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How Does a Woke School Like Oklahoma Exist in a Red State Like Oklahoma?

How Does a Woke School Like Oklahoma Exist in a Red State Like Oklahoma?

“I don’t understand it, either. Nor do many Oklahoma taxpayers I’ve talked to.”

You could apply this same question to a lot of schools in a lot of different states. Jonathan Small writes at the James G. Martin Center:

Oklahoma University Thumbs its Nose at Oklahomans — With ‘So Few Repercussions’

“I don’t understand how a state as red as Oklahoma can have such an obsessively woke state university with so few repercussions,” law professor and New York Post columnist Glenn Reynolds recently marveled.

He’s not alone. I don’t understand it, either. Nor do many Oklahoma taxpayers I’ve talked to.

The question is whether OU’s regents will choose to right the ship or whether they will continue to preside over the university’s evisceration.

Woke Biology, Woke Volleyball, Woke Everything

The board of regents recently approved its Fiscal Year 2022 budget—a budget that included a 2.75 percent increase in tuition and fees. Governor Kevin Stitt’s newest appointment to the board, Rick Nagel, opposed the tuition hike. Regent Frank Keating, a former Oklahoma governor who values college affordability (he helped create Western Governors University), didn’t support the increase either.

It’s worth pointing out, again and again, that tuition at the Purdue University main campus is frozen for the 10th year in a row. Thanks to the leadership of president Mitch Daniels, the total cost of attending Purdue is less today than it was in 2012. If Purdue can keep its tuition level, why can’t OU?

One wonders how many of those additional dollars will be used for overtly left-wing student indoctrination. Given the school’s recent trajectory, it’s clearly a substantial amount.

Take the faculty workshop dubbed “Anti-Racist Rhetoric and Pedagogies,” where a workshop leader vowed to “call them out” if students engage in forbidden speech. And what is forbidden speech in her classroom? She doesn’t say, but it is a fair guess that anything this professor dislikes could be banned. Instead of that faculty workshop, the university needs one to teach faculty members that under the Constitution, they cannot silence or threaten students based on the content of their speech.

***NOTE FROM MARY CHASTAIN: People, this is why you raise your kids as cowboys and send them to Oklahoma State. Go Pokes!


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 7, 2021 at 8:29 am

How much of this “woke” comes from these schools having grievance studies departments?

Oversoul Of Dusk | September 7, 2021 at 11:01 am

Jonathan Small (the original author) seems to like the sound of his own voice.

His article would have been more useful if he’d included a few more facts:
1. The names of the members of the board of regents.
2. How they voted on key issues (like the tuition increase)
3. When they are up for reappointment/reelection/whatever.

Pressure needs to be applied to the regents and the people who put them on the board of regents.

The headline says OSU, but the article seems to be talking about OU.

Which is it?

I’ve never understood ASU or NAU in Arizona, either. AU I could understand, being in the People’s Republic of Tucson and all. But it’s crystal clear that these institutions are bent on creating a common brand of insular woke culture regardless of their environment.

The title is wrong. ‘Oklahoma State’ is the Cowboys (‘go pokes!’) in Stillwater and is shortened to ‘OSU’.

OU is the ‘University of Oklahoma’, located in Norman. The article is referencing things going on at OU.

    The title is confusing in general. Use the Designated shorthand for the college Mike. There are too many colleges in Oklahoma with Oklahoma in their name.

    University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus
    Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
    University of Central Oklahoma
    Southwestern Oklahoma State University
    Southeastern Oklahoma State University
    Oklahoma City University Public
    Oklahoma City, OK Private
    Oklahoma Christian University
    Oklahoma Baptist University
    Northwestern Oklahoma State University
    Oklahoma Panhandle State University
    Oklahoma Wesleyan University
    Western Oklahoma State….

    And I’m pretty sure I missed some. Couldn’t remember all of them.