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North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested Long-Range Cruise Missiles

North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested Long-Range Cruise Missiles

The missiles can travel 1,500 kilometers (932 miles), which means Rocket Man can easily target South Korea and Japan.

Rocket Man is at it again!

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the country successfully fired a long-range cruise missile, traveling 932 miles (1500km). Dictator Kim Jong Un can attack South Korea and Japan with these missiles.

It is the first time North Korea has tested anything in months.

KCNA Watch posted the report:

The development of the long-range cruise missile, a strategic weapon of great significance in meeting the key target of the five-year plan for the development of the defence science and the weapon system set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party, has been pushed forward according to the scientific and reliable weapon system development process for the past two years and, in this course, detailed tests of missile parts, scores of engine ground thrust tests, various flight tests, control and guidance tests, warhead power tests, etc. were conducted with success.

The development of this weapon system that has been powerfully pushed forward as a crucial work under the special concern of the Party Central Committee holds strategic significance of possessing another effective deterrence means for more reliably guaranteeing the security of our state and strongly containing the military maneuvers of the hostile forces against the DPRK.

The test flights were successfully held.

The launched long-range cruise missiles traveled for 7 580 seconds along an oval and pattern-8 flight orbits in the air above the territorial land and waters of the DPRK and hit targets 1 500 km away.

The test launches showed that the technical indices such as the thrust power of the newly developed turbine-blast engine, the missiles’ navigation control and the end guided hit accuracy by the combined guided mode met the requirements of designs.

In all, the efficiency and practicality of the weapon system operation was confirmed to be excellent.

Talks between the U.S. and North Korea collapsed in 2019 after a summit between former President Donald Trump and dictator Kim.

Kim has rejected invitations for talks with Biden. He wants D.C. to end all of its “hostile” policies.

The South Korean military has not confirmed any activity. The Yonhap News Agency in Seoul reported the missile test.

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis from Middlebury Institute has a fascinating Twitter thread about this.


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Thanks again Dictator Dementia. Every nut job on the planet wants to take a shot now.

It is easier to believe Kim than it is to believe Biden, Fauci, Harris, CNN et al, any Democrat, RINOs, …

Okay, show us. Hit Wuhan with one as proof, otherwise you fail.

Well, here we are…….listening to some sissy-assed soyboi lecture us.

Wow it’s almost like they think a demented idiotic pussy is in charge of the US and that the generals are cowards.

    I had a conversation with someone (and this is someone you’ve possibly heard of) who is a close personal friend of former and current generals and other high rankers about what is going on right now- and why they aren’t pushing back harder (at least from our viewpoint). The starting point of the conversation is why more aren’t quitting like the one marine. The conversation went on to what the other generals are doing/not doing.

    It was illuminating. Not comforting, but illuminating.

    I can’t articulate the full picture, but a significant portion of it can be described as follows: ANY idiot in the oval office can be advised to avoid the mistakes Joe has made. But not Joe Biden.

      NavyMustang in reply to Andy. | September 13, 2021 at 4:43 pm

      “ANY idiot in the oval office can be advised to avoid the mistakes Joe has made. But not Joe Biden.”

      I hear what your acquaintance is saying, but at the end of the day the generals saluted, said “Yes, sir!” and perpetuated the screw up.

      I seem to remember seniors in PDT’s government who flat out refused to do what President Trump ordered them to do. Hmmm. Why is that not happening now?

The important point here is that they are testing a Cruise Missile. Not a ICBM.

Speculation was that the ICBM they were testing before was built upon a limited number of engines that they had salvaged from a Ukrainian bone yard. Emphasis on cruise missiles suggests that was correct. And, that they have few ICBM missiles left (if any).

Talk, talk, talk. Show us some action, RocketMan! Take out Biden’s Delaware compound and knock out the White House, both in the same hour.