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Harassment Of Providence Anti-Critical Race Whistleblower Teacher Ramona Bessinger Intensifies

Harassment Of Providence Anti-Critical Race Whistleblower Teacher Ramona Bessinger Intensifies

Taunting and threatening messages were put on Bessinger’s classroom whiteboard, and then photos of the messages were tweeted at her, while her “pre-disciplinary” hearing was an aggressive inquisition trying to put words in her mouth.

On Sunday evening, October 10, 2021, we reported on the targeting by Providence (RI) school officials of Ramona Bessinger, Providence Schools Move To Terminate Critical Race Whistleblower Teacher Ramona Bessinger.

Please read that post for background on how Bessinger blew the whistle on a racialized new school curriculum that was creating racial tension and turning students and faculty against her, with students calling her “America” because she’s white, and teachers screaming at her that she has white privilege.

The district administration, mired in educational failure, has been seeking a pretext to discipline or fire Bessinger, as we reported:

The Providence School District now has notified Bessinger that she is being brought before a pre-disciplinary panel convened on the pretext that she allegedly violated a school safety rule (seriously, that’s what they are going with). Bessinger posted a partial image of the hearing notice on Twitter:

The Providence School District is calling me in Wednesday for my show-trial. “Pre-disciplinary hearing”. They do not like teachers that expose them. ⁦

The Notice is dated October 5, 2021, two days after Bessinger went public about the retaliation and filed in internal complaint.

The specific charge is that Bessinger allowed students to leave her classroom during a lockdown at the school (the lockdown apparently related to a fight between a student and staff member not related to Bessinger).

“…. on September 29, 2021, you allegedly did not follow the proper protocols and procedures during a lockdown jeopardizing the health and safety of the students. Consequently, these allegations create a legitimate concern that you may not and/or will not be able to perform your duties within the scope of your accountable employment with PPSD.”

Since that report, the harassment intensitied. Sometime in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 12, when Bessinger was not present in school, someone defaced her classroom blackboard with threats and taunts against her, and then photos of the whiteboard were tweeted at her by unknown and relatively new Twitter accounts.

One of the images tweeted showed one of Bessinger’s student writing one of the messages on the board (his face has been cropped out by us).

[Face Redacted]

This was very unsettling to Bessinger, because someone was in her classroom with her school children assisting them in writing hostile and taunting messages, then photographing it, then tweeting it. Where was the substitute teacher? Where were administrators? Who took the photo and tweeted it? Middle school students don’t typically use Twitter, they use other platforms, though it’s possible one of the students tweeted them out.

Also, that does not look like middle-school handwriting to me. Too organized. I would not be surprised if some teachers contributed to this piece of “art.”

Bessinger has requested an investigation by the school administration and that she be protected in school. She called the Providence Police, who came to the school.

Bessinger’s “pre-disciplinary” hearing was held this morning. It was an inquisition. One of the senior Human Resources officials grilled Bessinger aggressively about some of Bessinger’s students being on video leaving the classroom for a few minutes during an instructional lockdown (not a shelter-in-place lockdown). The questioner repeatedly tried to put words in Bessinger’s mouth. Bessinger denied violating any policies and repeatedly express that student safety is her top priority, but that the school administration created confusion during that event.

While Bessinger was not given a chance to present her side of the case, since this was a hearing to question her, as she previously wrote the school changed policies recently to permit students to leave class without passes, leading to a breakdown of discipline. Some students, hearing various bells ringing, also may have thought they were permitted to leave. But Bessinger’s position was that at no time did she permit students to leave from her multi-door classroom.

It was clear from the snide, aggressive tone of the HR interrogator’s questioning that the school administration is looking for a pretext. And a small number of student slipping out of the classroom during confusion created by the administration itself is the pretext the school has found.

We will continue to follow this case.


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This is a prefectural investigation being conducted by a kangaroo court

Hmm, maybe the FBI needs to look into this? But they won’t because she doesn’t support the demented, retarded pedophile-in-chief.

They’re all cowards that duck, run, and hide when the big bad teacher comes back.

Why is she not entitled to bring legal representation?
“You can bring a union rep.”
A teacher’s union? An anchor and a noose would be more helpful.

Pure evil on the part of the state…once a part of the USA

I wonder if the Leftist Seminaries system is to far gone and corrupted. You see if it’s the indoctrinated students doing much of the harassment they are well brainwashed and would need intervention.

Once things reach this level, there is no remedy. This school needs to be shut down and the entire school system purged of communists. Start all over again from the beginning. Those eggs are too scrambled for anyone to unscramble.

Heartbreaking. She probably loves the kids who wrote that garbage on her board.

E Howard Hunt | October 14, 2021 at 8:23 am

Let it rip!

The invention of the pretext probably predates that of the wheel.

Phillygirl1807 | October 14, 2021 at 10:02 am

The teachers union will not help her. They are (usually) in bed with the superintendent. Many years ago I was accused of not doing my job well. I asked the teachers union rep to help me. We had a meeting with the superintendent. The Union rep sat on the same side of the table with the superintendent. I knew at that point I was alone. I resigned rather than continue to be harassed.

I wouldn’t want to be a teacher in this anti-achievement climate. So sorry this teacher is learning how school politics really works. There are many more fulfilling jobs out there.

    Republicans need to start working on a competing union to the teachers union. Police Union does a lot of good work and we could try and replicate that.

      bhwms in reply to Danny. | October 14, 2021 at 4:54 pm

      How about eliminating government employee unions completely? There is no way a governing body (Executive branch) can negotiate with its employees and have the legislative body at the table.

      Or failing that, make all government employee union contracts subject to a stand-alone up or down roll call vote of the legislative body?

      I’ve seen this first hand – I was on my town’s budget committee. We had to take all warrant articles placed on the ballot for the town and school, and give a recommendation. We told all the unions – no more “Cadillac” health benefits: they had a BCBS health plan for cheap dollars that was 100% coverage. We insisted on co-pays and co-insurance, like the other towns around, and like most business employees. The schools negotiated in that they would pay them, not the teachers. At the public hearing, we told them to take it out. They refused. We voted to not recommend the contract. The warrant article went down in flames.

      The fire department did the same thing – same outcome.
      The police department saw what happened and came in with all our requirements met, and the town gave them a couple of nice benefits which didn’t cost much, or were going to be done anyway in a year or two. They got the recommendation, and the article was passed by the town voters.

      There’s no equivalent way to do this with Government employee unions at the federal and maybe even the state level. They must be abolished.

Reported both of those little assholes on Twitter. Wanna harass someone? Fine. Twitter doesn’t like that, and have taken a hard line on it.

Just imagine what the graduates of this malicious hateful system will be like, assuming they actually graduate. This isn’t a school system, it’s a marxist monster factory.

I feel awful for this teacher, but I’m afraid she’s fighting a losing battle. There’s no place anymore for a teacher who actually cares about her students, and has high standards she will not compromise on.

Aren’t these the same people who equate hate speech with violence? Isn’t that what these “teachers” are teaching?

Get your kids out of government indoctrination centers.

Are we still not allowed to compare these people to the ones putting Jews in ovens?

OK- Can we compare them to the ones who murdered their fellow citizens in the Soviet Union?

OK- Someone else will compare a future evil to whatever evil this grows into.

Like always, just go on pretending we are not at war. They are not pretending, nor are they hiding it.

I don’t know what else one would expect from the government monopoly “public” school system – America’s best example of totalitarian socialism.

George_Kaplan | October 14, 2021 at 8:55 pm

Seems like the board and circulating photos will reinforce a bullying and unlawful firing should Bessinger pursue such a lawsuit.