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Panelist at Harvard Event on “Equity” Calls for Equality of Outcome

Panelist at Harvard Event on “Equity” Calls for Equality of Outcome

“the reality is, different communities have suffered in different ways”

Equality of outcome is communism. I don’t know how much more plainly you could put it.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard panelists want ‘bold societal change’ which includes ‘equality of outcomes’

Panelists at a Harvard University event on equity last Friday called for “bold societal change” to eradicate the vestiges of racism and sexism.

This includes, according to at least one participant, ensuring “equality of outcomes.”

The Truth and Transformation Conference, hosted by the Kennedy School Ash Center’s Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project, was hosted by Harvard American Studies PhD candidate Mary McNeil, The Crimson reports.

McNeil’s dissertation asks in part “What critiques did [Black, Native, and Afro-Native peoples] proffer of [Massachusetts] as a crucial site in the development of an anti-Black, settler-colonial nation?”

Asian Americans Advancing Justice President John Yang told the panel “it is important to acknowledge that racial groups experience racism differently.” Eschewing the concept of equal treatment for everyone, Yang said “[T]hat’s not right, because the reality is, different communities have suffered in different ways.”

Yang backs efforts to combat alleged “disinformation,” saying platforms like Facebook and Twitter need to be better at it: “Let’s be clear: there is a campaign out there that is trying to distort a lot of what is happening in society […] part of it is on all of us to make sure that we are contributing to getting the right information that is out there” (emphasis added).

AAAJ purports to “advocate for an America in which all Americans can benefit equally from, and contribute to, the American dream.” Which means it lobbies for progressive initiatives du jour, like overturning former President Trump’s misnamed “Muslim ban.”

Panelist Eric Ward, director of the Western States Center, said all of society needs to “invest in transforming power structures to achieve aspirations surrounding equity.” He added that “recognizing systemic racism and sexism is key to ensuring that everyone can ‘live, love, worship, and work free from fear and bigotry.’”

Ward’s WSC offers “toolkits” for purchase such as that regarding “Indigenizing Love” (“supports Native youth, tribal communities, Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQIA+ collectives”) and “Confronting White Nationalism in Schools.”

Perhaps the most eye-raising statement was from panelist Halima Begum, chief executive of the Runnymede Trust, allegedly the United Kingdom’s “leading independent race equality think tank.” Begum said “non-governmental institutions, such as news platforms and corporations, are also responsible for ensuring ‘equality of outcomes.’”


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Transforming power structures. Right.

In other words, they want all the power for themselves.

The most bulletproof way to ensure this goal is achieved is to make sure every patient dies. Incontrovertible equity.

“Equality of Outcome” means everybody travels cattle truck class.
Except for the ones who travel in the big black cars, of course!

This is Marxist propaganda masquerading as higher education

“all Americans can benefit equally from, and contribute to, the American dream”

This sounds like a plan for the competent to be made slaves of the incompetent.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to randian. | October 24, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    Aren’t we already? The competent are producers. The incompetent are the takers, whether it is a government “job”, a sinecure at some college somewhere, or welfare types who make no effort at all to change their lot in life.

    henrybowman in reply to randian. | October 24, 2021 at 6:31 pm

    Of course it is, That is the root essence of communism. And it is why communism always fails — the productive catch on immediately and become nonproductive.

    This is why intersectionalism is trendy — the “biggest victims” “deserve” the greatest rewards. So everybody fights to be a victim. And once again you end up with a system where people “prosper” by putting their hands into each other’s (equally empty) pockets.

Are these people on drugs? If not better call the men in white….they are all insane!