the people who support the cause.

That’s what being a leftist is all about. Everything else is just window dressing to fool the useful idiots.


If you’re going full Orwellian double-speak.

Make him ambassador to the Taliban.

Give him a position as a diaper changer for BIden.

The evening news said that the Biden Administration is looking for someone to oversee the $1.2T infrastructure deal. In theory, a former governor might not be a bad choice. Maybe Cuomo would be available as well.

Ambassadorships are handled out to people with far less public policy experience. I do not agree with everything that he advocated, but that is not a reason to “cancel” him. Presidents should be allowed to nominate people that they feel are a good fit for each job. Trump had the right to pick his nominees, and Biden has the right to do the same.

The answer to the question “Democrats, thanks initially in large part to Obama and a trend that has continued apace since he left office, have lost control of the majority of states, they are unlikely to keep control of the House (and/or the Senate?) in 2022, yet they behave—and recruit political albatrosses like McAuliffe—as if they have real power. Do they know something we don’t?”

Is they do have real power right now. They have

1. Big tech-Speech is politics in a Republic. Having control of speech matters a lot more than control of a swing district.

2. Corporate America-Unless your society is feudal that matters a great deal.

3. The cultural institutions-Just ask Gina if she thinks Disney is politically neutral.

4. The executive agencies-Remember the project Veritas raids?

5. The media

6. The entire education system from grad school, med school right down to kindergarten as their indoctrination center

7. The entire ruling class

8. This one will sting a lot but they have at least as many voters as we do, ours are just spread out over a larger geographic area which gives them major advantages. They have all of the institutional power in the country backing even the most absurd lies they have to sell which translates to a lot of independent votes. Lets also be real our inability to win the popular vote does make us weak. 2000 and 2016 would have been decisive total defeats if Al Gore/Hillary Clinton had achieved 50%+1. Historically speaking and talking about recent elections if you get a majority of the vote you win.

9. Finally they have the knowledge that we won’t be capable of taking any institutional power on the federal level until at least 2024 and that even if we do there is a great chance we do nothing with it because it is Trump again (see this speech and note the way the federal government pushed CRT DURING the Trump administration )

They are not looking at 2022, what we could achieve with it is prevent more permanent damage, but lets be real we aren’t winning Vermont and MA senate elections we are not taking a veto proof majority of congress.

Right now Joe Biden is doing permanent damage and that provides more than enough reason to take congress from him but ultimately while he would like to have 4 instead of 2 years to do permanent changes he really doesn’t care about losing congress.

To resist effectively we need to understand how weak we are right now. In many professions if you say you are a Republican your career is over and you are blacklisted.

Grad students openly state they will discriminate against conservatives at even higher rates than college professors (who are alarming enough as is). If you can’t be a Republican and study fish for a living it means that we have a very weak place in America.

If you come to a conclusion contrary to the DNC like sex is real, or that masks aren’t stopping viruses you could be fired by hospitals although they will gladly force you to chant their religious slogans through med school.

Even the military has become a wing of the woke.

They could afford to lose we can’t.