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VIDEO: Academic Says Teachers Who Won’t Adopt Social Justice Approach Should be Removed

VIDEO: Academic Says Teachers Who Won’t Adopt Social Justice Approach Should be Removed

“decentering whiteness”

One of the most disturbing things to happen in education in the last two years, has been hearing what educators say when they think no one is listening to them.

In this case, it was a discussion about social justice in education.

If you watch to the end, you will hear this person from George Mason University say that if teachers won’t adopt this approach, they should be removed. Watch:

This is who is teaching your children.

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Sure, of course. They’re serious, they mean business, they think they’re credible. Until somebody shows them that they can’t do this, they’ll keep pushing more and more and acting more and more proud.

Watch them carefully, report them, remove THEM. They’ll give you opportunities, like the guy who got taped on Project Veritas saying he wanted to turn his students into socialists. Record! Cameras can be very small and unobtrusive.

Any of you who can, please, please audit these courses and challenge these indoctrinators. Show our youth how to stand up against these lies.

tolerancematters | September 10, 2021 at 9:59 am

After watching the video, it seems ironic that these educators would insist on evaluating teachers for potential removal from their positions for failure to deliver the correct version of social justice.

I bet that these are the same educators who wish to stop evaluating the student’s performance.

Lacking the guts to tell a student they’re wrong … teachers hide that pronouncement by claiming they’re giving students the tools to realize they’re wrong on their own. Either way … it’s judgmental and it’s forced and coerced indoctrination. These teachers should be damned.