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Bowdoin College in Maine Making Diversity and Inclusion Training Mandatory for Coaches

Bowdoin College in Maine Making Diversity and Inclusion Training Mandatory for Coaches

“through a partnership with the Institute for Sport and Social Justice”

There is no area of college life that will be spared from the left’s agenda. Sports was one of the last things to fall.

Campus Reform reports:

DEI consultants train Bowdoin’s sports teams? Athletes, coaches undergo diversity sessions.

Bowdoin College in Maine is now making diversity, equity, and inclusion training mandatory for coaches through a partnership with the Institute for Sport and Social Justice.

Coaches in the college’s athletics department must complete a “six-step” program from ISSJ which helps colleges “rise to the social justice moment,” The Bowdoin Current reports.

The ISSJ is a non-profit diversity consulting firm attempting to “create worldwide social justice through the power of sport.” In March, the PAC-12 Conference announced a partnership with the ISSJ, citing the company’s status as “preeminent leaders in the areas of DEI and social justice.”

The sessions as described in the student newspaper echo ISSJ’s “Huddle Up for Equity & Social Justice” program, which requires participants to “build [an] understanding of key concepts and frequently used terms in our culture.”

The ISSJ website also adds that “Black Lives Matter, racism, antiracism, systemic racism, and redlining are among the terms clarified.”

Meanwhile, Jen Fry, a social justice education consultant and owner of Jen Fry Talks, will work with Bowdoin’s student athletes. According to its website, her consultancy “uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 23, 2021 at 10:02 am

Say “no”.

An amazing through which all is viewed as “white people bad.”

Sharpton has to be PO’d that he wasn’t the one to come up with this race hustle shakedown.

Since “equity” is defined as equal result irrespective of merit or input, sports would seem not to be fertile ground for that element of DEI. Equal outcome would seem to require tie games which after a while would have to really strain to find people willing to pay to watch.

And since merit or accomplishment has no place in “equity”, why would we need coaches? Can’t we just give everyone a “participation” trophy and go home?

As a Bowdoin Alumnus, I have not given to the college since they banned fraternities in the 1990’s. My fraternity experiences were as valuable as my educational experiences, IQ and EQ. Today, every email from the college pushes DEI. Homecoming events are being held at various locations including:

Meet with President Rose and Bowdoin College Black Alumni Association
Lunch at the Center for Multicultural Life
Gelato Social at the Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center

Tell me again why I need to support this crap.