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WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki ‘Out of Office’ as Afghanistan Crumbles

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki ‘Out of Office’ as Afghanistan Crumbles

The Taliban took over Afghanistan and all we got is a picture of Joe Biden looking at a screen. Great job, folks.

You know the media would have slaughtered any of former President Donald Trump’s press secretaries if they did not respond to any emails or phone calls during this time.

Actually, you know the media would have crushed anyone in Trump’s administration.

Vijeta Uniyal has done an excellent job covering the Afghanistan fiasco at the hands of President Joe Biden.

Fox News tried to contact Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday morning as the Taliban swallowed up Kabul.

The network received an out-of-office message. It received the same message Sunday evening.

Biden is on vacation at Camp David. His officials already said he won’t address the nation for days.

The White House tweeted a picture of Biden but didn’t even bother censoring the phone.

Where is Biden? Where is the administration? Blinken went on the Sunday shows. Granted, I don’t pay much attention to politics on the weekend but I saw people asking the same question: Where is Biden?

Even CNN is shocked!


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 16, 2021 at 11:06 am

She took a cue from Lori Lightfoot. When times get rough, get your hair done.

JusticeDelivered | August 16, 2021 at 11:17 am

Is hiding an admission that they have screwed up so badly that there is nothing then can say?

Only allah knows why all those copies of ‘White Fragility’ and a big buttsex flag on our embassy in Kabul failed to stop the Taliban.

The Presidential Palace in Kabul was evacuated and so in a show of unity, Biden ordered the evacuation of the White House. Biden now has the Taliban right where he wants them. All those years with Mitch McConnell weren’t wasted. It’s called “winning by losing”.

To be honest: Psaki and Biden* on vacation during this time doesn’t bother me very much. It is hard to see how they could screw this up even more if they took an obsessive interest in the situation in Afghanistan, but maybe it is best if we don’t find out.

We don’t have a President and his administration that can be held accountable. We have a ruling junta who came to power through a stolen election and who thinks they will be in power permanently. Why on earth does anyone think they give a hoot in Hades about what the proles want?

I think Biden is planning what he is going to say when (or if) he decides to address the nation. Hey, it took his over 4 months to prepared for his State of the Union speech and this fiasco is much more complicated. This is going to take time.

Maybe, if the Dhimmi-crats ask the goose-stepping, Muslim supremacist/terrorist thugs, the Taliban, really, really nicely, they’ll allow “Drag Queen Story Hour” and fly a rainbow flag over a few mosques during “Pride” month.

Amazing how many Dems and their leftwing media propagandists are surprised and stunned at what is happening in Afghanistan.

Now they know what a real ‘insurrection’ looks like.

These people are totally and completely out of touch with reality. And I’ll lump General Milley and his team of fellow sycophants in with them.

80 million votes? Really?

Nope. Biden will be addessing the nation at 12:45pm today (just before the markets close).

Note that Tyler Durden is now a Branco fan.

Seriously, what would they say beyond attempting to blame what is going on right now on Trump and GWB while somehow keeping Obama out of it, instead of taking direct responsibility for making this withdrawal a disaster of epic proportions?

Since Mary mentioned this, I was looking at a local message board which is filled with Democrats and liberals in general and there are comments about how awful things are in Afghanistan, but zero mention of the Biden administration’s role in it. If this was Trump, they’d be bashing him to the skies.

This also reminds me of the attempted airplane bombing when Obama was in Hawaii, and it took him a couple days to interrupt his Christmas vacation to say something about it while even the media was wondering what was taking so long. It helped Scott Brown win a Senate seat for a couple years.

Although this is multitudes of magnitude worse.

Another Voice | August 16, 2021 at 11:57 am

What no one has mentioned is that there is a strong possibility that the stress factor of the events and the number of people beseeching him to step up, could actually have or in the process of taken him out of the picture .. and in of itself is the true crisis. The White House Staff have gone unavailable and others bunkered down at Camp David. Even the sole picture of Biden is a tell of how he is dealing with the expectations of those waiting on him to act. Americans are the least of his concern or those who are faced with the crisis of a “frozen and mute” leader. If this comes to pass we will be doubling down on the already double down on the problems that we face as a country.

Stolen elections have consequences.

Senile puppet-presidents propped up by a corrupt party and self-serving bureaucracy have consequences.

Weakness in a world full of tyrants and homicidal fanatics has consequences.

Now, really – can any of us say we’re genuinely surprised?

With respect to the flood of illegals invading over our southern border possibly bearing with it Tailbones bent on terror on our ground, I do not understand why the citizens of the states directly involved, which is all 48 contiguous, can’t seek legal injunction in federal,court to put an end to what’s happening there.

My naive ANSWER is that individual US citizens have no legal standing in the courts. And that makes me sick.

A hallmark of the Declaration and the Constitution that was to support and implement its self-evident Truths were the features that would protect the individual from the excesses of the central state.

I do not feel protected. Not a bit. Helpless, frustrated, disowned, spiritually violated, ostracized, a citizen in a completely foreign country, if I can claim citizenship at all.

I really don’t know who I am anymore, I’m disoriented, Whatever direction I look, I recognize nothing, none of the old landmarks that gave me direction have melted away, draining from me any sense that my children and theirs will inherit something they believe in the way I did.

Betting that she’s interviewing with CNN and MSNBC for her next job.

BREAKING NEWS: Tailiban buy three of Hunter Biden’s refrigerator artworks.