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Student Slams Colorado State University Over Campus COVID Policies

Student Slams Colorado State University Over Campus COVID Policies

“The school really doesn’t care about our health”

The COVID policies at some schools are truly out of control.

FOX News reports:

Colorado State University student slams campus COVID rules: ‘They don’t care about our health’

A Colorado State University student said Tuesday that unvaccinated students are being held to a different set of standards by the administration, and are being threatened with arrests or citations if they do not comply with a variety of school health policies.

“The school really doesn’t care about our health,” said Gabby Reichardt.

“If the school cared about our health they would cancel all of the massive football games they’re holding on campus, they would cancel all of their private donor events, they would ask anyone visiting our campus their vaccination status—not just tuition-paying students and faculty.”

CSU warned students in an email on October 6 they will arrest or cite them for trespassing if they are found on school property without first submitting COVID-19 vaccination or exemption information.

On Monday, the university sought to clarify their policy on vaccination, telling Fox News that they are “not arresting students who are unvaccinated,” and those unvaccinated students are free to come and go from campus, including attending classes, so long as they provide their vaccination information or declare an exemption.

If they come to class before providing their information it “will be considered trespassing.”


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DO NOT DISCLOSE, no matter your status or health.

Disclosure is slippery slope my friends.

Dear Gabby,

When people show you who they are, believe them.

It sounds like over the years you came to believe that you’d enroll at CSU and then things’d would work out for you.

Well, maybe this might be a good time for you to reassess some of the things that you have been taught to believe.

(Here’s a suggestion: Consider giving some thought to the idea that “college” is kind-of like a restaurant. You pay money and you are provided a service. If you are pleased with the service that you’re receiving then you continue to eat there. But if the staff treats you badly, or the place is dirty, or the food leaves a bad taste in your mouth … well, you move on.)

Good luck. Best wishes always.


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Good luck.