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Report: Testimony, Footage Indicates Biden Droned Innocent Family in Afghanistan

Report: Testimony, Footage Indicates Biden Droned Innocent Family in Afghanistan

Testimony and footage of the drone strike show it killed 10 people, including seven children.

The New York Times did journalism. I’m glad it did.

Four reporters swam through testimony and footage of the “righteous strike” Biden took in Afghanistan to kill a man supposedly connected to ISIS on August 29 after the terrorist attack on the Kabul airport.

The testimony and footage contradicted Biden’s claims. It seems the drone murdered U.S. aid worker Zemari Ahmadi and his family.

In fact, the reporters found out that the drone killed 10 people, including seven children.

U.S. officials claim they did not know their target was Ahmadi. They “deemed him suspicious because of how they interpreted his activities that day, saying that he possibly visited an ISIS safe house and, at one point, loaded what they thought could be explosives into the car.”

Ahmadi, 43, worked as an electrical engineer for Nutrition and Education International (NEI) since 2006. The aid group is based in California.

Ahmadi’s relatives said he left the house at 9 AM. He drove a white 1996 Toyota Corolla, which belonged to NEI.

He “lived with his three brothers and their families, a few kilometers northwest of the” Kabul airport.

The Times spoke to the NEI country director about Ahmadi:

The morning of the strike, Mr. Ahmadi’s boss called from the office at around 8:45 a.m., and asked him to pick up his laptop.

“I asked him if he was still at home, and he said yes,” the country director said in an interview at N.E.I.’s office in Kabul. Like the rest of Mr. Ahmadi’s colleagues, he spoke on condition of anonymity because of his association with an American company in Afghanistan.

It is unclear if officials were referring to one of the three stops that Mr. Ahmadi made to pick up two passengers and the laptop on his way to work: The latter location, the home of N.E.I.’s country director, was close to where a rocket attack claimed by ISIS would be launched against the airport the following morning, from an improvised launcher concealed inside the trunk of a Toyota Corolla, a model similar to Mr. Ahmadi’s vehicle.

A Times reporter visited the director at his home, and met with members of his family, who said they had been living there for 40 years. “We have nothing to do with terrorism or ISIS,” said the director, who also has a U.S. resettlement case. “We love America. We want to go there.”

U.S. officials started tracking Ahmadi when he left his house because he drove a white sedan, which was their target. The white sedan supposedly left an ISIS safe house only five kilometers northwest of the Kabul airport.

These same officials “claimed they intercepted communications between the sedan and the alleged ISIS safe house, instructing it to make several stops.”

Those with Ahmadi that day dispute the officials:

After stopping to pick up breakfast, Mr. Ahmadi and his two passengers arrived at N.E.I.’s office, where security camera footage obtained by The Times recorded their arrival at 9:35 a.m. Later that morning Mr. Ahmadi drove some co-workers to a Taliban-occupied police station downtown, where they said they requested permission to distribute food to refugees in a nearby park. Mr. Ahmadi and his three passengers returned to the office around 2 p.m.

As seen on camera footage, Mr. Ahmadi came out a half-hour later with a hose that was streaming water. With the help of a guard, he filled several empty plastic containers. According to his co-workers, water deliveries had stopped in his neighborhood after the collapse of the government and Mr. Ahmadi had been bringing home water from the office.

“I filled the containers myself, and helped him load them into the trunk,” the guard said.

At 3:38 p.m., the guard and another co-worker moved the car farther into the driveway. The camera footage ends soon after, when the office shut off its generator at the end of the work day, and Mr. Ahmadi and three passengers left for home.

Officials said they saw Amhadi and three other people placing “heavy packages into the car, which they believed might contain explosives.”

The coworkers said the car only had two laptops inside and the trunk held water-filled containers.

A passenger said they had a good time driving home, filling the car “with their usual laughter and banter.”

Ahmadi dropped them off at their homes and headed back to his house. One person asked him to come inside, but Ahmadi wanted to go home.

Officials admitted they did not much about the target’s identity. They knew he was a threat. They also said they only saw one man greet Ahmadi so they assumed the drone would not kill or harm women or children.

The Times investigation found otherwise:

But according to his relatives, as Mr. Ahmadi pulled into his courtyard, several of his children and his brothers’ children came out, excited to see him, and sat in the car as he backed it inside. Mr. Ahmadi’s brother Romal was sitting on the ground floor with his wife when he heard the sound of the gate opening, and Mr. Ahmadi’s car entering. His adult cousin Naser had gone to fetch water for his ablutions, and greeted him.

The car’s engine was still running when there was a sudden blast, and the room was sprayed with shattered glass from the window, Romal recalled. He staggered to his feet. “Where are the children?” he asked his wife.

“They’re outside,” she replied.

Romal ran out into the courtyard; he saw that his nephew Faysal, 16, had fallen from the exterior staircase, his torso and head grievously wounded by shrapnel. “He wasn’t breathing.”

Amid the smoke and fire, he saw another dead nephew, before neighbors arrived and pulled him away, he said.

Officials still claim the drone only killed three people. Ahmadi’s relatives listed those the drone killed and described the scene outside:

Mr. Ahmadi and three of his children, Zamir, 20, Faisal, 16, and Farzad, 10; Mr. Ahmadi’s cousin Naser, 30; three of Romal’s children, Arwin, 7, Benyamin, 6, and Hayat, 2; and two 3-year-old girls, Malika and Somaya.

Neighbors and an Afghan health official confirmed that bodies of children were removed from the site. They said the blast had shredded most of the victims; fragments of human remains were seen inside and around the compound the next day by a reporter, including blood and flesh splattered on interior walls and ceilings. Mr. Ahmadi’s relatives provided photographs of several badly burned bodies belonging to children.

Ahmadi wanted to live in America. NEI was helping him. He applied for refugee resettlement.

The Pentagon’s statement is your typical PR word salad: “U.S. Central Command continues to assess the results of the airstrike in Kabul on Aug. 29. We won’t get ahead of that assessment. However, as we have said, no other military works harder than we do to prevent civilian casualties. Additionally, as Chairman Milley said, the strike was based on good intelligence, and we still believe that it prevented an imminent threat to the airport and to our men and women that were still serving at the airport.”


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That’s what liberals do. Slick Willy did this to an aspirin factory when his Lewinskys became public.

    “I did not have sexual relations with THAT WOMAN! I only used a cigar as a sex toy. Now, shut up and let me get back to the work of the American people.”

This is the stuff of a tragicomic farce, a plot point in a Hollywood movie; if Hollywood wasn’t populated by dutifully loyal, lemming, Dhimmi-crat zealots who would never produce any film or TV content that would ever contain a scintilla of criticism regarding a Dhimmi-crat apparatchik.

A dim-witted, tottering, feeble, corrupt, mendacious, incompetent, Chinese communist-installed dotard/vassal/puppet/dhimmi conducts an utterly incompetent and negligent withdrawal from a failed state run by Muslim terrorists, and, in order to alleviate some of the withering criticism that he’s justifiably and fairly received, he orders a drone strike on a local, innocent family, just to show that he allegedly has “cojones.” But, we all know that Xi-den not only doesn’t have cojones, his lack of a brain is clinically proven.

    Government seems to attract the venal, incompetent and crooked elements. Stupid things then just seem to happen. Oh, and tie lazy types who’s few up everything, too, by failing to do the work required in order to get it right.

Joe Biden didn’t do this. He didn’t pick the victims. He didn’t pull the trigger. That happened much lower down in the chain of command.

The most Biden did was say something like, “Kill somebody to make it look like we did something.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t it turn out that we had advance information on the first suicide bomber and that even knowing this, we left our Marines in place by the gate, where we understood the bomb was going to go off. We chose not to drone strike him because?? So this subsequent drone strike on an innocent man actually compounds the original stupidity and incompetence.

    henrybowman in reply to Titan28. | September 13, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Look. None of this, at this point, make any difference.
    The question we want answered is: did they finally get Emmanuel Goldstein this time?

The same US government that was convinced Amhadi was a mad bomber is also convinced that the J6 protests constituted an insurrection, and that “white nationalists” are lurking in every nook and cranny in AmeriKKKa.

The question is not WILL the US government start deliberately killing US citizens on US soil. That has already happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco. The question is WHEN will it escalate to a full-blown war on American citizens. Already the Capitol fence is going back up, and US troops to “guard” Congress will likely also return.

    Waiting for the first drone strike in the US against ‘white supremacist terrorists’.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to JHogan. | September 13, 2021 at 6:18 pm

      … disguised as a family loading “heavy packages into a vehicle” at Best Buy.

      The heavy packages will be a 55″ flat-screen, a sound bar setup, and new computers for the twin girls starting college this month.

    get with the times.
    its now light-skinned-black white supremacists that are a huge danger.

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | September 13, 2021 at 2:41 pm


    . . . and US troops to “guard” Congress will likely also return.

    And if Republican state governors had any spine they’d tell the Biden regime, “Nuts to you.” and refuse to send any state national guard this time.

      It’s not up to them. The National Guard is a national force, not a state force. Units are usually under state command when the USA doesn’t need them, but whenever they’re needed the president takes them over.

        I think that as Biden* sinks lower in the polls the junta will call up US troops more and more often to guard against the imaginary “white nationalist” threat.

        The real goal of the Biden* junta is to provoke an incident – or fake one, if necessary – which would then be used as an excuse to round up huge numbers of “white nationalists” and incarcerate them indefinitely. The treatment of the J6 protestors signaled how the junta plans to deal with its critics.

        Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | September 14, 2021 at 2:55 pm

        There is a legal process before the President can take them over and the orders still have to go through the governors (except in D.C.; the D.C National Guard is always under federal control). So, yes, the governors can say “nuts” to the feds and force this Commander-In-Retreat’s hand.

        And we’ll see the guy who wouldn’t send reinforcements to Kabul when they were needed to secure American citizens militarize the U.S. capitol to protect the Dem’s ongoing rebellion against the Constitution and American citizens.

        “…During her call with the general, Pelosi said, “You know [Trump’s] crazy. He’s been crazy for a long time.”

        Milley reportedly responded, “Madam Speaker, I agree with you on everything.””

        This is what plotting a coup looks like. This is what sedition looks like. This is what rebellion looks like. This is what swearing a false oath to serve, protect, and defend the Constitution looks like. You know why it looks like all those things.


        Pelosi couldn’t use a Constitutional process to get rid of Trump. They couldn’t impeach and convict him because he never committed any offense the treasonous Dems alleged in those pathetic articles of impeachment. Pelosi can’t invoke the 25th Amendment. Trump’s VP and cabinet are the only officers per the Constitution that can invoke the 25th Amendment. And Trump was probably the sanest elected official inside the beltway.

        So, f*** it said Pelosi, Milley, and apparently the entire JCS. F*** the Constitution.

        Now we have a President who announces ahead of time that he intends to violate his oath of office and act unconstitutionally (extending the CDC’s eviction moratorium, which the SCOTUS already declared unconstitutional) because he figured he could get away with it for a while. A President who really did offer a quid pro quo to Afghan President Afghanistan. Increased military aid in exchange for lying about the security situation to assist with his admin’s messaging. Which following the debacle he insisted on engineering was exposed as lies all the way down, and is now simply one of a laundry list of reasons he needs to be impeached. Biden was always a congenital liar and a truly vile pol. A psychopath. But now he’s not even a functional psychopath (although whoever is actually in charge clearly is). If the 25th Amendment was ever ratified for a reason, we have it now.

        And none of these traitors will take any action. Because, as Glenn Greenwald noted on twitter as Dems heaped praise on GWB (who also despises the GOP base, and was similarly incompetent and arrogant; Afghanistan is a bipartisan catastrophe) only because they love the war on terror. They just want to turn it inward against Americans. Not outward against terrorists who want to kill Americans. Who they just resupplied and rearmed, no doubt because when they successfully attack again they will impose new internal security measures that only assault Americans and deprive them of their rights.

        Like gun control, which is politicized after every heinous crimes to deprive people who DIDN’t commit the crime of their guns and their rights, their internal security plans won’t be aimed at the actual terrorists but their domestic political enemies.

        So, yeah, red state governors need to tell Biden to f*** himself. Like Biden with his farm-aid-for-black-and-brown-farmers-only, his CDC power grab, his DoL/OSHA vaccine mandate overreach, the governors will lose.

        But at least the governors will be acting constitutionally until they do, unlike Biden who willfully, knowingly (or at least whoever is pulling Biden’s strings while Biden sits at the kiddie table wearing a bib while someone spoon feeds him tapioca), intentionally violated the Constitution.

        By law the governors do not have to deploy any troops if the President merely requests them, which is all Trump did after Jan. 6. Which is why the governors could tell the feds to go to hell and order their guardsmen home when they fully realized this was simply part of the photo op to justify the Dems ongoing shredding of the Constitution. Biden has to order them into federal service. Make him do it, so all Americans and the entire world can see what the Dems really care about. Who and what they really hate.

      Perpich v. DOD.
      If Republican state governors had any spine, they would have hedged by setting up constitutional militias that weren’t subject to nationalization, as “their” National Guard is.

        Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | September 13, 2021 at 5:26 pm

        But how would setting one up help? The National Guard would still be there, at Biden’s command. 22 states already have their own state guards; their governors can’t refuse to send him them, because he won’t be asking for them in the first place.

          henrybowman in reply to Milhouse. | September 13, 2021 at 11:39 pm

          The point of Perpich was that if the state needed the Guard as badly as the Feds claimed they did, the Feds always win, and the state has to go naked.
          A constitutional militia can’t be called up to “disarm” the state.
          And the way things are going, states (at least red ones) are going to be wanting to have a holdout on their ankle, real soon now.

Elections have consequences. When you put a literal mental retard in charge of the military, bad shit is bound to happen.

Good job progs!

It is kind of a war zone and you use the weapons you’ve got.

Sending a message though probably was high priority only for political reasons.

Talk about a dysfunctional and contradictory military posture. General whatever-his-name-is (not Milley; some guy on the ground) lavished praise on some Taliban commander for his alleged “cooperation” and “partnership” during the withdrawal, doing everything but French kiss the thug and give him a bouquet. Because Xi-den and the Dhimmi-crats are telling us that the Muslim terrorists, the Taliban, are allegedly trustworthy “partners.”

This poor, innocent guy gets a hellfire missile.

In normal circumstances I would dismiss this report as typical Pallywood, and the “witness statements” as self-serving lies, just as I do when we hear the same sort of claims over and over from “Palestinians”. Particularly since it’s coming from the NYT, which loves to slime the US military at every opportunity, and to take everyone’s word against it.

But these are not normal circumstances. In view of the clown show to which the Biden administration seems to have reduced our military in Afghanistan and elsewhere, I have to consider that it might actually be true this time.

I have some real world experience in the field of ordnance and its effects, and I looked at some stills and video footage of the car that was destroyed.

The damage is consistent with a variety of air-to-ground missiles including the AGM-114 Hellfire. However, the damage is not consistent with the effects of a high order secondary explosion typical of the majority of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

There’s no way the car that was hit was a car bomb.

    Arminius in reply to SField. | September 14, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    “U.S. officials claim they did not know their target was Ahmadi. They “deemed him suspicious because of how they interpreted his activities that day, saying that he possibly visited an ISIS safe house and, at one point, loaded what they thought could be explosives into the car.”

    Ahmadi, 43, worked as an electrical engineer for Nutrition and Education International (NEI) since 2006.”

    was the “ISIS safe house” actually a Sudanese-funded aspirin factory? The Dems have a tradition of targeting those, along with a tradition of losing embassies to terrorists around the anniversary of 9/11.

    In all seriousness, I have some experience in working for incompetents who after making stupid decisions despite the overwhelming intel they refuse to take into account as a matter of ideology turn around and blame intel. For instance, this portion of the text stood out to me.

    “They “deemed him suspicious because of how they interpreted his activities that day…”

    I suppose I can mention this because I don’t believe this was ever classified by any authorized originating classification authority. But when I was providing intelligence support to counter narcotics operations in Central America, higher ups in the operation developed a profile of narcotrafficker air smuggling patterns.

    At the time, small general aviation aircraft flying from one improvised strip hacked out of the jungle to another for refueling. So we were vectoring Air National Guard F-16s to read the tail numbers off of Cessnas, which cruise at just about an F-16’s stall speed. So these aviators are flying as dirty as possible (flys down, gear down) so they don’t drop like a rock into the jungle while they strain to read the tail numbers.

    We built a nice data base of Christian missionaries, who fly the exact same profile as they tend to their scattered flock in the jungle.

    And I worked for a general who was married to the notion that the people running the cartels were Juan Valdez of 1980s Colombian coffee commercial fame, but instead of coffee they were transporting coca leaves packed by their burro.

    It didn’t matter that I could show him catalogs full of electronics, including commercially available surveillance equipment. That they had the money to not only buy everything they needed to monitor our operations (not like you had to pay a Panamanian very much to stand outside the fence line with a cell phone to watch our ops), but they had the money to hire all the CTTs, CTRs, ETs, OSs, or technicians and specialists from any branch, to operate and maintain it all. That they were already building semi-submersibles. No, he refused to believe they were anything but unsophisticated peasant farmers.

    No amount of evidence could convince anyone to change their minds. So while they knew in real time exactly what we were doing, we had not a clue as to what they were doing as the database full of Christian missionaries should have demonstrated to the powers that be if they were competent. I see the same incompetent Ivy League arrogant narcissists are in charge of everything now. Is it any wonder we lose wars?

      Arminius in reply to Arminius. | September 14, 2021 at 3:56 pm

      I should add that just because Ahmadi worked for a Western NGO doesn’t mean he couldn’t also be affiliated with ISIS. Many interpreters working with the US and allied governments were double agents. Some got Americans killed. Who knows how many were never uncovered.

      But unless I see evidence then that’s just speculation about what’s possible. And considering how badly the Biden admin nuked the Koala fleeing Afghanistan (or successfully, considering that nobody could accidentally f*** up absolutely everything that goes into an evacuation, leading me to believe that handing billions of dollars in cash and American military equipment to the Taliban and affiliated terrorist groups, demolishing U.S. prestige and influence abroad, leaving Russian, China, Iran, and Pakistan to fill the vacuum we left behind, handing China a fully functional airbase, and OBTW letting China increase its virtual monopoly on rare earth elements, and bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans to supplement the tidal wave of illegals crossing our now non-existent border, this was the real plan all along) it isn’t likely we’ll be gathering much evidence about Ahmadi other then that he was an aid worker.

It’s OK when a Dem president does it. Honest mistake, folks, Sorry about that.

C’mon man, that was 4 or 5 days ago!

    Arminius in reply to Oracle. | September 14, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    Yes. It’s time to move on. Nearly a week ago? That’s old news. Time to move on to more pressing matters in the world of current events.

    Such as, did likely 2024 GOP candidate DeSantis ever bully a gay kid in high school and forcibly cut his hair, comb through his high school yearbooks to see if he wrote about farting or lead a gang rape crew who drugged women, or if he put his dog into an air-conditioned crate strapped to the luggage rack of his car rather than let it ride inside decades before he became governor.

    Has DeSantis ever been divorced. Let’s get those court records unsealed. Chop chop, people, get to work MFM. And also crowdsource the oppo research as the MFM did with former governor Sarah Palin’s official emails.

    The DNC has more important narratives to construct so there’s no time to worry about a few Afghans falling out of the wheel wells of airborne US military cargo planes or a “handful” (as Psaki put it, although the “handful” is by their own unbelievably low numbers are still twice as many hostages the Iranians took in 1979) of American citizens abandoned by Biden/Harris to “professional and business-like” Taliban’s tender mercies.

this seems to be more of an intel failure than anything else–regardless who authorized the strike, these are normally “eyes on” operations–as in continuous eyes on from inception to completion–somebody(or somebodies)seriously failed in their duty–killing innocents(especially children)is something we just don’t do, regardless what may be acceptable to our opponents

as this occurred on biden’s watch(and probably at his behest)he is ultimately responsible for the results(or fallout)

    As a former Naval intelligence officer I figure critical intelligence was ignored in the administration’s frenzied rush to claim they retaliated against ISIS. If they had actual intel about who were actual ISIS planners they could have killed them before 13 American troops’ lives were wasted in this clusterf***.

    My assessment is that they didn’t care who they killed. They found someone who fit a generic profile and killed him and claimed they killed an ISIS planner. Since they don’t even have people on the ground to vet Afghans aboard NGO chartered aircraft they must have assumed no one could gain say them.

    Yes, they are that incompetent. And they aren’t even competent liars, as Biden and Fauci demonstrate on a daily basis. Blinken is making the unbelievable claim that Trump left them with a deadline but no plan. Too many people worked on that evacuation plan to get away with that lie. Any competent liar would know that, but again these people are incompetent at everything and simply plan on the MFM to suppress the facts so they can get away with it.

    Speaking of those chartered aircraft, it’s my assessment that when they claim there are only a handful of Americans left who want to get out they prevented those planes from departing so that the actual surviving Americans can’t contradict them. They attempted to claim credit for the successful ground evacuation of four Americans, but were quickly contradicted and demolished by the men who actually planned and executed the evacuation. And of course, as the Biden admin knew would happen the Taliban promptly closed and secured that border crossing. It reminds me of how members of CAIR insist on being on stage with the LEOs when law enforcement types announce a major Islamic terrorist bust. CAIR actively works to obstruct law enforcement investigations into domestic Islamic terror cells, But when despite their best efforts the LEOs succeed, they insist on being onstage as if they had something to do with that success.

    That, folks, is your DoS under Biden/Harris. And for the same reason. They’re working with the terrorists to get Americans killed. They handed over a list of US citizens, prevented those Americans from getting out, simply so there won’t be any witnesses to contradict their lies.

    As an aside, it’s also my assessment that those Dem governors who forced nursing homes to admit Covid-positive elderly residents did so knowing they were signing their death warrants because they could blame Trump, number one, and use the pandemic panic they could help engineer to rig the election. There was no way they couldn’t know. The nursing home operators told Cuomo, we know for a fact, that his E.O. would kill people since they didn’t have the ability to quarantine their Covid-positive residents. Cuomo began his blame-Trump political offensive by claiming he was only following Trump’s CDC guidance. This is an obvious, brazen lie since (1) the CDC guidance specifically stated that nursing homes should accept Covid-positive residents ONLY if they had the means to quarantine them and (b) only six Democratic governors issued those lethal orders. 44 governors did not; had the CDC said nursing homes should accept Covid-positive patients, period, no caveats, no exemptions, then more governors and not just Dems would have gone along with that guidance.

    Cuomo and the other five simply figured they could get away with murder and that since there was little to no downside and a huge political upside they committed literal murder.

    And of the six only Cuomo was forced out of office, and only because he sexually assaulted 11 women. Not because he killed tens of thousands of seniors. Neither he nor the other five will suffer any consequences for killing tens of thousands of elderly nursing home residents. Is it any wonder that various state Dem officials pulled their own mothers out of nursing homes? They knew exactly what they were planning to do. Cuomo pulled his mom out. So did our new “trans” Assistant HHS secretary under Biden, when he was Pennsylvania’s health secretary. PA’s governor Wolf issued a Cuomo-esque mandatory admission policy with not even lip service paid toward quarantining those patients. These people knew that they were turning nursing homes in their states into slaughter houses. But just like masking and social distancing rules enforced with an iron fist, rules and slaughter houses are for the proles. Not the self-appointed elites.

    So why wouldn’t the Biden admin count on the Taliban to eliminate the witnesses they left behind and the MFM to suppress the actual news and adopt the false Biden/Harris narrative? They’ve done it before.

    I am convinced these ghouls counted on the MFM to do the same when they indiscriminately killed a random target without eyes-on and without intel confirming the target. Not like that won’t stop the Biden-appointed lackeys heading those corrupt three letter agencies from claiming that intel had intel Ahmadi was an ISIS planner whether (as Biden advised Ghani to claim about the Afghan security situation) it was true or not.

    I find it morbidly but ironically amusing that Milhouse mentions under normal circumstances he would dismiss this as a Pallywood production and witness statements as self-serving lies. Because under Obama/Biden and now again under Biden/Harris the U.S. has become the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Obama/Biden we shipped pallets of untraceable cash in multiple currencies to Iran, with Obama/Biden spox openly admitting some of those untold millions (or was it billions) at least would be used for terrorism. Now here’s the USG once again providing billions of dollars worth of material support of terrorism.

    This is a Pallywood production, but instead of being set in Gaza the set for this production is in D.C. And we’re now playing the role of Hamas. When they indiscriminately fire rockets into Israel not knowing or caring what they may hit, every single of those rockets is a war crime. And if one of those rockets goes haywire and hits a target in Gaza, killing Arabs instead of Jews, they try to blame it on an Israeli strike. Now here’s Biden/Harris indiscriminately firing missiles into Afghanistan not knowing or caring what they may hit. And whatever they hit they’ll claim was an ISIS target and claim “Mission Accomplished.”

    America’s back, baby! Are you all feeling all those norms being re-established and the U.S. of f***ing eh resuming it’s rightful role as leader of the free world now that orangemanbad is gone and we have a real leadership team of the adults back in charge?

    Yeah, me neither.

A site that claims to deal seriously with legal issues should avoid reckless use of the term “murder.” It’s easy to sit at a PC on a lazy afternoon and say “if they weren’t certain, they shouldn’t have attacked.” It’s different if you’re dealing with the fog of war, where the we have no assents on the ground, the situation is chaotic, intelligence is never certain, the loiter time of your drone is limited, and if you don’t attack you risk another suicide bomber that will kill and maim hundreds.

    texansamurai in reply to AF JAG Ret.. | September 13, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Officials admitted they did not much about the target’s identity. They knew he was a threat. They also said they only saw one man greet Ahmadi so they assumed the drone would not kill or harm women or children.

    if this is true, regardless of the fog of war, wouldn’t this raise a few red flags to you?–don’t know the particular roe for this mission but would think they might have been ignored(at least hope so) with regard to civilian casualties

    henrybowman in reply to AF JAG Ret.. | September 13, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    Why is it only Democrats who are never held responsible for consequences as long as the situation is “complicated” and their intentions are pure?
    Derek Chauvin, who could have used some of that latitude, certainly never got any of it.

    Dathurtz in reply to AF JAG Ret.. | September 13, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    “Fog of war” means it is hard to know where your lines are or where the enemy line is in real time. There was no war there – there was a targeted assassination. That’s what drone strikes are – assassination. Unless we use them to defend against ongoing attacks, which this was not.

    In this case we targeted a long-term aid worker and assassinated him while he was covered in children. Fog of war isn’t a consideration in this event. Especially when you consider the leaders lied and said he was a member of ISIS and planned the airport attack. Blatant lies.

    felixrigidus in reply to AF JAG Ret.. | September 14, 2021 at 6:22 am

    BS. Who would have been harmed by the alleged suicide bomber? Americans? No?
    And who is responsible for there no longer being boots on the ground? The victim?
    War crimes may very well have been committed here. Maybe look into that more closely and share your insights with us afterwards, JAG?

    “…It’s different if you’re dealing with the fog of war, where the we have no assents on the ground…”

    We had assets on the ground. Whose fault is it we don’t anymore? Fog of war? They created the fog of war. In fact, they turned Afghanistan into a black box which we can’t see into at all. ISR was one of the jobs those 2,500 troops who weren’t even engaged in combat were doing before Biden/Harris precipitously pulled them out, along with rug they pulled out from under the Afghan National Army.

    And now because of the feckless Biden/Harris administrations stupidity and/or anti-Americanism we can’t do it from neighboring Kazakhstan. Putin won’t allow us to operate from that country anymore.

    Biden/Harris don’t get a pass on this murder they committed due to the fog of war they engineered, AF JAG Ret. As an attorney did you ever ask for leniency for a convicted murderer who killed his own parents because, he’s just a poor orphan now?

    Because that’s what your “fog of war” defense of these war criminals amounts to.

    Never forget that Biden was the only guy in the room who advised Obama not to try to take OBL out when the intel they had that OBL was in a particular house in Abottabad was far more certain. Now all of a sudden he’s in a rush to kill “terrorists” on the barest of intel? What explains this difference?

    Nothing, really. Both times all Biden cared about was what kind of press coverage he’d get. Typical swamp creature, in the first instance OBL was no longer in the headlines. Nobody who wasn’t read in knew we had OBL in our cross hairs. All Obama/Biden had to do was, nothing. No one would ever know they could have gotten bin Laden. But if they authorized the raid and it turned into their very own version of Carter’s Desert 1 they, like Carter, would be raked over the coals and it would probably mean Obama would like Carter be a one term President.

    And Biden’s political ambitions would be dead.

    This time that psychopath Biden was faced with the fall of Saigon combined with an unfolding hostage situation that is at least twice and no doubt many times larger than the one that ended Carter’s presidency.

    His solution? Kill the hostages while denying there are any hostages to make sure that story never makes the 24 hour news cycle. And then kill an Afghan, any Afghan, and claim they killed an ISIS “planner” in retaliation. Then claim mission accomplished.

    Then demand he be praised for his miraculously successful airlift. Which of course was a disaster, but all he cares about is that he get good press no matter what the body count. As evidenced by the fact he offered a bribe to the Afghan President to get him to lie about how great the security situation was in that country.

    Then demand everyone move on to things he wants to talk about and forget the past.

    To use a turn of phrase Biden himself used in reference to the terrorists who killed 13 American service members, we will not forget. We will not forgive.

By the way, what is the relationship of the New York Times to the Taliban? While the Taliban were beating journalists elsewhere in Kabul, the NYT people seem to have had free access to witnesses (who weren’t reluctant to speak to Western press), locations, physical evidence and even security camera footage. The Taliban obviously wanted this covered. The Times released this late on a Friday, when they knew the networks would spend the weekend covering 9/11 commemorations. It sounds like the NYT had to release it but hoped nobody would pay much attention, since it was critical of the Biden administration. Did the Taliban require them to publish as a condition of continued access to Kabul, or even for the safety of their staff?

    Milhouse in reply to AF JAG Ret.. | September 13, 2021 at 5:21 pm

    That is why under normal circumstances I would be very skeptical of this report. But these aren’t normal circumstances. Biden has so screwed up the military that I can’t trust its word any more, and have to wonder whether the NY Times for once got something right.

Didn’t believe it was any terrorist immediately, they pulled out %100, Sundowner claimed they would geothermal perpetrators and 24 hrs later some poor innocent guy and family gets whacked just so Sundowner could claima victory of of the worst defeat since WWII.

Never underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.

    alaskabob in reply to McGehee. | September 13, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    Biden already had given the non sequitur that there are always deaths after a war is over. He gave the Taliban free reign to murder and did the same to show his decisive presidency. The NYT is helping pave the departure path for Slow Joe.

Re “…. no other military works harder than we do to prevent civilian casualties …”

Try Israel and I bet their track record is better.

Try Israel and I bet their track record is better.

agree–this whole thing smells of amateurs/idiots running the mission–the target is under constant surveillance from beginning to end in order to maximize the chances of success and minimize the chances of harming innocents–most of the official statements/opinions are vague and a few outright ridiculous–rather than succeed and eliminate the possibility of a suicide bomber, due to carelessness/adrenaline/who knows? you manage to strike the wrong person and injure/kill a bunch of innocents in the process