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Biden Blames COVID for Decision to Delay Release of JFK Assassination Files

Biden Blames COVID for Decision to Delay Release of JFK Assassination Files

COVID: Is there anything it can’t do?

As we approach the 58th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, many Americans who love their nation and history are eagerly awaiting the release of government files related to the investigation of his death.

The Biden administration, however, has officially delayed the release of these records. It is blaming COVID for the decision.

The White House statement, signed by President Biden, did not make clear exactly how the coronavirus had delayed the release of the records, which must be released to comply with a 1992 congressional act, but said that the national archivist had reported that the pandemic had had a “significant impact on the agencies” that need to be consulted on redactions.

The archivist of the United States directs the National Archives and Records Administration, the repository of public governmental records. The position has been held since 2009 by David S. Ferriero, a former librarian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University and the New York Public Library. He is the 10th person in the role since the National Archives were established in 1934.

The White House statement said that the National Archives required additional time to conduct research and work with the agencies, which include the Defense, Justice and State departments.

It appears the most sensitive of the material will be released late next year.

This year, the National Archives and Records Administration ruled that “unfortunately, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the agencies,” and NARA needed additional time to research the material and “maximize the amount of information released,” the memo said.

The most sensitive information will now be released in December 2022 and material that has already been deemed “appropriate for release to the public,” will be dumped on Dec. 15 of this year.

Some 250,000 records have already been released, but the public cannot view them unless they drive to NARA’s College Park, Maryland headquarters, the memo said.

I guess that means COVID will be all wrapped up by 2022! Good to finally have a firm date on the pandemic’s end.

The material would become available through a 1992 Act focused on the records related to the assassination.

In 1992, Congress ruled that “all Government records concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy … should be eventually disclosed to enable the public to become fully informed about the history surrounding the assassination.”

The act allowed the government to postpone the release to “protect against an identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or the conduct of foreign relations,” according to Biden’s memo.

COVID: Is there anything it can’t do?


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2smartforlibs | October 24, 2021 at 4:09 pm

Keep blaming the WuFlu.

“because of covid.’ Whew. What a relief. For a minute there, I thought they were going for ‘because of racism.’

With Sundowner a little surprised he didn’t blame the assassination on Covid.

If I released JFK now he would be at risk for COVIDS. Fauci is too busy with beagles right now and Alec Baldwin is unavailable to give him a shot so I will wait a year and it will Kamala’s problem.

Joe has no idea. I know a lot of guys that are his age but none of them are going on 90 and oblivious to where they are and what they are supposed to be doing.

America is getting their money’s worth out of Joe Biden.

E Howard Hunt | October 24, 2021 at 5:09 pm

Biden does not blame the assassination on covid because Oswald’s actions constituted a mere attempted assassination. Joe maintains that JFK actually died of covid, and that the magic bullet was at best a contributing factor.

There is no innocent reason to keep this records this long. Therefore, I presume that JFK was murdered by the CIA, and that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were involved.

This presumption is rebuttable, if the papers are released in full.

    I’m thinking that some folks who know enough to expose the truth are still alive. The assassination was created by deep state and the disposition of the case was handled by deep state.

    It was an excellent shot, definitely from a rifle and not a handgun.

      henrybowman in reply to NotKennedy. | October 24, 2021 at 6:03 pm

      I don’t know of anybody who disputes that JFK (as opposed to RFK) was shot with a rifle.

        Exactly, no one presumes that anyone close to the vehicle shot him. However, someone managed to put him in position for someone with a rifle to do their part. It would seem that the rifle was prepositioned, as well.

        Who knows? Maybe there were several prepositioned rifles along various routes that never got a shot.

      Subotai Bahadur in reply to NotKennedy. | October 24, 2021 at 11:45 pm

      Lee Harvey Oswald’s background and fate may well be the reason for covering things up.

      Subotai Bahadur

    TX-rifraph in reply to Valerie. | October 25, 2021 at 6:16 am

    JFK and I suspect Robert Kennedy appear to have been honest people in a very corrupt family (Ted fit in). Based on one of his speeches, I think JFK was going to expose the deep state (it was not as deep back then) so he had to be silenced. Oswald (the fall guy) was silenced shortly after by Ruby who apparently had mod ties of some sort. Then, Ruby was set free due to a “mistrial” (convenient) and never retried (also convenient). And, the investigation was run by the FBI (aka the cleanup crew). I also suspect the CIA as they would have capable snipers. I would be surprised if the records have not been “misfiled” and can’t be located so pass all the laws you want.

The FBI will ensure that the files are never released. If not CV, then climate change or Trump or space aliens or…

I wonder why covid and not climate change?

Frank Hammond | October 24, 2021 at 7:53 pm

Supposedly members of the Kennedy Family, including Caroline wanted the delay. Not sure why Old Joe didn’t just tell the truth instead of using Covid?

Details of the JFK assassination will be released next time a distraction is required.

The CIA and FBI were officially not involved, and all people officially involved are dead, so what needs to be redacted?

Does make you wonder what they’re trying to keep hidden and who they’re still trying to protect after all these years.

have been told that in any homicide, the best evidence is the corpus delicti–lifton wrote a book entitled “best evidence” forty years ago that details the chain of possession of the body of jfk from the shooting to bethesda–interesting in that it illuminates the rather glaring distinctions between the results/observations from the autopsy performed at parkland and the subsequent one performed many hours later at bethesda–have pathologist relatives and they opined that the autopsies would appear to have been performed on two different shooting victims given the nature/extent of the wounds observed, particularly the head wound(s)

have never believed oswald acted alone for several reasons–though he was a marksman of sorts simply do not believe he could have accomplished the number of shots fired/strikes reported in six seconds–no other marksman(from the military, ss, cia, fbi)was able to duplicate oswald’s alleged performance in the allotted time

the smoking gun in the whole thing is, of course, the zapruder film–if you’ve watched that film and you’ve ever shot a living target with a longarm(human or otherwise)there is very little doubt that the headshot came from in front of jfk–specifically from the rr bridge–many years later was taught that when firing on a moving target from a fixed position the hierarchy for best success was line-of-sight approaching, line-of-sight retreating, line-of-sight traversing–the rr bridge was the place in dealey plaza

one other question about the zapruder film was that, as a live record of the event, why was the warren commission not shown the motion picture in its original format rather than only still frames from the film? believe the reason is obvious

“I guess that means COVID will be all wrapped up by 2022”

Something else will also be wrapped up by then, the midterms. A cynical person might assume that the files would cast a bad light on Democrats and/or some of their goon squads (government agencies or not). There will be a new excuse though I’m sure next year.