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Boston U.’s African American Studies Dept. Website Provides Strategies for Removing Cops From Campus

Boston U.’s African American Studies Dept. Website Provides Strategies for Removing Cops From Campus

“radical forms of community”

It’s amazing how Democrats in Washington are running away from defunding police, while many of their base voters are still all for it.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Defund and eliminate campus police’: BU’s how-to guide for creating ‘radical forms of community’

Boston University’s African American Studies Department website encourages and provides strategies on how to eliminate police on college campuses.

The document, “How to Grow Abolition on Your Campus: 8 Actions,” was published on the African American Studies Department social media platforms shortly after the death of George Floyd in May 2020. Critical Resistance Abolitionist Educators, a group that supports the abolition of prisons and works with universities and K-12 education, created the guide.

Strategies to “defund and eliminate campus police” include ” Build radical forms of community and interdependence,” “Audit and change blatantly discriminatory policies for college access,” and “Amplify the work of social and political movements and front-line organizations.”

Another strategy encourages students to collaborate with other organizations to help abolish police and to “build radical forms of community and interdependence.”

“Create, support, and amplify dialogues around what really makes us safer and build infrastructures for maintaining well being without police. Leverage university resources to pay local abolition feminist anti-violence organizers to share resources, tools, and workshops.”

The document also promotes the larger prison abolitionist movement in the US.

“All educational spaces, including colleges and universities, are necessary sites in the work to abolish the prison industrial complex (PIC).”

“Abolition movements take concrete steps to end reliance on policing, imprisonment, surveillance, and other forms of state violence while building practices and systems that sustain well-being and coalesce political power.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 6, 2021 at 12:21 pm

Sounds like the African-American Studies Department wants to reinforce the stereotype about blacks and police.

And yet, “90% of blacks are killed by other blacks” seems to get no traction with “these” people.

Just remove all the cops. Right now. Fait accompli. BU can have their victory celebration, then deal with the fallout. The rest of us will live our lives.