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VIDEO: White Male Students in Campus Multicultural Space Told Their Presence is Offensive

VIDEO: White Male Students in Campus Multicultural Space Told Their Presence is Offensive

“This white man thinks he can take up our space.”

We recently highlighted a report from the Wall Street Journal about how young white men are not enrolling in college nearly as much as they used to and maybe this has something to do with it.

In the video below, two young men are sitting at a table, minding their own business when they are approached by two young women, presumably of color, who inform them that their presence is offensive. The young women take great offense to to the ‘police lives matter’ sticker one of the men has on his laptop computer.

The two young women single these men out, verbally accost them, and then claim that it is the men who are making the space feel unsafe. At one point, one of the women mentions ASU, so this could be Arizona State University, but that is not confirmed.

Watch the whole thing:

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Don’t worry. I’m sure the men have been disciplined for their racist insensitivity.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 24, 2021 at 11:29 am

Was either of the colored students enrolled in a real major?

Were I either of the white males involved, I’d round up 50 more and return to those tables. That is, if there were 60 whites with any spine.

Twitchy has more at:
“Students for Socialism ASU” posted two pictures of the male students on Twitter with:
“Campus racists barged into the multicultural center and demanded that they be respected and be allowed to use the space.

Students have fought hard for this space only to have it be intruded upon by violent, reactionary thugs!”

I have seen actual racism in my life and fought against it. The woman speaking is the racist in this situation.

The vapid and stupid young racist harridan whining about the two young men sitting in that space most likely was flunking out and/or on academic probation for putting her socialist crap ahead of academics. Everything that came out of her mouth was whackademic diarrhea that made zero sense. I’ll bet real money that her major is [fill in the blank grievance] studies and she faces zero real career possibilities except an affirmative action make-work job that she’ll blow off within a year whining about not being promoted after her attendance record is the worst in the employer’s history. Heard and seen her kind of trash too often in 50+ years of medical practice to know.

I hope their student grant money is distributed in quarters because they are in serious need of “clues.”

Seems to me that an appropriate response would be, “O, I’m so sorry for having offended you with my existence. I’ll kill myself ASAP.” And then proceed to do so, leaving a clear trail of the entire scenario so that responsibility can be meted out properly.

I realize that whant I’ suggesting is neither reasonable nor practical, but it’s time that the liberal left is held accountable for their hatred and repression of heterosexual men, and forced to deal with the consequences of their bias and offensive behavior.

This is incredible at a state supported institution of higher learning. The repies take you to the Instagram account: which takes you to a 2018 statement posted on a Cambridge MA website explaining their position as to why the proposed Multicultural Center must be a “people of color” only space. (Back in 2018, activists did not care about indigenous people.)

I think that the two women realized they messed up, so they are trying to rally the campus behind them. Their demands go beyond an POC exclusive space to demand creation of cultural excellence advisors. Basically, each academic department would have at least one person appointed as the thought policeman to check with everyone to ensure that they are truely committed to inclusion and diversity. Sort of like the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution in China.

You have to watch this video from early Sept. where the same two women who confront the white male students admit that they were told by Dr. Crow that the “multicultural space” would never exclude cis white males. Michael M. Crow is the President of ASU’s Tempe campus.

I doubt that the demands for separate spaces for BIPOC and cis white males is consistent with ASU’s philosophy and goals. For example, would these women support a space where cis white males could exclude all other students? Similarly, ASU is deeply committed to sustainability goals. Overbuilding ASU facilities to provide segregated spaces is incompatible with the environment. Finally, the MSC meetings begin with land acknowledgements. Consistent with that, would it make more sense to return the campus lands and buildings to the indigenous people rather than poorly utilize the space in an inefficient segregated manner?

Perhaps this playbook is inspired by the scholarship of former ASU professor Matthew C. Whitaker, who resigned in a plagiarism scandal.

My jaw is on my chest as I listen to this, I am just awestruck and ashamed. I fought on the front lines in Minneapolis for this? I was tear gassed, pepper sprayed and pepper balled so these students can spread their hate against whites? While I wish half of all cops were fired yesterday and the rest were re trained, to suggest they are all killing black people is as insane as the rest of the rant. The blindness to their hypocrisy even as it is pointed out to them is just embarrassing. So much for years of teaching multiculturalism. Final note; being racist against the racists might feel good, but it is never going to get you anything good.