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‘Terrific Public Policy’: People Use False Arguments to Justify COVID Vaccine Mandate

‘Terrific Public Policy’: People Use False Arguments to Justify COVID Vaccine Mandate

Guys, if you would just get the vaccine the tyrants wouldn’t have to take over!

It grosses me out to see people celebrate Biden’s stupid vaccine mandate, especially from so-called conservatives.

First off, don’t use children’s school vaccine mandates to justify Biden’s mandate. It’s not the same thing. I’ve also said it’s precious how people want to help vulnerable people like me and only push the COVID vaccine.

Why aren’t they pushing mandates for these vaccines among adults? Yes, you need adult boosters for a few of these diseases! Flu shot? Pneumonia shot?

Do these adults get their flu shot every year? Did they get their boosters?

But George Washington wanted to mandate the smallpox vaccine! No, inoculation is not the same as a vaccine.

Second, Washington wasn’t president. When he was president he did not push or pass such a law or mandate. Just because he said it doesn’t mean he knew it was right to do it.

I personally love the idea of everyone getting vaccinated. I hate that some of my closest friends aren’t vaccinated. But their choice!

Great public policy, eh? Imagine if Trump did this instead of Biden. Paul Krugman would be losing his mind. This whole thread is mumbo jumbo nonsense. Another guy thinks Biden’s mandate will actually help him in 2022. Everyone, point and laugh!

Then we have Rachel Maddow. The COVID mandate proves she is a socialist because she had to use every example of government overreach to justify the mandate.

Ah, then we have others blaming and shaming the unvaccinated. If only you people complied we wouldn’t have tyranny!


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These are not Conservatives!!!

There’s an ER doctor that goes to my gym. He’s been out for a couple weeks because they’ve been stacked up deep at work. He’s saying it’s worse now than at the prior peak AND almost entirely from unvaccinated people.

But here’s the catch.

It’s all old people 65+, or fat/diabetic people. Basicly its still just people with 1 foot in the grave.

I asked him if he’s seen (since this thing started) anyone my age (50-ish) or younger come into the ER with COVID. He thought about it a minute and just said “only meth addicts” To date he’s not seen a single person come in with COVID who is otherwise has a healthy lifestyle.

He said none of what is being driven politically aligns with the actual data and shook his head about the idea of vaccinating teens and kids.

    n.n in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    And the people at highest risk: “fat is beautiful”, “healthy at any weight” have been deceived about the efficacy of mask mandates and general distribution of vaccines to prevent infection and transmission, thereby increasing personal and community risk for people with symptomatic and now asymptomatic (suppressed) conditions. This bears all the signs of the minds and motives of the AIDS community pandemic. #NoJudgment #NoLabels I guess.

    JHogan in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    It’s all old people 65+, or fat/diabetic people. Basicly its still just people with 1 foot in the grave.

    Just like with the original variant.

    Otherwise healthy people under the age of about 60 have an IFR of about 99.99%.

    If someone in the Dem-media propaganda complex is confronted with this fact, which is very rare event, they immediately start talking about how we do not know what the long term affects of contracting Covid are.

    Something they are completely unconcerned about with the so-called vaccines.

    And the one long term effect of contracting Covid we do know about, over 20 times the immunity of any vaccine and of much longer duration, is rarely mentioned.

      I’d argue the more contagious part is possibly true, else these boomers and shamoos would have caught it the first time.

      Curiously, no one is concerned about medicare expenses. Since the bulk of hospitalizations are medicare patients, how long till that Ponzi scheme runs out of cash they don’t have in the first place?

    caseoftheblues in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    Yah….if you say so…

      caseoftheblues…. you’re right. I made it up.

      All he sees in the ER for COVID are Mormons in their 20s-30s that don’t drink, and ran track in college.

      You have a bright future in the Biden administration, likely leading OSHA.

        caseoftheblues in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2021 at 10:50 pm

        All I’ve heard since this whole scamdemic started are hoax stories from supposed doctors and nurses about how overwhelmed they are…and the bodies stacking up etc etc etc…
        ALL of them fake. My comment had nothing to do with not believing that overweight unhealthly people die…as they do everyday….get a grip weirdo

    Ironclaw in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2021 at 11:51 pm

    Another point of data. Over 70% of adults over age 12 have had at least one dose of the “vaccines”. For some reason, we at this time have about triple the number of cases and roughly double the number of hospitalizations as we had a year ago, when nobody was “vaccinated.” This doesn’t speak well of the efficacy of the “vaccines.”

      Dathurtz in reply to Ironclaw. | September 11, 2021 at 9:10 am

      It probably also means our govt is full of crap about how many people are vaccinated.

      Great efficacy in jabbing the 16 year old kids who were never going to show a symptom anyway.

      I don’t exactly comprehend the reasoning for fat and old people NOT getting vaccinated. If you look like the statistic of the dead, not a great plan. The funny part is, the government has the fewest levers over them, unless they want to cut off medicare or SS— which they couldn’t get away with.

“If you weren’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t have to beat you.”

The feds get in on externalities, and one state infecting another so it can’t be done statewise. Whether Biden himself can do it is up to courts and limits of delegation of legislative authority to agencies. Usually courts defer to agencies.

Obviously if the mandate can be construed as a tax, then it’s kosher.

Why can’t these idiots get it through their thick heads that this clotshot is not a vaccine. There has NEVER been a time that a shot was required without first going through years of testing to insure it is safe. Other vaccines have been encouraged, but never required. Even in schools, you can reject vaccines based on various grounds. This shot mandate will be the final affront that will start the real violence in this country.

The whole argument of ‘it’s only folks who refused the vax that are creating risk of transmission or being hospitalized is completely bogus. In the US it’s about 25% vax who are hospitalized. If folks who have the vax are hospitalized with Rona then:
1. People with a vax still contract Rona
2. People with Rona still transmit and spread Rona

The media and policymakers are ignoring these facts just as they continue to ignore natural immunity. Reasonable people are tired of being misinformed and manipulated. The Brian admin, the d/progressive and squishy go along with it r establishment will regret this.

Take a look at the profile for the vast majority of people hospitalized or who had severe problems with Rona. The obese are 75+% of this group. The overwhelming majority of the remainder are frail elderly or compromised immune system or both. The majority of people are not living in fear because they have done the research and understand that they don’t have anything to fear from Rona.

When do we “Go Galt” on this society? Let the soy whiners fix their own cars, plumbing, air conditioning, etc.
We need to withhold our skillset from them….or is that why the borders are open?

    henrybowman in reply to scooterjay. | September 10, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    I regularly decline to serve “known blues,” but where I live they don’t enthusiastically out themselves. I wouldn’t do it by asking people for their vax status, because some people take it for valid medical reasons, and others take it only because they’re uninformed and apathetic.

“Biden’s vaccine mandate is terrific public policy; it is, more or less literally, what the doctor ordered.”

Which doctor? It is certainly NOT what Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, has ordered. Dr. Malone, like Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Med (one of the most respected and oft-cited epidemiologists in the world) have said that it is foolish and counter-productive to vaccinate everybody. They have said that only those most at risk for covid should be vaccinated. That means the elderly and those with co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, etc. Drs. Malone and Kulldorff have said that people not at high risk and the young should not be vaccinated, because the risks from the vaccine outweigh the risks of the virus for those people.

And there are plenty of other doctors saying the same thing. But we shouldn’t listen to those doctors, because they’re not incompetent, fascist, bureaucratic hacks like Fauci.

But it’s good to know that the moronic Krugman is keeping intact his record of being dead wrong about everything he has ever expressed an opinion about.

    caseoftheblues in reply to Observer. | September 10, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    And guess what…Biden’s new vaccine mandates for federal employees do not apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system

    Because of course….

“Refusing to take the vaccine is not a mere “policy position.” It’s not like your personal position on raising taxes, or canceling student debt. It’s an antisocial, ignorant, and petulant behavior that has a *direct impact* on others’ health and well being.”

This makes no sense. If you are vaccinated, and the vaccine actually worked, then being near an unvaccinated person should not affect you in the least. Moreover, whatever happened to “My body; my choice”?

I gather these little Stalin’s didn’t really think this through.

    Not everyone has been vaccinated and it might not be advisable for some. It’s also the case that it makes eradicating the virus much harder thus allowing it mutate potentially making the vaccine useless thus the original criticism stands.

“the hyperbolic storms of right-wing outrage as out-of-touch tantrums of a group of people who clearly want the pandemic to go on forever.”

Extending the pandemic is how the right gets wealthy and gets laid.

1. Refuse to be vaccinated, extend pandemic forever.
2. ?
3. Success!

Next up, mandated exercise on treadmills to generate electricity.

Odd article claiming false arguments without actually making any reference to how the arguments are false

Oh look. Jonah Goldberg.
Useless jackass, of course he’s in favor of this.

Since we are now allowed to make someone take a medical treatment against their will as long as it’s for a good reason (if their behavior affects others), why don’t we sterilize anyone on welfare, lest they have more children and cost taxpayers money?

About that comparison to small pox and George Washington’s support for small pox vaccinations…

The fatality rate for smallpox is at least 30%. For some strains it approaches 100%.

The fatality rate for Covid is less than 0.5%. For people under the age of 50 it is about 0.01%.

Think George Washington would be concerned about vaccinating his troops from Covid?

Actually, there was a serious debate over approving the chickenpox vaccine. It wasn’t nearly as effective as the vaccines against the other deadly childhood diseases.

How come we aren’t hearing about stacks of dead homeless in the big cities? Seriously doubt they’ve worried about vaccines.

Well, if Jonah Goldberg says it it must be true. The only source more reliable as the guy whose avatar is a dog with a party hat would be David French.
The best and most convincing part of Goldbrick’s argument was undoubtedly the “ffs” – so edgy!

The approved vaccine is not available. Although it is completely illegal for them to be available, only the experimental vaccines are available. The law says that the experimental vaccines must be pulled, but they weren’t. Children’s Health Defense is suing the FDA over that. The vaccine mandate tries to coerce people to participate in a medical experiment. The violates international law which was established when the Nazi party did it during WWII.

It is illegal to take an illegal vaccine.

The vaccine doesn’t look good to me. To cite Dr. Zelenko, the problems with the vaccine can be broke into 3 time frames.

1. Immediate: Blood clots will immediately form. D-dimer tests (test of clotting) by German and Canadian doctors have confirmed permanent damage in the heart, mind, and other vital organs in more than 60% of the vaccinated.

2. Intermediate: The last 30 corona virus vaccines and the last 40 mRNA vaccines all caused autoimmune issues during the challenge test (the vaccinated are exposed to the virus). No corona or mRNA vaccine has ever passed the challenge test. The current vaccines skipped the challenge test. You are betting your life that this will be the first win after 30 or 40
tries. If you lose, you will have autoimmune issues. Your chance of survival is about 50% over the next 4 years, depending on who is guessing. We will know more about this in 9 months. It could be a “long dark winter” as Joe Biden put it.

3. Long Term: We know that the spike proteins are accumulating in the spleen. After several years, they should work their way up the vagus nerve and enter into the brain as a prion. It is speculative, but many think that the prions will cause neurodegenerative diseases in most of the vaccinated. Joe Biden alluded to this when he said that in 5 years every hospital bed will be filled with an Alzheimer’s patient.

    Milhouse in reply to InEssence. | September 12, 2021 at 2:40 am

    I won’t even bother addressing most of your nonsense, but this:The violates international law which was established when the Nazi party did it during WWII. is an outright falsehood.