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Unintended Vax Mandate Consequences? Southwest Airlines Cancelled At Least 1,800 Flights, Blames Weather, Air Traffic Control, and Military Flight Training (That Affected Only Them)

Unintended Vax Mandate Consequences? Southwest Airlines Cancelled At Least 1,800 Flights, Blames Weather, Air Traffic Control, and Military Flight Training (That Affected Only Them)

The company blames Jacksonville, FL air traffic control (which is allegedly having its own problems with anti-mandate employee walk/sickouts) and the weather.

Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden and his incompetent administration issued a controversial, but as yet not official as no rule has been released, WuFlu vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees.

Many businesses were thrilled and immediately began, if they hadn’t already, enforcing the non-mandate.  Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of Americans have thus far been fired as a result, and in all sectors from health care to K-12 education to the airline industry.

Wildly unpopular Biden and his bumbling administration are attempting to conflate “anti-vaxxers” (a misnomer to begin with) with Americans who reject invasive central government mandates.  There are many vaccinated people who reject the mandate, and this is a problem for the Biden buffoons.

Another problem? Beyond destroying the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Americans (none of whom is likely to dash to the nearing polling place or mailbox to vote for more of the same next year or in 2024), the loss of employees is creating huge holes in companies that keep our economy and way of life afloat.

From transportation, to health care, to education, to first responders, to . . . well, you name it, gutting an already thin workforce through unnecessary mandates is hobbling an already Biden-weakened economy and is creating shortages, more inflation, and a whole new wave of very angry American voters.

The shortages have apparently affected Southwest Airlines.  In the midst of mandate-related lawsuits brought against the company, they reportedly cancelled up to (or over) 1,800 flights.

The company blames Jacksonville, FL air traffic control (which is allegedly having its own problems with anti-mandate employee walk/sickouts) and the weather.  Oddly, though, no other airline that services the same areas as Southwest ran into the same significant “weather” or “air traffic control” problems and merrily continued ferrying their customers across the U.S. 

Oh, and the blame also goes to “military training,” according to the FCC, which we all know routinely interrupts commercial air traffic. Or something. Yes, they really think we are that stupid.

PJ Media reports:

There is apparently a “meltdown” at Jacksonville International Airport that has led to the cancelation [sic] of more than 1,800 Southwest Airlines flights. The company says the cancelations [sic] are due to weather and “air traffic control issues.”

Well, the claim that weather is the culprit is absurd. Other airlines, according to the respected aviation site One Mile at a Time, are operating at near capacity.

  • On Saturday American canceled 66 flights (2% of the schedule), Delta canceled 16 flights (less than 1% of the schedule), and United canceled 11 flights (less than 1% of the schedule)
  • On Sunday American canceled 63 flights (2% of the schedule), Delta canceled three flights (less than 1% of the schedule), and United canceled six flights (less than 1% of the schedule)
  • On Saturday, October 9, 2021, Southwest canceled 808 flights (24% of the schedule) and delayed 1,154 flights (35% of the schedule)
  • On Sunday, October 10, 2021, Southwest canceled 1,007 flights (27% of the schedule) and delayed 120 flights (3% of the schedule)

Speculation centered on air traffic control employees walking out because of the vaccine mandate.

And it really is speculation at this point, but it’s odd and worth noting that the weather, Jacksonville air traffic control staff shortages (due to . . . ?), and (purported) military flight training exercises didn’t impact other airlines.  Airlines not currently being sued by their pilots for vaccine mandates.

RedState has more:

One look at the radar and airport delays, though, shows there was absolutely nothing weather-related anywhere in the country (where Southwest Airlines operates) that caused this, much less in sunny Jacksonville. Rather, it was some mix of an air traffic controller and pilot shortage due to pointless vaccine mandates driving the cancellations. That’s made obvious by the fact that other major US airlines saw cancellation rates over 10x lower during the same period.

Further, it’s been confirmed now that the mass “sickout” was a result of the vaccine mandates.

Here’s the tweet cited to back up the purported confirmation:

Again, the situation is murky, as Red State’s Bonchie goes on to explain:

To be as accurate as possible, though, how much of what transpired came from the ATC side of things vs. the pilot side of things is unclear. Given Southwest’s reported problems with its pilot union over the vaccine mandate, if yesterday wasn’t largely due to a pilot shortage, that’s probably only a temporary reprieve. You can expect strikes to occur as the mandate goes into effect in the next few weeks.

Further, while the details here are still murky about who is specifically to blame (aside from vaccine mandates in general), what is clear is that people are furious with Southwest Airlines. By blaming non-existent weather problems, they were able to avoid giving refunds or paying for layover expenses for those left stranded, many sitting on planes for hours.

That decision to not just be honest with its customers about the cause of the cancellations has hampered the reputation of what was once seen as the “different” airline. Yet, they aren’t operating any differently than their typically more loathed counterparts in the industry. This was all completely avoidable by using some common sense.

Ultimately, the Southwest Airlines cancellations seem unlikely to be due solely to weather or to the other cited problems simply because these problems didn’t impact other airlines, either at all or to the degree they slammed Southwest, who travel the same hubs. Something is going on here, but what?


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It’s not the weather and of the founder of SWA’s was still alive he NEVER would have mandated his workers have this jab.

Not Herb!

‘Something is going on’. favorite Drill SGT used to exclaim what is going on is ‘consequences and repercussions’.

Change the name to GASLIGHT AIRWAYS.

It was weather. Very SPECIFIC weather that only effected s certain paint schemes of certain planes.

Trust science.

Per the Atlanta Fed, which estimates these things: The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the third quarter of 2021 is 1.3 percent on October 8, unchanged from October 5.

That means, adjusted for inflation, real growth in the economy is heading down. I would not rule out negative numbers some time next year, which could have bad business, stock market and political consequences when accompanied by high rates of inflation. (While such an outlook might increase the prospects for the gigantic spending bills, I doubt that would change the outlook for next year much.)

Now add in a few “terrorist” soccer moms being arrested by the FBI after school board meetings and “Let’s Go Brandon” lawn signs might spring up everywhere.

American has the same mandate – so I thought I read.

All the airlines are run by gutless crap weasels, so I would expect this to be an all or none game. The pilots need to stand together with or without their union’s help.

There is a big difference if the ATC issues happened at Jacksonville Airport or Jacksonvile Center. Jacksonville Center provide enroute air traffic control over all of northern FL, souther GA and eastern SC. That includes all traffic transiting that area. (for example Miami to Atlanta). If this were an ATC problem, all American flights from their hub in Miami to all airports in the eastern US and all Delta flights leaving ATL for destinations south would be affected. This is almost entirely a Southwest Airlines problem.

the_last_l3oyscout | October 10, 2021 at 8:26 pm

Fuzzy’s article references a WSJ article for the non-existent mandate. I don’t have a WSJ subscription and can’t see if they are talking about the non-existent mandate or the 9/9 executive order. SW is claiming that because they handle government contracts, e.g. USPS, military flights, that they are required to have all employees vaccinated per the executive order. My initial reading of the EO, and the definitions of “employee” that it references, makes me think that it wouldn’t apply to SW. Can anyone with a better understanding of federal law/statutes/EOs than me (literally anyone) weigh in on this?

    The WSJ article discusses the lack of an actual mandate from OSHA because there is not one to date. You can find this out by using any search engine if you cannot access the WSJ.

    Further, there is no EO on this, it was a spoken threat by Biden that has, thus far, not been backed up at all. There is no mandate until they step up (which they won’t).

      They thought that simply the threat would make enough of the stupid plebes fall in line that they could safely fire and ostracize the handful that refused.

      They catastrophically over-estimated their own authority.

        Close. By not putting anything into writing, they’re trying to dodge lawsuits. Most Government agencies (at least the ones who did not get some magical exemption) have a date of early November when all employees are required to submit proof of vaccination, but what exactly will be done at that point is a giant ball of wriggling worms that has not been quantified.

        I suspect any company worth ten cents will drag their feet and require the regulating agency to submit either passed legislation or a signed executive order which has been proven in court to cover their employees, with a ninety day implementation *after* the documentation has been verified and subject to appeals which will freeze the clock until after any legal action has been completed, etc…

          Last week, almost 900 LA firefighters joined together to put on notice that they are filing a law suit against the city. So far, the city has not fared well in court when asked to produce the science. Let’s see how this one works out.

          The last report I read placed CA at the top in terms of lowest infection rate in the country. Infection rate is metric these fake doctors have been foolishly focusing on since the death rate has been so low. Science tells us high infection rate is also how we acquire herd immunity. The gene-therapy shot (the fake vaccine recommended by our fake doctors) thwarts herd immunity. So which science is “settled”?

          CommoChief in reply to georgfelis. | October 11, 2021 at 10:06 am

          Correct as far as States challenging a Federal policy/order. No articulated expression of the OSHA rule and there’s nothing for anyone to challenge the Feds.

          But that’s a double edged sword. No articulated policy or order leaves employers who implement the spirit of the policy preferences of get the jab or get fired on their own hook with no recourse to claim the Feds made us do it. Class action suits by employees among other actions are very viable v employers.

        jmccandles in reply to Olinser. | October 11, 2021 at 8:37 am

        That kind of thing will happen when Brandon issues his warped dictates and this is just the tip of what’s coming.

The CEO of SWA does what the Board expects. The Board of SWA does what the controlling shareholder(s) expect(s). Does anybody know who controls SWA voting shares? Bill Gates? Perhaps the consequences are not unintended.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | October 10, 2021 at 9:45 pm

Join together!

If a restaurant forces vaccine proof, surround the restaurant and force it to lose business. Shutter it. Fill the seats and the doorways. REAL peaceful protests. Not the Portland style.

Airlines forcing mandates? Don’t use them. Stay at home. Force them out of business.

Hospitals forcing mandates. Refuse to use them. Find another hospital. Forego elective surgery. Make them go out of business.

Employees!!!!!! Protest and refuse. Make them fire you. Then sue them into bankruptcy.

Schools mandate masks? Remove your kids. Then we need to defund the school by forcing our elected officials to remove schools taxes.

There is so much more we can do.

They were dumb and arrogant enough to think that the mandates would force most of the stupid plebes to take the shot, and that they could get away with just firing a handful.

They were catastrophically wrong, its looking like 20-30% of their pilots and ATCs are going to refuse vaccination. These are not people you can just post a job opening and fill.

We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and months, possibly YEARS, to get minimally qualified new pilots and ATCs for commercial airliners.

A significant number of companies collapse after suffering just a 10% loss of critical trained personnel, 20-30% will be utterly catastrophic for a business. particularly for an airline that CANNOT operate without pilots and ATCs.

The problem is that they expected Turnip Brain to give them cover with an OSHA mandate, and its not happening. Now they’re stuck holding the short end of the stick and they had no actual contingency for this many people refusing the shot.

They’ve been put in this place because of their stupidity and arrogance.

another angle sheds MOAR light on the SW event… whistleblower even sent the author a shot of his SWA ID badge for proof.

only mass civil disobedience will make the fascists using Slow Joe as a puppet back off… /cue Twisted Sister “we’re not going to take it!”

    TX-rifraph in reply to redc1c4. | October 11, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Excellent link. Perhaps the pilots are opening another front (a visible one) against the modern-day Nazis. The pilots will now be attacked by the evil cabal which tells everyone that the pilots are bombing the target with great effect.

    Thank you SWA pilots.

What is sickening is the silence and inaction of the Republican Party. They complain (make a little noise) and ask for money (that is not coming). Get active in the local Republican Party where a transformation begins. I am encouraged by the anger I see at the local level.

Should be FAA, not FCC……………..

Washington State Ferries, under vaccination mandate effective as of a week ago, is suddenly and mysteriously so short of documented crew that over 100 sailings and one entire run were shut down on Friday. The cancellations continued over the weekend. As of 0530 on Monday the system wide schedule only returns a 404 error..

But mandating vaccination will make us healthier and safer.

Let’s see the CEOs of the social media giants shut the news about these protests down. We’re going to have the 2021 equivalent of samizdat.

Southwest airlines has always been my preferred airline and will continue to be my preferred airline. I was flying SW back in days of the $25 flight between hobby & love. (early 1970’s)

The pilot walkout actually enhances my view of the airline/ employees .

The vaccines (pfizer) are showing less than 60% effectiveness after 5-6 months, along with the mandate requirement for previously covid infected individuals who have vastly better long term immunity shows that the Biden mandate has very little basis in actual medical science.

You know what this is doing?
Breeding a bunch of Bolsheviks.

Pushback happens, even when so many insist it won’t.

The Air National Guard, and other reserver components, usually schedule training on the first weekend of the month, except when Labor Day Weekend is the first weekend of the month, so it is highly unlikely that there would be military training on the 2nd weekend of October, unless there was a local airshow.

We were going to book our vacation to Orlando, but now waiting to see which airline will still have pilots.

What ever happened to HIPPA?

My son went to an anti-vaxx protest against a company in FL today- in the aerospace industry. In one department- 9 or 10 are unvaxxed- and staying that way. If you have a production process and lose 10%, and sometimes, but rarely 20% of any department’s workers, you can continue to function. If you lose 90% out of any one specialized department- and if they’re a separate department, they’re likely specialized, everything grinds to a halt. Especially if you lose 10-20% of everyone else.

People aren’t interchangeable widgets.

He had a simple idea- and considering what courts have upheld, I don’t see a problem with. Florida’s governor ought put out an executive order- In order to prevent complete economic disruption of the state due to massive unemployment, any company that mandates it’s workers be vaccinated or they must stop working for them must pay those workers full pay and allowances until they obtain another job with equal or better pay and allowances. In order to give those workers greater flexibility in finding a job all non-compete agreements with that class of workers are null and void.” And then encourage the legislature to fast track the provision into Florida employment law.

Would Governor Abbot’s mandate protect Federal Employees as well depending upon the jurisdictional determination of the place they work? I would think if the facility the federal office/base/installation is located is under Proprietary Jurisdiction the state mandate protects you. If you are in an Exclusive Jurisdiction it’s a maybe but if the Federal Agency you work for never had a jurisdiction determination made you may not be subject to the Federal Mandate. I think all you have to do is go to your Department of Equalization with your address and read the recorded title for the land. The Jurisdiction should be recorded there in the title work wouldn’t it?

The CEO of SWA made a valid point, which doesn’t seem to be widely reported. While OSHA hasn’t made a rule, let alone tried to impose it, the Biden junta used another lever to force the airlines to mandate the jab.

A lot of airlines have federal government contracts to fly cargo and personnel. And Biden made it mandatory for all government contractors to require all employees to take the jab or lose their jobs, or else the company will lose their contracts. I believe that the Biden regime can issue such an ultimatum. Which just goes to show just because it’s legal to do something stupid, you shouldn’t give into the temptation.

I don’t believe any airline can, given current economic conditions, afford to lose any such contracts. I flew to Miami and back last month and the in-cabin crew was not only thanking us for flying with them but practically begging the pax to fly again soon but bring friends.