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Florida International University Tells Students to Avoid Terms Like ‘Husband and Wife’

Florida International University Tells Students to Avoid Terms Like ‘Husband and Wife’

“use terms that include all genders not just men or just women”

This policy is being advanced by the school’s office of social justice and inclusion. Anyone surprised?

Campus Reform reports:

FIU tells students to avoid saying ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ or ‘you may kiss the bride’

The Office of Social Justice & Inclusion at Florida International University has released an “Inclusive Language Guide” on its website that urges the university community to cease using “non-inclusive” language such as “waiter /waitress” and “steward / stewardess.”

The guide instructs the FIU community to “replace the term ‘man’ in words that are exclusive of gender and serves no purpose.”

For example, “Freshman,” “Man-made,” “Manhole,” and “Manpower” should be replaced with “First year,” “Artificial, human-caused”, “Sewer cover,” and “Workforce.”

The guide informs readers to “replace the term ‘man’” in “Mankind,” but then encourages them to use “Humanity” instead, also a word with the term “man” in it.

Students and faculty are also encouraged to “use terms that include all genders not just men or just women” such as “Server” for “Waitress / waiter” and “Flight Attendant” for “Stewardess / steward.”

FIU sophomore Willy Buckley told Campus Reform that the guide is an “attack of free speech” and “way of life” because it is “completely changing our wording in our personal lives.”

Freshman Zachary Stangl told Campus Reform that he believes the guide is a “failed attempt at solving a problem that is seemingly non existent. The entirety of the statement is riddled with redundant guidelines for comments that most would not find offensive.”

The guide states that “gender inclusive language” such as “Mx.” in place of “Ms. / Miss. / Mrs. / Mr. / Sir / Ma’am / Madam” and “Y’all / Folks / Everyone / Guests” in place of “Guys / Ladies and Gentlemen” should be used.


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 2, 2021 at 8:14 pm

Is FIU a real college with useful courses? Or, is it one of those diploma mills with nothing but styrofoam majors?

Can we still use MENtally ill to describe them?

And we are supposed to use grammatically incorrect terms like “woman engineer” rather than “female engineer”. You never hear “man engineer”, only “male engineer”. Don’t get me started on “charwoman” instead of “madam chairman”.

    George_Kaplan in reply to randian. | September 2, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Perhaps we should fully apply gendered suffixes to the English language. From memory the -er and -or suffixes are male so you can’t be a manager or a sailor if you’re female . Such folk would be manageress or sailoress I guess, or should that be managess or sailess?

    Rather than concocting nonsense (Latinx, Mx etc) perhaps folk should hearken back to Anglo-Saxon cases and all. 🙂

      empiricallyobvious in reply to George_Kaplan. | September 3, 2021 at 5:00 pm

      In an effort to be precise when I describe those that populate “The Office of Social Justice & Inclusion” may I still use the words moronic and imbecilic?…

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to randian. | September 3, 2021 at 6:44 am

    I knew a highly successful chairwoman. So successful she cleaned up! /ducking

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to randian. | September 3, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Or, for house speaker, “muh- DAMN Speaker”?

The three lowest enlisted ranks in the Air Force are airman basic, airman, and airman first class. Fifty years ago we joked about them, calling them “airperson.” Now I wonder if the changes might be coming for real.

Does this mean I’m Hebrew X ?

They really should just avoid college altogether if they are so afraid of words.

Nah. 😉

I guess certain Latin legal phrases, such as mens rea, will just have to disappear in certain FIU course papers and more general discourses on its Miami-area campuses and publications. (A guilty mind works okay here; but, MIT, et al, beware: the “Mens et Manus” inscription on your school’s official seal might still be in jeopardy, its connection to learned antiquity, etc, notwithstanding.)

And the slipperiness and pervasiveness of this psycholinguistic, sociopolitical slope increases.

Oh, the humanity — all the vertigo and uneasiness, you say! Why not — at the ready expense of internal coherency, rationality, and plain old respect for KISS and immediate sensibility? So, is it this, or “We burn it all down”? (Remember last summer?)

(Among my diverse humanities studies at FIU in the 80s are both the Iliad and the Odyssey, wherein, and similar to the Bible, some of the earliest and most absolute equalities between sex and gender — in life — are written down for, among other reasons, cultural purposes and the education of the young. Maybe these works’ first-sung, then recorded, wisdom-filled notations and cries, among so many others and much more, will soon be deemed useless and dispensable — and with them, other essential foundations of our civilization — as the Left’s “long march” against us continues.

(And, in passing, what, pray tell, will become of the medical term menstruation and its key root mensis, among numerous others terms — monthstruation? Awkward and inelegant, but, most importantly, it’s PC. (Okay, monthly flow works here, too, I guess.

(One of my pet and notorious oxymorons is Marxist esthetics.)