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Biden’s Vaccine Booster Plan a Bust as FDA Panel Rejects Widespread Distribution

Biden’s Vaccine Booster Plan a Bust as FDA Panel Rejects Widespread Distribution

Reminder: Biden promised all Americans would be able to get boosters beginning in late September.

When the history of Biden’s presidency is written, it will be hard to determine which week was the most full of fail.

While the withdrawal disaster of Afghanistan is a strong contender, this week is competitive. The French have recalled their Ambassador after being “stabbed in the back” over a new US submarine contract with Australia. The USA military, due to poor or misleading intelligence, droned innocent civilians (including 7 children).

Now one of Biden’s 6 booster plan prongs has been nixed by an FDA panel.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel overwhelmingly voted Friday against giving Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 booster shots to most people on Friday, agreeing only to distribute them to people ages 65 and up as well as those at high risk of severe illness.

The committee of outside experts was first asked whether a third shot of Pfizer’s vaccine would be safe and effective for everyone ages 16 and older. Members overwhelmingly voted against that recommendation, citing concerns about the level of evidence showing the boosters are safe for younger people.

“We’re being asked to approve this as a three-dose vaccine for people 16 years of age and older, without any clear evidence if the third dose for a younger person when compared to an elderly person is of value,” said committee member Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Such feedback led to further debate among the committee members about specific age groups or populations that may be most appropriate for a third dose of vaccine.

The vote was not even close.

The panel did unanimously agree to recommend boosters for those 65 years old and older.

…[I]in an 18-0 vote, it endorsed the extra shot for select portions of the U.S. population — namely, those most at risk from the virus.

That would help salvage part of the White House’s campaign but would still be a huge step back from the huge plan proposed by administration a month ago to offer booster shots of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to nearly all Americans eight months after they get their second dose.

Friday’s vote was just the first step. The FDA itself is expected to make a decision on boosters in the next few days, though it usually follows the committee’s recommendations.

The move follows challenges to Biden’s booster proposal from FDA officials, two of whom had resigned as a result with the disagreement with Team Biden.

There is something to consider in the timing of Biden’s press to have the booster. He, clearly, needs a win and needs it badly.

As I have noted previously, COVID cases will come in waves and each wave seems to have a 8-week cycle. We appear to be coming off the Delta variant cycle.

Covid-19 case counts in the U.S. are showing signs of easing off their latest highs but remain elevated as the country heads into the fall season and colder weather.

The seven-day average of daily Covid cases is about 144,300 as of Sept. 12, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. That figure is down 12% over the past week and 14% from the most-recent peak in case counts on Sept. 1, when the country was reporting an average of roughly 167,600 cases per day.

If wide distribution of the booster had occurred, corresponding with the wave decline, what are the chances Biden wouldn’t have claimed credit for it? Infinitesimally small, I would say.


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The Biden administration needs a win? But they said the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a win!

Maybe the FDA panel was concerned about Nikki Minaj cousin’s friend having his testicals explode with a booster shot. You never know.

Biden’s need boosters so Dem can lay claims on the vaccine and try to erase Trump from its success altogether.

I’m not touching a booster shot until I know my titer. Unnecessary boosters are a pretty easy way to get a bad reaction to the shot if you aren’t careful.

Which reminds me…PSA, try to titer your dogs before you give them unnecessary vax shots every year. If your vet’s office won’t do it, find a new vet. My vet’s office not only offers titer, but if your pet is a candidate for titer testing and comes back negative, then they will do the booster shot for free! Titer does cost a little more than just jabbing your dogs every year, but it is better for their health to know first.

To me the FDA has no faith it works like a yearly flu shot or tisk of 3 is too much.
Sundowner administration has no idea what to do but am convinced they don’t really want it to go away, they need the crisis.

Step right up and buy a slot on the office pool as to how many days until the FDA reversed course and corrects their “error”.

In other news…..

97 year old Jimmy Carter has been seen dancing and laughing hilariously, knowing deep in his rotten heart there is no possibility to die as the worst President of the United States in history.

Besides the argument made that there is no conclusive evidence that everyone needs it, if you open it up to everyone 16 or older without being able to make sure the people who need it most get it first, you’re going to have paranoid people with no reason to get a third shot preventing those whom this panel says should get it from being able to do so in a timely manner. Sure, you can ask for proof of age, but there will be people willing to lie that they have a serious underlying condition.

But as was mentioned above, while the full FDA usually goes with a panel’s recommendations, we’ll have to see if the WH full-court press which is very likely going on right now changes anything.

Hurrah for science. Maybe the start of a trend.

Well the first thing I want to know is, “Has Biden has his alzheimer’s booster for this week?”

Pleasantly surprised, especially as some of the testimony affirmed so many things that the establishment has been denying: they acknowledged VAERS data, 1000% increase in adverse events for 2021 which we’re only 9 months into, vaccine induced variants, “clear risk signals,” which outweigh any benefits, especially among children.” “clear failure of these products,” “clear and present danger of emergence of variants of concern if we continue with these booster shots.”

The Friendly Grizzly | September 19, 2021 at 5:24 pm

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