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North Carolina State Prof’s Lawsuit Alleges He Was Punished for Questioning Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum

North Carolina State Prof’s Lawsuit Alleges He Was Punished for Questioning Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum

“questioned a proposed teaching evaluation item on diversity”

The diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda may not be questioned. Heretics will be punished.

The College Fix reports:

Professor’s lawsuit alleges he was punished for objecting to ‘woke’ DEI dogma

A North Carolina State University professor is suing the school’s Board of Trustees in federal court after he says his peers and supervisors discriminated against him based on his concerns over and objections to the increasingly “woke” diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum and department initiatives.

Stephen Porter, a tenured professor in the Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult & Higher Education, said his superiors punished him for speaking out against the department’s decision to focus more on social justice than academics.

“Defendants have intentionally and systematically excluded him from departmental programs and activities that are necessary for him to fulfill his job requirements, effectively hollowing his job out from the inside. They have done this in a deliberate effort to set the stage for his eventual termination,” the lawsuit alleges.

Porter told The College Fix the leaders within his department tried to make him so miserable he would quit.

“Public universities know that you can’t just fire someone for unpopular views, so they are increasingly punishing dissenters by hollowing someone’s career out from the inside,” Porter said in an email to The Fix. “It’s basically death by a thousand cuts.”

Campus spokesperson Mick Kulikowski told The College Fix that the university “does not comment on pending litigation.”

On his blog, Porter writes that he was “attacked” because he “questioned a proposed teaching evaluation item on diversity.”

In one instance, Porter claims he was deemed a “bully” by his superiors for asking how a new diversity-related question on course evaluations was formulated. He says a member of the faculty filed a complaint against him for challenging the diversity question, which was then secretly added to his personnel file.


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Good on him.
More people need to stand up for what’s right and true.
May God protect him.
So sad as NCSU used to be more on the conservative side (but I guess that was a long time ago).

What relief did he ask for? What can a court do? Order the University to treat him better? Order his fellow professors to like him?

As much as I admire Prof. Porter, and wish him the best, I doubt he will make any headway in his battle with communist totalitarian thought at that school.

A similar point was eloquently made recently in, of all places, Newsweek:

Ivan Marinovic of Stanford and Dorian S. Abott from U. of Chicago write:

“American universities are undergoing a profound transformation that threatens to derail their primary mission: the production and dissemination of knowledge. The new regime is titled ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ or DEI and is enforced by a large bureaucracy of administrators.”

“Nearly every decision taken on campus, from admissions, to faculty hiring, to course content, to teaching methods,” Marinovic and Abbot say, “is made through the lens of DEI. This regime was imposed from the top and has never been adequately debated. In the current climate it cannot be openly debated: the emotions around DEI are so strong that self-censorship among dissenting faculty is nearly universal” (“The Diversity Problem on Campus,” Newsweek, 8-12-21):

Summarizing: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is “enforced by a large bureaucracy of administrators.” It “cannot be debated.” “Self-censorship among dissenting faculty is nearly universal.” “Nearly every decision” is made “through the lens of DEI.”

In comes DEI. Out goes merit. Out goes free speech.

What we need is many mores suits. against the bastards.