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October 1-2: I’ll Be Speaking At Parents Unite Conference On Diversity of Thought In K-12 Education

October 1-2: I’ll Be Speaking At Parents Unite Conference On Diversity of Thought In K-12 Education

I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Framing The Media Narrative And Moving To Action” – Register for In-Person in Boston or Streamed Online Attendance.

On October 1-2, 2021, in Boston, Parents Unite is holding a conference titled Diversity of Thought In K-12 Education. You can register here.

Creating a space for parents, educators, and thought leaders to gather, share ideas, and inspire one another.

We believe in promoting true diversity of thought in education. This conference promises to leave you feeling inspired and equipped to make lasting change in your unique school communities.

I will be speaking for about 40 minutes on the topic of “Framing The Media Narrative And Moving To Action,” using our own experiences on a range of topics, including Critical Race Training in public K-12.

The line up feature many speakers who have lead the way in fighting against activist teacher, teachers unions, and progressive education groups in trying to racialize and politicize K-12.

The conference is meant to be interactive whether in person or online, more than just listening to speakers. It’s a networking opportunity and a chance to make connections for a growing movement.

Legal Insurrection Foundation and will have a booth at the conference, with Legal Insurrection swag (Swag!) and Kemberlee too.

Hopefully I will meet many Legal Insurrection readers, in person or virtually.


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Diversity of individuals, minority of one. Diversity of thought follows.

We just had a long conversation about our school district. This was an after effect of last years race baiting nonsense. I pushed back on something else and saw the apparatus they use to ignore irate parents and continue on with their agenda. Credit to them, it is well thought out and well designed for minimum accountability on the part of the school district and designed to marginalize anyone who disagrees. This is a serious machine.

Unfortunately we live in a state and district where residents (97% white) fully embrace CRT/BLM. It’s actually been baked in at the state level.

The conversation we just had this morning was regarding likely mandates for kids getting vaccinated for COVID. In terms of timeline I see the following: Vaccine available by Thanksgiving, mandate announced by Christmas and compliance by late this school year or start of next school year. While there’s no benefit to kids for this vaccine- big Pharma and big Fauci sure seems to be pushing on it and our little Nazi state will jump right on board.

I don’t know if anyone will fight it in court, but for us, this is the one hill we won’t surrender… my kid will NOT be getting the vaccine- we are going to let them kick her out and then we are homeschooling for a period before moving.