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L.A. Times Uses Photo Making It Look Like Larry Elder Slapped a Woman

L.A. Times Uses Photo Making It Look Like Larry Elder Slapped a Woman

The woman in the picture is not thrilled the LA Times used a deceiving picture of her: “Are you covering for racists?”

The Los Angeles Times covered the racist egging attack on Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. One woman wore a gorilla mask.

The publication used a photo that makes it look like Elder is slapping a woman instead of a picture from the attack.

The headline made it sound like Elder had a part in the attack: “LAPD is investigating altercation at Venice homeless encampment.

The woman in the picture scorched the LA Times.

Disgusting. California might recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom. If the state succeeds it will have another election. Elder could become California’s first black governor if he wins that election.

But it’s okay. He’s a race traitor because blacks cannot be a Republican, right? The mainstream media is so disgusting.

Ying Ma, Elder’s communications director, told The Daily Caller:

“This is completely absurd,” communications director Ying Ma told the DCNF. “Larry went to give a supporter a hug and the LAT used a photo taken at an angle that made it appear as if he was hitting her.”

“This is the same publication that called Larry Elder the black face of white supremacy and has consistently accused him of not being black enough,” Ma continued, referring to the August LA Times opinion piece: “Larry Elder’s fans prove he’s a face of white supremacy.”

“Perhaps you should ask them,” she responded, when asked why the LA Times would use the misleading photo.


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Just when you think they can’t stoop lower…

When will Democrats wake up – the Dem party has been hijacked by terrorists.

Saw a poll headline from Politico, Newsome is going to pull it out.
The fix is being gas lighted or wishful thinking ?

The LA Times building is way past scheduled for a “mostly peaceful protest.”

Such sleazy, greasy, dishonest, vile and despicable propaganda tactics. But, what else would we expect from the shameless and morally bankrupt Dhimmi-crat media lackeys? They take their profession ethos and cues from communist propaganda organs.

I like Larry Elder. But he is running in the People’s Democratic Republic of California. He has as much chance of winning the recall are you or I do of defeating Kim Jong-un in a North Korean election.

    LMAO +1.

    With that said, he is helping to expose the complete lunacy of the lunatic left. His very run does this. The left in this country needs to be destroyed as it was in Europe in the 80s when I was there. We left some unfinished business here.

Since sane people are fleeing California, Newsome will probably win.

I hope those voters get everything they deserve.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 10, 2021 at 9:00 pm

The big wyestion: after he survives the recall, what new delights has he in store for California.

I think that it truly is gruesome,
That there’s this here guv’nor Newsome.
His smile’s a big smirk,
His ways do not work,
And with Kameltoe–a twosome!

It’s plausible, but not probable. Modern jurisprudence advises that he be sentenced to a decade of hard labor, perhaps isolation until he repudiates violence against unarmed women and diversity [dogma] (e.g. sexism… genderism? – feminine attributes), inequity, and exclusion.

I’m hopeful the CA recall will be successful and a Larry is the next Governor. That would be great. I’m also a realist and I’m watching CA and VA. In VA we’re called the “Old Dominion” state. Not the reassurance I’m looking for.

The Democrat Propaganda Ministry is more evil than Pravda ever was