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Afghanistan: Taliban Barring Americans From Boarding Planes

Afghanistan: Taliban Barring Americans From Boarding Planes

“The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans.”

The Taliban is barring possibly hundreds of Americans from boarding planes at the Mazar-i-Sharif airstrip, some 200 miles north of Kabul, news reports confirm. 

A senior congressional source disclosed that the Taliban is holding these Americans “hostage” to force concessions out of the Biden administration. “The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans,” the unnamed source told CBS News.

The Biden White House refused to comment on the situation of the stranded Americans, saying that it had no “means to confirm” their plight. “Asked about charter flights, a State Department spokesperson did not address specific accusations but stressed the United States did not have personnel on the ground and so lacked a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights,” the news agency Reuters reported on Monday. 

CBS News reported the Taliban’s move to block Americans from leaving the country:

Multiple planes that are ready to take American citizens and green card holders out of the country are being denied permission to leave by the Taliban, congressional and NGO sources told CBS News.

Excerpts of an email from the State Department to members of congress viewed by CBS News acknowledged that charter flights are still on the ground at the Mazar-i-Sharif airstrip in northern Afghanistan and have permission to land in Doha “if and when the Taliban agrees to takeoff.”

“The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans,” a senior congressional source told CBS News.

The group Ascend, an NGO that teaches young women leadership through athletics, told CBS News they have two planes that have been waiting for six days ready to take between 600 and 1200 people — including 19 American citizens and two permanent residents.

CBS News has not been able to corroborate those numbers, but three other sources confirmed there are Americans in the area waiting to evacuate through charter flights.

The planes are not currently loaded. The passengers are being held nearby, because the Taliban won’t let them into the airport, according to a senior congressional source.

The news comes as White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied that Americans were “stranded” in Taliban-held Afghanistan. “It’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not,” she told reporters at a press briefing recently. 

While stranded Americans at the mercy of the Taliban, President Biden declared his Afghanistan evacuation an “extraordinary success.” Thirteen U.S. soldiers assisting the airlift were killed in an Islamist suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport. 

Despite the reports of Americans still stranded in the country, the Biden administration ended the evacuation ahead of the self-imposed August 31. 

With hundreds of Americans held against their will by the Taliban, President Biden is breaking his promise to get all Americans out of the country. “Any American who wants to come home, we will get you home” he pledged on August 20. 


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time to send ” huff ‘ n puff ” harris–known to be comfortable on her knees, she might just demonstrate some actual viability

    It just might work – especially if she starts cackling.

    Ben Kent in reply to texansamurai. | September 6, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    She actually might be good for something:

    Swap her for the hostages.

    Make her Afghan Czar and she will visit Venzuala to determine the root cause of the problem.

    Ben Kent in reply to texansamurai. | September 6, 2021 at 3:40 pm


    Tel Biden & Progs that
    1. Taliban will not allow Afghan women to abort their babies.
    2. Afghan LGBTQ+ will have no rights under Taliban
    3. Taliban refuses to open their borders and give free healthcare to all who come in.
    4. Taliban refuses to allow a BLM chapter in Kabul

    Definitately do not say that American citizens need help – that will go nowhere.

I thought the regime said this wasn’t happening.

There are now reports that it is Biden’s State Dept that first blocked those planes from leaving,

Apparently, the extensive planning that General Milley Vanilley talked about is not what we are assuming it to be. WE are the Taliban. It is far past time to decapitate the Pentagon, State Dept and White House. Then let’s move on the rest and take our country back.

    alaskabob in reply to Pasadena Phil. | September 6, 2021 at 12:30 pm

    Each resultant death should be considered Murder 1 when (and boy do I hope) there is a tribunal.

    Even the scarecrow knew this would happen. So this must be part of the plan.

      You bet your ass it’s part of the ‘plan”.

      “If you cannot understand why someone did something, look at the consequences—and infer the motivation.” -Carl Jung

      Biden is a traitor on a scale that dwarfs Obama and Clinton.

      UserP in reply to Dr.Dave. | September 6, 2021 at 2:22 pm

      Yes he did. And so did the tin woodsman and the cowardly lion. It is indeed part of the plan” “Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road.”

    I’ve said this elsewhere on other sites. This is what happens in a bureaucracy when nobody is actually ‘in charge’ of anything.

    There’s a term for it (which escapes me), but essentially – because nobody gets CREDIT for success, and they might get BLAME for going outside regulations, what’s happening is that petty little bureaucrats don’t care about the final result, they only care that their petty little regulations are followed so they can’t get blame if something goes wrong.

    And because nobody is ‘in charge’ to prioritize success, the bureaucrats are the ones running the show.

    As I’ve said from the start – this entire mess is what happens when nobody is clearly in charge, so jackasses at every level can see the disaster unfolding, but if they actually try to prevent it, then THEY get blamed when it inevitably blows up.

    Nobody actually gives a shit about Americans stuck there. They just care about covering their own asses.

    Any suggestion on what the process should be to ‘TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK” Not voting, I mean a legitimate take back. In the past how did other Americans deal with such obvious vile corruption from our President et al?

“I’m just calling you out for saying we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan when we have been very clear that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home…We are going to bring them home and I think that’s important for the American public to hear and understand.”

— Jen Psaki, Biden press secretary

    Hitler’s ‘big lie’ theory at work by Biden’s press secretary. Only fascists use this tactic. They have to:

      Hitler and Goring are standing atop the Berlin radio tower. Hitler says he wants to do something to put a smile on the peoples’ faces. So Goring says: ‘Why don’t you jump?’

      I wonder what Biden will do to make us smile.

      No, commies love this tactic, too. There is a quote attributed to either Marx or Engels: “Always accuse your enemies of doing what you are doing, while you are doing it. It muddies the waters.” I’m not going to bother to look it up, as it’s really nothing profound. You’ll see it lived out on elementary school playgrounds just about anywhere, any day of the week. A kid hits another kid, then screams for the teacher on playground monitor duty. Pretending to cry and accusing the kid HE HIT of hitting him.

      Any 5 y.o. kid who isn’t properly raised and disciplined by their parents can become a cry bully. Welcome to Antifa/#BLM; those 5 y.o. kids are bigger but they never grew up. They block traffic, assault anyone who doesn’t bend the knee, attack the police, and when anyone fights back they scream and cry and claim “the other kid hit them first.” And the MFM/Democrats have appointed themselves the playground monitors and always side with the cry bullies.

      The actual purpose of the big lie is to demoralize any potential opponents. Both in Nazi Germany and the Bolshevik USSR the whole point was to make the lie so ridiculous but the punishments for refusing to go along so draconian that people would go along with the big lie out of fear. Everyone was either in the Gulag/concentration camps for refusing or going along with it. It seemed, therefore, that everyone was going along with the lie as everyone else had been “cancelled” and silenced.

      The University of Wisconsin at Madison just removed a “racist” rock at the cost of $50k. It was a monument created in the early 20th century to a UWM geologist who nobody has ever accused of racism. But because it was referred to by what was then a common term for a dark colored rock by a writer for the student paper in 1926 the cry bullies cried and cried and demanded it be moved because it hurt their tender feelings and made them “unsafe.” And of course the school admin complied.

      Nobody actually believed the lies, not even the lying cry bullies. The point of the ridiculous “racist” rock fabrication was an exercise in power. The leftists showed everybody who was really in charge. And that any professors or students who might be inclined to resist the big lie that their cause is hopeless.

      This, by the way, is why I’ve always refused to go along with the transgender lie. No matter how many hormone injections and how much plastic surgery a human male has he’ll never be a female, and vice versa. But enough spineless conservatives who were bullied into going along with this lie or they would be “literally killing people” (gender identity disorder is a mental disorder even if the current edition of the DSM no longer lists it as such, which is why people with the disorder have such a high suicide rate since they can’t cope with reality). No, refusing to provide people with a mental disorder with the treatment they need to cope with reality is killing people, and that’s a deliberate choice by the soulless left. But having conceded a few inches in the service of a false compassion so-called conservatives now realize they have to concede every mile the left demands. That some women have penises. We can’t use the term “mother” anymore since that’s “transphobic;” some “birthing people” are men. That’s why colleges and universities put feminine hygiene products in what are still labeled men’s rooms. Some men menstruate, they claim. And of course there’s the lie that there are no biological difference between men and women so only bigots and transphobes would bar “transwomen” from women’s sports. And if fact, coming soon to a leftist thought police near you is the concept that not only is the very idea that there is any such thing as men or women, but that genitals are merely a social construct and then next per CRT mongers the very idea of a “species being” is an ideological concept developed by the white supremacist patriarchy to support our evil systemic racist institutions.

      And what the hell were these so-called conservatives expecting to happen when they decided that the idea that men can become women and vice versa wasn’t the hill to die on?

      I wish we could do a FOIA request for the emails. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we would learn that sending Covid positive elderly residents back into nursing homes knowing that would drive up the death rate was a deliberate choice on the part of the left. Democrats like Cuomo were told this in no uncertain terms by the nursing home operators, who had no way to quarantine such residents. But think of the advantages gained by the six (I believe that’s the correct number) Democrat governors who issued those orders anyway. Cuomo, for instance, in the short term denied Trump the win; he sent a USNS hospital ship and army field hospital to NYC and Cuomo (and DeBlasio, I’m sure) refused to use them. They’d rather send people to their deaths.

      In the longer term they created a much worse public health crisis than it otherwise would have been. What do you think was the point of Cuomo’s office deliberately covering up the number of nursing home Covid deaths of patients who caught the virus in the homes he turned into death traps, but died in hospitals? By making the pandemic worse, they were able to force changes to voting laws that made it possible to install Biden.

      Does anyone doubt this was a deliberate plan? Get ready for more. The mentally ill (mental illness is also an attribute of cult members, again deliberately engineered by cult leaders, and the left is a cult) will accuse you of “literally killing people” if you don’t wear a mask forever. If you don’t take the Covid jab (mRNA technology is not a vaccine) you are “literally killing people.”

      And of course the climate catastrophe cultists will not allow themselves to be outdone. Grill a steak? You are “literally killing people.” Drive a gasoline powered car? You are “literally killing people.” Hell, insist on personal transportation at all and you are “literally killing people.” These cultists want to get rid of commercial air travel, for heaven’s sake. Want to fly somewhere for a vacation? You are “literally killing people.”

      Welcome to North Korea. If you are one of the “99%” who are the peasant class you can’t leave your village or farming collective without written permission. You won’t have a car of your own, perhaps a bicycle though. You of course won’t have the internet, and while you may have a phone you know it is monitored by the internal security agencies. You will have a radio, but you will be subject to random searches by the police to make sure you are only listening to NORK propaganda sources and not “decadent” South Korean or even PRC radio stations.

      Of course, those are openly policies created by communists to control the population. If you can’t travel without written permission, if you can’t communicate with like minded individuals, when you know your neighbors and even family members are going to include snitches (but you won’t know which ones) it’s awfully difficult to organize a counter revolution. Again, the communists were open about this being the goal since counter revolutionaries are by definition enemies of the people. They were doing it for the people!

      That won’t fly here. But apparently if the American communist wing of the CCP is taking the exact same steps to protect the people from a public health “crisis” (never let a crisis go to waste, as Obama’s CoS Rahm Emmanuel famously said, sparking the corollary rule that if you don’t have a crisis invent one) and to “save the planet” Americans will go along with things like lockdowns (it’s no accident the term was invented to describe enhanced security conditions in prisons and is now being exported from those social engineering labs to wider society), internal travel documents if they call them vaccine passports. You won’t be allowed to own your own car as electric cars will never be a viable alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. Just as “green energy” power sources will never replace other traditional sources of energy. Look at Kali; people were given incentives to replace their gas/diesel powered cars with electric vehicles. Ever try to charge your remote emissions vehicle during a rolling blackout?

      Why remote emissions vehicles? Does anyone actually believe you can power a manufacturing industry using unreliable “green energy?” Hell, most U.S. solar installations (commercial and residential) use imported solar panels.

      “Most U.S. solar installations require the use of imported panels, largely coming from Asia. About 45 percent of solar photovoltaic imports into the United States came from Malaysia between January and August 2019.”

      Asian countries use coal fired plants. Guess who builds the coal fired plants in Malaysia? China. And we only get such a large percentage of solar voltaic cells from those other Asian countries because of international trade restrictions on Chinese solar products. I expect Biden/Harris and the other Democrats who ask “how high” when the CCP tells them to jump considering they’re on the payroll to lobby to lift those restrictions.

      And, again, unless your power sources are coal, natural gas (fossil fuels), hydroelectric, or nuclear you won’t be able to reliably charge your car anyway. And the climate catastrophe cultists hate those sources of energy. Not because they’re bad but because they hate you. They have to pretend they don’t, but their actions speak louder than words. Although, sometimes they do put their hatred of you in words.

      “A Massachusetts climate official said people who heat their homes and fuel their cars will need to have their “will” broken in order to combat emissions and climate change.

      “I know one thing that we found in our analysis is that 60% of our emissions come from … residential heating and passenger vehicles,” said David Ismay, Massachusetts, undersecretary for climate change, during a virtual meeting with the Vermont Climate Council. “Let me say that again: 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed-income. Right now, there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and now break their will, so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will.””

      He got fired of course. The lying leftist who hate you know they can’t let you in on the lie. Of course they all know exactly what they are doing. David Ismay wasn’t fired because the MA leftists don’t think the exact same way. Ismay was fired for letting the cat out of the bag.

      Have Democrats ever talked about the Taliban or other Islamic terrorist groups the way they talk about Americans? Gun owners are the real terrorists according to former Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Kali/CCP honey trap). He’ll talk about nuking Omaha NE but no Democrat ever talks about nuking an Islamic terror groups safe haven. We can’t fight the U.S. government with ARs according to Joe Biden because they have F-15s (and as Swalwell helpfully reminds us nukes). Funny, a group of actual terrorists armed only with assault rifles and IEDs just defeated this “super power.” Because the Democrats would never unleash American military might on foreign terrorists (whom they actually agree should hate America) but they will on Trump supporters. Austin and Milley are chomping on the bit to send out the troops to fight “white rage.”

      And Biden would rather fi9ht Texas over an abortion law and Florida over not having a mask mandate anyway. Of course, non-medical grade cloth masks don’t work. Study after study show they only filter out 10-20% of the aerosol particles that transmit the coronavirus. And in fact the family of coronaviruses aren’t rare at all. One of the viruses that result in the symptoms of what we call the common cold is a coronavirus. I lived in Japan for 7 years. You see a street scene of Tokyo during cold season going back to the 1970s and you’ll see Japanese people wearing masks. And no doctor I ever spoke with, Japanese or American armed forces, ever claimed it was effective. It simply had no effect on the rate of transmission.

      In fact, the leftist saint Dr. Fauci once said the exact same thing I was told when I lived in Japan. Cloth masks don’t work but they make some people feel better. The science hasn’t changed but the politics have. So people must be forced to wear masks as a visible sign of submission to authority. Just as they must be forced to get the mRNA jab (again not a vaccine even per the CDC’s own glossary of terms on their own website) and every six months an update which they will dishonestly call a booster for the rest of our lives. Then we’ll be force to carry our internal passports showing compliance with authority if we want to travel on whatever restricted forms of travel remain. In the name of public health and saving the planet our communications are already restricted to prevent the spread of “misinformation.” Which are of course merely facts and evidence that run counter to government propaganda.

      So we’ll be censored, our communications monitored, we’ll lose our mobility, we’ll have to play our role in advancing the big lie or we’ll lose our jobs, and we won’t be able to even do a damned thing like go to the grocery store unless we can show our papers. Democrats across the country have established snitch lines so if we have an unauthorized gathering or engage in unauthorized activity they’ll rat us out.

      No, it’s not just fascists who love these tactics. The roots of authoritarianism in general lie in psychopathy. The various political ideologies used by competing would-be totalitarian psychopaths are just excuses to eliminate the competition. It doesn’t matter whether you go with one “petty fuhrer” (Orwells term he first used in a 1944 letter while corresponding with a reader, and in that letter laid out why he’d write his book 1984) or another. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot Castro, et al. Like Occasio-Cortez or Sanders they promise paradise on earth to suck you in, and the bayonets, secret police, government snitches, censorship, poverty, and political prisons are never far behind.

        Arminius in reply to Arminius. | September 7, 2021 at 9:18 pm

        I’m sorry for the lengthy comment. I felt it necessary information, but it’s such a long comment I know a lot of people won’t read it.

        And I hate to expand on it, but the definition of vaccine from the CDC’s glossary of terms:

        “Vaccine: Listen media icon[MP3]
        A suspension of live (usually attenuated) or inactivated microorganisms (e.g. bacteria or viruses) or fractions thereof administered to induce immunity and prevent infectious diseases and their sequelae. Some vaccines contain highly defined *antigens* (e.g., the polysaccharide of Haemophilus influenzae type b or the surface antigen of hepatitis B); others have antigens that are complex or incompletely defined (e.g. Bordetella pertussis antigens or live attenuated viruses).

        Antigens: Listen media icon[MP3]
        Foreign substances (e.g. bacteria or viruses) in the body that are capable of causing disease. The presence of antigens in the body triggers an immune response, usually the production of antibodies.

        Messenger RNA technology does not at all meet the definition of a vaccine. It simulates a natural cellular process. As it says on the Moderna website, the DNA is essentially the data storage for the cell. It contains all the information for the cell to operate. Messenger RNA simply copies a strand of DNA, then transmits it to the ribosome; the component of the cell that produces proteins.

        Antibodies are proteins produced by cells to fight foreign substances capable of causing diseases. Again, if you go to the sites for companies using this mRNA technology they stress that this is entirely different. That this is a natural process. Apparently they believe that using IT terms which they believe people will find familiar they’ll be more comfortable getting the jab. But it has the opposite effect on many people such as me. Because they refer to the mRNA technology they’ve engineered in their labs as a “platform” that functions as an “operating system” and this particular jab as an “program” or an “app.”

        “Enabling Drug Discovery & Development
        We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured.

        Our Operating System
        Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

        It isn’t being copied from the DNA “data storage” of the cell which is the natural process, but it is updating the ribosome “device” with the “program’ or “app” that tells it what proteins to produce. This simulates the natural process, but it isn’t. Again, on the patent documents these products are not called vaccines but “gene therapy.”

        And to step back so we don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees, if this weren’t an entirely new technology as apposed to vaccines these companies wouldn’t be patenting this technology in the first place.

        “The Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine uses mRNA to provide a blueprint for your cells to build your body’s defense against SARS‑CoV‑2, the virus that causes COVID‑19. The Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine does not contain SARS‑CoV‑2, or any virus—just the blueprint to help fight against it. The Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine may not protect everyone.”

        The “blueprint” as Moderna calls it here is an artificial, lab generated copy of messenger RNA. Since it doesn’t contain the antigen that causes the disease it is not, per the CDC’s own definition, a vaccine.

        As many doctors have pointed out, and been silenced by big tech for doing so, before 2020 there has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus. As I pointed out, the viruses that cause the common cold include coronaviruses (and rhinoviruses, edenoviroses, and a few others). People have talked about “developing a cure for the common cold” for decades. As those doctors have pointed out, any pharmaceutical company that could develop a vaccine against coronaviruses would potentially have a cure for the common cold and that would be practically a license to print money. Hence Moderna’s brag that with their new “plug-and-play” mRNA platform technology they can develop different “programs” or “apps” that could be the “cure for the common cold.” Could be, who knows. They need people as guinea pigs to do the beta testing for the operating systems but of course they have to tell everyone it’s a vaccine when it isn’t.

        Also, no one has ever produced a “vaccine” using mRNA technology before 2020. There have been no long term tests, so we don’t know what the long term side effects may be. In Europe at least two company’s mRNA products have been pulled. It isn’t unusual for drugs to get through the approval process only to have them recalled by the FDA or its foreign equivalents when unforeseen side effects occur later.

        The Zantac antacid had been on the market since the 1980s was recalled in 2020 after it turned out that when it is stored above room temperature such as in inventory the active ingredient N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) increases over time. The increased, unsafe dosage can cause cancer and other serious health issues. There were studies since the 1980s that showed a suspected link between NDMA and cancer, and it took over 20 years for the FDA to decide the risk was unacceptable and have all the manufacturers recall the drug.

        And we’re supposed to believe this new mRNA technology which is NOT a vaccine is safe? They’re saying people need booster shots, using a term people might believe we’re talking about a vaccine. But it isn’t and instead of booster shots you’re actually getting “software updates” for their “programs” or “apps.” Or, if you prefer to use the terminology from the other Moderna web page that I quoted above new, revised “blueprints” that tell the cells to make Covid antibodies without using the foreign substances that cause an actual immune response.

        Apparently the engineers didn’t get the “blueprints” quite right. Preliminary information from Israel shows that people who never had Covid but got the mRNA jab are 13 times more likely to get the Delta variant that people who had Covid and now have natural immunity. So the jab makes people more likely to get this variant and no doubt future variants. And you’ll need to keep getting “software updates” or new, revised “blueprints” probably for the rest of your life (which is why I’m waiting for the Novavax vaccine which really is a vaccine made using traditional protein subunit methods, once and done). Data from the UK show that these nRNA jabs are suppressing T-cell production. Which is why they’re seeing a rise in cancers associated with such things as the Human Papiloma Virus.

        Do you actually expect people like Fauci who actively funded, and then lied about that funding, to tell you the truth about these mRNA drugs?

        “According to Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University, the documents contain critical information about the research done in Wuhan, including about the creation of novel viruses. “The viruses they constructed were tested for their ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cell,” Ebright wrote to The Intercept after reviewing the documents.

        …Ebright elaborated in a lengthy Twitter thread late yesterday. The two studies specifically funded efforts to manipulate spike genes in order to determine what mutations would prove dangerous to humans. That is the very definition of “gain of function” research, Ebright declares, and accuses both Fauci and Francis Collins of lying:

        The materials reveal that the resulting novel, laboratory-generated SARS-related coronaviruses also could infect mice engineered to display human receptors on cells (“humanized mice”).

        — Richard H. Ebright (@R_H_Ebright) September 7, 2021

        …and thus not only was reasonably anticipated to exhibit enhanced pathogenicity, but, indeed, was *demonstrated* to exhibit enhanced pathogenicity.

        — Richard H. Ebright (@R_H_Ebright) September 7, 2021

        The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH Director, Francis Collins, and the NIAID Director, Anthony Fauci, that the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at WIV are untruthful.

        — Richard H. Ebright (@R_H_Ebright) September 7, 2021″

        Do you really expect anyone in the Biden administration now lying about how many Americans they left behind would tell you the truth? I say follow the money. Democrats always accuse Republicans of rigging the system to make sure their donors make money off of their investments, and consequently getting a kickback. They tried to smear Gov. DeSantis just that way about a week ago. That smear fell apart faster than that fake story about unvaccinated Oklahomans using horse medicine to treat Covid and crowding gunshot victims out of emergency rooms. No part of either story was true.

        But since if the left had an official sport it would be projection, who really is making money off this new and untested nRNA technology?

    Ben Kent in reply to JHogan. | September 6, 2021 at 1:18 pm


    Ben Kent in reply to JHogan. | September 6, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    Jen – We’re just calling you out for being a Liar.
    No one any longer trusts the words coming out of your mouth.

    UserP in reply to JHogan. | September 6, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    I wonder what she will say when the taliban releases pictures of stranded Americans that have been talibanized.

    gran2ten in reply to JHogan. | September 7, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    Soon as she opens her mouth the words fall flat, she’s obvious high up in the biden syndicate of shitshooters!

Our partners in progress. Nice (pun intended).

“Asked about charter flights, a State Department spokesperson did not address specific accusations but stressed the United States did not have personnel on the ground and so lacked a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights.”

Translation: “It’s not our job.”

A few pallets of cash and gold, clandestinely shipped in the dead of night — as vile narcissist-incompetent, Obama, did, in gifting Iran’s despots, to sweeten his already-generous capitulation/giveaway — should do the trick, for Xi-den.

This is what happens when you cut and run, abandoning your enemy in the field, and replenishing them with $85B in weapons and pallets of cash (yes, Obama-trained Biden did just that).

An anniversary is coming up. Most of you may not have heard of the Battle of Saragarhi. 21 Sikhs in the British Indian Army refused to flee from or surrender their small border signaling outpost to 15,000 to 20,000 invading Afghan tribesmen. They decided to fight to the death to prevent the invading Afghans from breaking communications between two border forts, which the invading Afgans had already attacked and failed; the signaling post was key. And these 21 Sikhs did just that. When just 21 men can tear an invading army the kind of new @$$h**e they succeeded in doing, the invaders tend not to be eager to find out what kind of casualties an even larger force can inflict.,Afghan%20and%20Orakzai%20tribesmen%20in%20a%20last%20stand.

“..On September 12, 1897, 15 to 20,000 Pashtuns attacked the signaling post at Saragarhi, so that communication would be lost between the two forts.

Details of the Battle of Saraghari are considered fairly accurate, due to Signalman Gurmukh Singh signaling events to Fort Lockhart as they occurred.

Around 9.00am, around 15 to 20,000 Afghans reached the signaling post at Saragarhi.

Signalman Gurmukh Singh signals to Col. Haughton in Fort Lockhart, that they are under attack.

Colonel Haughton states he cannot send help to Saragarhi.

The soldiers decide to fight to the last to prevent the enemy reaching the forts.

…Signalman Gurmukh Singh, who communicated the battle with Col. Haughton, was the last Sikh defender. He communicates his last message to Haughton… “This is my last signal. Picking up gun to fight.”

He is said to have killed over 20 Afghans.

…The Afghans later claimed about 180 killed and many more wounded during the battle against the 21 Sikh soldiers, but some 800 bodies are said to have been seen around the ruined post when the relief party arrived. All the 21 Sikhs were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the highest gallantry award of that time, which an Indian soldier could receive by the hands of the British crown.

…The battle has been compared to the Battle of Thermopylae, where a small Greek force faced a large Persian army of Xerxes (480 BC). It is important to note that during the Battle of Saragarhi, the British did not manage to get a relief unit there until after the 21 had fought to their deaths. At Thermopylae too, the 300 Spartans also stayed after their lines had been breached, to fight to their deaths.

Saragarhi, in comparison is a greater feat of bravery considering the odds ……one Sikh to a thousand tribals.”

12 September is the 123rd anniversary of the last stand of the 21 men of the 36th Sikh regiment of the Sikh battalion of the British Indian army. One of the greatest last stands in history, and certainly the greatest last stand nobody seems to have ever heard of. Have a toast to those brave Sikhs. They didn’t cut and run like the cowards in command here ordered our brave troops to do in Afghanistan. And maybe hoist on to Col. Haughton. At least he organized a relief column to go to the aid of Sikhs defending Saragarhi. He and his force got there too late, But unlike everyone from our Commander-in-defeat to our Joint Chiefs to SecState Blinken Col. Haughton didn’t throw up his hands and say there was nothing he could do, and retreat. And have his spox try to spin his retreat as a smashing victory.

In all honesty, between all those 20th anniversary commemorations of 9/11 that our national disgrace Biden should have the good sense not to show his face at but you know he will, and Saragarhi Day, I’d rather commemorate Saragarhi day on 9/12.

I’m sure you have noticed this too.
When it comes to the Taliban, why is that the Biden Administration is acting like an acne-faced teen trying to get a prom date ?