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University of Hawaii Allowing Only 1,000 People Into Football Game

University of Hawaii Allowing Only 1,000 People Into Football Game

“due to a restrictive fan policy instituted by the island state’s governor”

At some point, we have to just allow people to live their lives. We’re never going to reach zero cases.

The College Fix reports:

University of Hawaii football allowed to have only 1,000 in-person fans

Only 1,000 lucky fans were allowed to watch the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors defeat New Mexico State University this Saturday, due to a restrictive fan policy instituted by the island state’s governor.

Democratic Governor David Ige has relented only minimally from his complete ban on home stadium fans.

“It’s zero because we have more than 250 COVID-positive patients in our hospitals,” Governor Ige said in explaining his previous total ban.

“It’s zero because we have more than 250 patients in the ICUs, and we are just under the maximum capacity,” the Democratic governor previously said.

Only vaccinated fans were allowed to attend the Saturday game, though the public university has been working to convince Ige to allow more fans to attend.

The College Fix spoke with the university’s director of communications, Daniel Meisenzahl, via email on October 13. “Absolutely yes,” Meisenzahl told The College Fix when asked if university officials believed they can safely invite fans back into their football stadium.

Meisenzahl explained that the university has “multiple different scenarios” planned out in the “public risk mitigation plan” they have submitted to the county.

Every scenario would require all fans to follow the same COVID-19 guidelines that the school has in place for their students, faculty, and staff. It included only allowing in fully vaccinated and masked fans.


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Can 1000 students chant f@#k Governor Ige loud enough for TV? Folks wanna know.

The Friendly Grizzly | October 26, 2021 at 9:07 pm

Will they even get 1,000 people wanting to attend?

How about “Fuck David Ige” from 1000 fans at the next home game. CNN whines because Ron DeSantis said that no one should trust MSM anymore. Ige uses the MSM spreading Fauci’s BS about COVID to jam his diktats down his constituents throats. CNN and all the MSM have the facts in their possession that the NIH and Fauci paid for the gain of function research on COVID by the Wuhan lab. And Brian Stelter REALLY wonders why nobody believes CNN? #Delusional

Why would I want to spend 3 hours masked? The whole thing is anti-science anyway, stadiums are outdoors and transmission outdoors is basically nonexistent. There is also no evidence that unvaccinated people are by that very fact infected with transmissible disease.

Why does not Gov. Ige simply ban all tourists from the islands? There is a greater danger of New Mexico football players spreading the virus during their away game visit than local fans attending in the stands.

In other news, our latest super spreader event — the World Series — began last night in front of 42,825 rabid fans in what is technically an indoor venue (there is a roof at Minute Maid Park and it was closed).

Several encores are planned.